Maybe I’m Back?

Tbh I’m not really sure. Things have been odd of late. But I miss you guys so I shall make an attempt.

So since I disappeared Chassifer has been kicked-out/sent to rehab. Which he proceeded to get kicked out of. We love him to bits but he’s never gunna get his shit together *sighs* So last I heard he’s staying at some girls place in marylands.

Christmas was awesome. I got the best shits Cx and by best shits I mean bionicles, A Draculaura doll, a carton of cigarettes (which is insane because I don’t smoke that much -.-) an expensive bottle of stinky Michael Kors perfume XD I love Josh to bits but he’s reaaaaally bad at picking that sort of thing ❤ …. I also got a prettiful necklace from my pap, but I’m too busy being sad that he’s going to die soon to enjoy it.. 6-7 really ugly puzzles from my gram, and my mum-in-law actually bought me a really awesome book (Furiously Happy) by one of my favorite bloggers.

Josh really liked the poster I got him (I commissioned a drawing of us, and got it printed all big) and I think he also liked the handle of spiced rum XD

(My spawn just dumped the cats water bowl on the carpet for no earthly reason…)

We have a new roommate who used to be our neighbors roommate until they started fighting like cats and dogs -.- why can none of my friends get along?

Anyway there isn’t really a point to this besides I miss you guys, particularly Zazzle and Samm. Ann you woulddd count but I still talk to you on ig XD

ALSO Josh’s hair is blueeeee

look at how cute mah little weirdo isssss ❤ I dids that to him myself Cx

So umm I’ll try to be on here more (I’m actually about to double post and do the hair tag now lol) but I loves you all and I shall be at least semi-back. Although if you’re trying to actually get in contact with me my instagrams is still the best way (I’m fucking glued to it….)