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Resolutions? I’m bad at being on time

So it’s January which means that everyone on the damn planet is going on about the new year, new me bullshit which I don’t really buy.

But for the sake of conforming I will tell you what my personal goals for this year are, and you will pretend to care for five minutes.

  1. I want to keep up with the Q&A journal Josh got me. Basically it asks you a question everyday and it’s got enough space for 5 years, so you see how your answers differ year to year. I think its cool because I suck at journaling and it’s something short and quick I can do in the morning.
  2. I want to talk to people more. I always wonder why I don’t have many friends but then I stay inside watching anime all day and never trying to talk to anyone.
  3.  I want to exercise more (can’t believe I’m actually saying that *looks down at rapidly growing tummy* ….wait yes, yes I can >.<) , meditate more, and try to start doing yoga again..

These aren’t just random things I thought up to sound cool, I never sound cool, but I have noticed that I generally feel better when I express myself, force myself out of my comfort zone, and try to move my lazy ass. It helps me feel a bit less depressed and a bit more energetic, so I’m going to give this shit a shot I suppose.

Happy late New Years, how did yours go? Mine sucked dick and ended up with me spending an hour crying myself to sleep in a bathtub when I wasn’t even drunk! 😀

Cheerios losers I’m off to watch youtube ❤



SOOOOOOOO Samm tagged me in the hair tag like two months ago and I just saw it /.\ better late then never right? Just agree with me on this……

  1. Why did you start taking better care of your hair?

Because I started dyeing it a lot, and was worried about over-damaging it, I feel like thats a common answer XD

2. What are your two favorite hair products?

I’m not sure I can pickkkkk DX umm hair dye, and deep conditioners, with hairspray in a very, very close third… I need my damn hairspray to keep it floofy peeples

3. Who’s hair did you admire as a child?

Anyone with colorful hair, I always looked up to the punk girls with choppy, colorful hair and big fringes.

4. What is your ultimate goal length?

Umm a bit past my boobies.

5. How are you going to celebrate reaching your ultimate goal length?

Hmmm… Probably buying lots of hair accessories and spamming instagram with cute hair pics

6. Two styles you want to try at your ultimate goal length?

Long pig-tails with my natural hair, and quite possibly a side cut (grow it all out to chop half of it off XD)

7. Which do you prefer: Health or Length?

Well I feel like the right answer is health, but unless it’s completely fried I personally will choose length. I’ve always had short hair so now I’m hell bent on getting long hair no matter what…

8. What do you prefer: hair ties with no metal parts or butterfly clips?

Hair ties, I almost always have my hair in pigtails/ twin buns?? so I like my hair ties.

9. What products do you prefer: salon brands, organic brands, bss brands (Idek what that means), drugstore brands, or other.

I try to use organic brands because I feel like it’s better for my hair (plus they usually smell really good) but if I’m being cheap drugstore.

10. Which product/technique do you think is over-rated?

Curling wands. Their like curling irons, but with no clip so you have to hold the ends there and you always end up burning your damn fingers and the curls look weird because you were too busy dealing with your burnt fingers to focus on what you were fucking doing……. I speak from experience -.-

11. Which product/technique do you think is under-rated.

Not washing it. With the magic of dry shampoo I only wash my hair once a week and it makes it much softer.

12. What is your favorite part of your hair regimen?

Hairspray, it looks perfect, lets glue it in place XD I just love the smell of my hairspray sooooo…. I dunno

13. What is the most annoying part of your hair regimen?

Doing my roots, I always need someone to spot me, it smells bad, takes hours, and is just generally a pain in the ass.

14. Oils or Butters?

Oils, I love a good nice-smelling oil treatment CX although masks and deep conditioners really are more my speed..

15. Buns or ponytails?

Buns, I feel like I can do more with a bun, bandanna ads rockabilly flair, double buns for super cuteness, Roll my fringe back  for pin-up perfection, messy bun when I’m pretending to be normal… So much you can do with a good bun.

16. Wigs or Weaves?

Wigs, I feel like they give you more flexibility and options.

17. What is your opinion on growth aids?

That most of them are bullshit schemes to make money. Unless its plain generic biotin I don’t trust it and even that isn’t a miracle growth thing, it’s just to keep it healthy.

