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Resolutions? I’m bad at being on time

So it’s January which means that everyone on the damn planet is going on about the new year, new me bullshit which I don’t really buy.

But for the sake of conforming I will tell you what my personal goals for this year are, and you will pretend to care for five minutes.

  1. I want to keep up with the Q&A journal Josh got me. Basically it asks you a question everyday and it’s got enough space for 5 years, so you see how your answers differ year to year. I think its cool because I suck at journaling and it’s something short and quick I can do in the morning.
  2. I want to talk to people more. I always wonder why I don’t have many friends but then I stay inside watching anime all day and never trying to talk to anyone.
  3. ¬†I want to exercise more (can’t believe I’m actually saying that *looks down at rapidly growing tummy* ….wait yes, yes I can >.<) , meditate more, and try to start doing yoga again..

These aren’t just random things I thought up to sound cool, I never sound cool, but I have noticed that I generally feel better when I express myself, force myself out of my comfort zone, and try to move my lazy ass. It helps me feel a bit less depressed and a bit more energetic, so I’m going to give this shit a shot I suppose.

Happy late New Years, how did yours go? Mine sucked dick and ended up with me spending an hour crying myself to sleep in a bathtub when I wasn’t even drunk! ūüėÄ

Cheerios losers I’m off to watch youtube ‚̧



I Feel Like I’m Supposed To Have Gained Some Inspirational Wisdom That I Should Share With You Because It’s The New Year.

But alas, this is me we’re talking about and I’m so busy trying to turn myself into who I¬†want to be that I haven’t really been doing a lot of wisdom-seeking. I feel pretty much the same way I did last year, just a little more comfortable in my own skin, and a hell of a lot more tired (which is fairly impressive because last year I was incredibly pregnant-whaley and all I ever did was sleep.)

I also feel like I should have a super gungho-ey list of inspiring healthy-ish new years resolutions. And to be honest, meh not really. I don’t really buy into the “this is the year I’ll finally be a better person” bullshit. I think if you want to make a change in your life you should go ahead and make it. Not wait around until one specific day, work your ass off and then quit sometime in april. But the changes that I do and actually have been trying to make in my life recently are kind of like this:

1. I will eat at least two real meals a day, even if the scale says I’ve gained weight on said day.

2. I will continue to try to limit my obsessive and addict-like Coke consumption.

3. I will keep trying to accept my totally destroyed body *shoots daggerous glares at the smidge* for what it is, and save lot’s of money for my boob job fund, because somethings are unfixable and unlovable. *sighs* oh former not quite¬†glorious but at least normal looking rack, may you rest in peace.

So yup. I mean I’ve already been trying to do this stuff for a while, and it’s been going okay so far. I just think making my tiny list somewhat public (I say somewhat because I am well aware that very few people will ever see this.) will help me stick to it. And I think these are all things I really want to do so, those are my not-really New Years Resolutions.

As for other things going on in my life: This was the first year I ever actually got to kiss Josh on New Years. Last year we were asleep because I was a pregnant whale and he had to get up at like 3 am and before that we were dating and living in separate houses.

And yesterday was the very last time that I took part in my parents New Years tradition of going to a Hibachi place to celebrate. I had fun, but I feel bad for Josh because he only had Smidgey between him and my mum and she kept trying to make a big deal out of playing with her and stealing her from the high chair. She’s kind of a bitch like that. *sighs* But I got to sit between him and mah friend Lissa (whose family came with us) So I was shielded from most of the people there that I dislike.

I also got to steal my earrings back from my sister. Just because I have plugs does NOT mean you get to steal my jewelry you little twat-gremlin.

And after lunch Josh and I went to the mall where we got new plugs and I got a pack of barbells for when the swelling goes down on my tongue and I have to¬†change the bar. They’re super cute and swirly purple and blue Cx

This is also the month that Pierce the Veil said they’re releasing their new album and since I’m pretty sure the writing is mostly done, it should actually be soon *fingers crossed and fangirl squeaaaals*. Falling in Reverse is coming out with “A sequel to Dying Is Your Latest Fashion” that is supposed to be “really heavy and really nostalgic” sometime this year so FUCK YEA this year seems like it’s shaping up to be quite bad ass in the music department CX plus Bring Me The Horizon is writing theirs now so it’s either this fall, or next spring.

And I can talk and eat now! My tongue is still pretty swollen but it’s going down, yesterday I ate chicken at the restaurant and had baklava at home (okay, the baklava hurt but it was totally worth it.) Plus¬†Josh says that I don’t sound weird either. So it’s definitely getting better, although I’ve noticed that it’ll go all itchy on me. Not super bad or even painful but like when you have a bad scab for a while and it starts itching like crazy ’cause it’s healing? Yup I have that on my tongue. ‘Tis very odd.

So I am quite sorry that this is all long and rambly (I lie I don’t really care, if it bugged you that much you wouldn’t have read the whole damn thing.) I shall go now and lay around because I feel sickish and depursed. So Elfen Lied¬†and coffee it is.