18. At what length do you consider hair long?

When you can braid it without it looking sad and pathetic… About boob length.

19. When was the last time you visited a salon?

This summer. Actually it’s really sad, I finally found a good fucking salon and a hair dresser I love, and I start doing my own hair. I can’t spend #200 dollars every three months though, it’s just obscene.

20. What do you like to surf most often: Youtube channels, personal blogs, or hair forums.

Hmm it depends on if I’m doing it for fun or if I’m about to try something new. I love watching youtube hair videos for fun, but if I’m experimenting I’m more likely to check hair forums and get opinions from actual hair dressers.

21. And finally, what piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out on their hair journey?

A few things 1. take care of it, healthy hair is pretty hair. 2. Don’t listen to what people say, it’s your hair so experiment and try what you like, find what works for you. and 3. What Samm said, it’s just hair. At the end of the day you can chop it all off and it’ll grow back. It might look a little awkward for a few months but it’ll grow back and you can try again.


Included a pic of my personal hair goals CX


Somethingggggg Words

Welp, now that things are getting settled not a lot has changed since last time.

Chase’s moped died so now I have to drive his dumb ass too and from work all the days.

But right now I wanna talk about something that’s still pretty newish for meh.

Ze Josh has comes out as gender-fluid (Sometimes he’s a guy and sometimes he’s a girl, simplest way to explain that.)

It’s weird because he’s usually so confident and sure of himself and now watching him try new things and go out of his comfort zone is both adorable and strange.

And also kindof frustrating. Because he sort of expects me to just know off the top my head how to make him look all cute and feminine (motherfuckers always cute, it’s just the feminine bit) Which is really irritating because I do want to help, and I try, but at the same time I don’t have to try to look girly, I just wake up and throw some eyeliner on, maybe a lipstick and call it good.

But I guess that’s good because it means we can explore and figure this shit out together. Which will be fun ❤

Although, that evil motherfucker. Wears the same pant size that I do. -.- if anything his hips are a little smaller than mine. It’s like YOU TINY FUCKING ASSHOLE YOU KNOW HOW HARD I WORK TO STAY THIS SIZE AND YOU JUST MARCH IN HERE WITH YOUR ITTY BITTY WAIST AND LOOK BETTER IN MY PANTS THAN I DO?!?!?!?!? T.T travesty.

*sniffles* okay I feel better now that I’ve gotten that out of the way.

Another plus side, Now I get to help pick out cute outfits Cx and he finally shaved his god-awful sideburns 😀

*Sighs* I don’t know, I’m happy and excited for him, getting to explore this side of himself, but at the same time it’s kindof weird emotionally for me. I don’t want to complain or make it seem like it’s this big awful thing for me, because I know it’s really hard on him. But it’s just, I dunno it’s really weird trying to help him out with shit. Not because I don’t want to, or because it bothers me, just because it’s really reaaaaally far from anything I ever expected to be doing with my husband you know?

I need to hold him down later today and measure him so we can buy a corset for his Halloween costume, which will also probably be the first time he goes full drag. The dress is soooooo pretty Cx I’m super jealous and need to find something amazing now.

So that’s what’s been up on my brain today. Oh yea also!

This is my entry for most creative/best hairs on instagrams. You doeshn’t have to but if you could leave a like or a comment on it that would be super ultra appreciatated<3

PSA: I’m Not Dead Yet

Close, but not quite. Actually no, I’ve been fairly decentish of late.

Soooo lemme seeeeee what’s newwwww

Josh’s not-quite-gf is no longer a thing, conflicting personality types combined with one epic fuck-up left that decidedly done, too bad she was fun to chill with.

I’ve gone and done more mod-y shit to myself.

I now have blue hair, a septum, and a pocket watch tattoo.

Septum and hairs.

awesome tattoo ❤

My tongue is still being split, and taking it’s damn sweet time about it. -.-

And I’m taking a break from youtubsie shit. I’m not deleting my channel, and I’ll post every once in a while. But it’s not super fun at the moment and it was stressing me out coming up with shit to post, when the whole point was it was supposed to be a hobby to de-stress. So I’ll get back to it eventually but not right now.

In the mean time I do want to post here more often. I don’t like how much I’ve been neglecting mah blog and my wordpressy friends so hopefully I’ll get back to posting a couple times a week again.

Also, I’ve been dicking around on tinder and okcupid, and I highly recommend it. Not for actually dating or anything, but for having a host of strange, terrifying, and interesting conversations. It’s a damned strange place the internet dating scene. Lots of fun for wasting time and having random conversations XD Anyway that’s all for right now,

I have to clean up some housey shit before I go out to swim with a mum friend (that I met on tinder XD, see? no romance but lots of funs)

In the meantime have a this:

Hopefully I’ll be posting again before the end of the week! 😀


*ahem* so that was filmed today.


This is my lovely new dress, but of course me being a midget it sits just under the knee in what I feel is a much more adorable fashion. I was upset because they didn’t have a small and the medium was just a scosh too big, but when I read the label and saw the cotton, don’t drier machine it warning I was happy and dried it and shrunkeded to just the absolute perfect size Cx

Also I’m still not feeling up to talking about my personal situation of weirdness yet, but I am happy and feeling a bit more comfortable with it now that it seems like things are settling down a little.

Also, this is going to seem very stupid and trivial but Josh said something last night that meant a lot to me. He basically told me he was going to stop “telling” me what to wear. I use the word telling incredibly loosely, I just couldn’t think of a better word. See, because we grew up in the conservative christian way that we did, He was kindof uncomfortable with some of the more unusual shit I like to wear, and since I cared about his feelings and appreciated the fact that he didn’t actually try to tell me what to wear or not to wear, I’d usually just change into shit that was more normal, because compromising and being considerate and all of that.

So yesterday, he was like yea, um sorry I always try to tell you what not to wear and shit, I want you to dress the way you want because you seem the most comfortable and confident when you do, and that’s most important to me. And that made me happy. But he shall soon be regretting it because my love of fishnets and all things mis-matched and neon shall soon come out to play *insert villainous smile and creepy palm-rubbing here*

Also, I’m frustrated because he’s been sent to fucking Roanoke to work on a derailment (read that as, I won’t be seeing him for at least a week, probably longer) I’m hoping he’ll be back in time for my birthday (he requested the day off because it’s a friday.) But after the last “only a few days” trip I’m not exactly counting on it >.< If that’s a case I’ll just harass someone to watch my kid while I get my nails done and buy frivolous things that I don’t need, but I’d much rather spend the day with him. *sighs* Time shall tells. In the mean time I’m going to booker my lil heart out and internet till my eyes bleed.


Also this picture really made me smile because I fucking hate seeing shit like that online that’s thinly veiled pro-ana teaching young girls who don’t know any better how to starve themselves and ruin their lives. It’s disgusting and as someone who struggles with this shit, it fucking hurts.

*cue full-fledged feminist rant, if you’re not into that stop reading.*

When I see pictures like that, the first thing that pops into my head is, wow they’re pretty. Which is fucked up because they’re almost always underweight girls sucking their barely existent stomachs in. (not badmouthing girls that are naturally thin, just stop insisting everyone look like that.)

Second off once you actually read the bullshit they’re saying, it’s flat out crazy. Last time I checked, everyone had hipbones. It’s basic anatomy. Unless you have some genetic condition and were born with half a torso, you have hipbones. Also, curvy girls have nice hips too! Seriously, they’re still there, just as visible, they just have more of a curve to them which I personally like better anyway.

Not everyone is physically capable of having a thigh-gap. It’s a genetic thing, not a weight thing. It depends entirely on the angle of your pelvis, and how wide your hips are. I happen to have one, does it grant me wishes or make me extra special? no. It’s mildly convenient in the heat because my legs don’t rub together as much. Also, to sort of further illustrate that it’s not a weight thing, I still had it when I was pregnant and 40 pounds heavier. IT DOESNT MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH. (plus in that photo you can tell she doesn’t actually have one, it’s all in the posing and they’re very easy to fake.)

Again, EVERYONE HAS COLLARBONES. Seriously wtf?!?!?!? Again, the way the picture is obviously posed, they’re jutting out five times more than they naturally sit. If you’re a healthy weight, I promise you have beautiful collarbones. (if you’re a bit overweight, I promise you have gorgeous boobies and hips that make up for slightly less prominent collar bones ^.^<3)

And the last picture of the flat stomach that again, is obviously being sucked in? WOMEN WEREN’T BUILT TO HAVE FLAT TUMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! All women are designed so that natural healthy body fat is more likely to sit around your stomach. It’s a fertility thing, a hormonal thing, the only way that’s going to not be there is if you are extremely naturally thin, or are starving yourself. Plus, Josh has mentioned on numerous occasions that he loves my tummy curves. (and he doesn’t generally like heavier women either. it’s about curves people.)

Seriously. Rock the body you’re built with because honestly most guys would rather have someone with curves than someone with a weight complex. And I guarantee that whatever body type you have, there’s a big selection of people of your preferred gender that are especially, specifically, into that.

God that shit pisses me off so much >.< Sorry I ranted. I’ll go now.

That was a fun tag to do. It took forever though o.o The unedited shit was over 20 minutes long…

Today.. I don’t really know what to write about today. I went to my mother in laws yesterday because she’s been kindof desperate for visits lately >.< but while I was in the area I got to stop by my library! I finally paid my fine and got a decent sized haul that I’ll hopefully be turning into a video later today or tomorrow. I hope I actually end up liking them

*sighs* I have life shit going on but I’m not quite ready to write it all out yet because I want to see how some shit plays out first. Plus the whole situation is a bit confusing and weird.

I miss Josh, he hasn’t had to travel anywhere but he’s been working so much it feels like I haven’t gotten to see him in forever

My tongue split is coming along pretty well. This shit takes forever but I’m making noticeable progress so that’s good.

Aside from that the Smidge is coming quite close to being threatened with the microwave again >.< It’s like she can sense that I’m burnt out and don’t have the energy to deal with her, so she’s taking advantage of it by getting into every single thing she possibly can.

I don’t really have anything else going on so I’m gunna hopefully post again tomorrow or maybe Friday.


I Say Things Maybe…

So this weekend was a thing. Josh was on call and he didn’t get called all weekend! So I hads the whole three days with mah babeh ♥ I was happeh.

We also spent the whole weekend doing pretty much nothing. It was perfect.

But now I have stuff bouncing around in my head. About the smoodge and when she grows up and stuff.

I guess it all sort of started last night because I was depressed for a bit and what I was fixating on this time is essentially worrying about whether or not Josh thinks I’m weird (He says no, I’m pretty sure he means yes but in an awesome way though.) Because when we first started talking I was the awkward geeky teen person who wants to be gothish but is too scared of what everybody already says about her so she settles for morbid-geekish.

Frizzy brown hair, clothes that either hide or just don’t flatter, lots of graphic tees if I remember rightish.

Stuff like that. I barely used any eyeliner. It’s depressing just thinking about it.

And now, because I’m slowly gaining confidence and losing all of my fucks-given, I’m starting to let my outside reflect a lot more of my inside. I’m not saying that I can’t be me without approximately three pounds of eyeliner, it’s just a lot easier and more fun.

So anyway, I worry about what the Josh thinks sometimes because I’m no longer a frizzy brown haired geeky person, but a mostly-tamed red-head with an obsession with body mods(my newest fixation is corset-training. this will have to wait till after I’m done reproducing though.), and black lipstick, and eyeliner, and you know, black anything.

It’s not that I’ve really changed who I am as a person much, I’m just gaining the confidence to express who I’ve always been.

All of that is to basically catch you up on this weekend, and preface the whole smidge thing.

How am I supposed to teach her to love herself, and to tell her that she’s beautiful just the way she is, when I wear my black makeup, dye my hair, pierce myself, and will probably sometime soonish be tattooed, without being a hypocrite?

I know I won’t be lying when I tell her she’s beautiful. The little shits one and already way too damn cute. With her daddy’s soft brown hair and smile, and her mummies pretty eyes, and complexion. I’m not bragging, but I think the odds of this kid growing up ugly are pretty slim.

But how do I make her know that when I’m changing my face, and how do I explain to her that I love my face the way it is, and I’m not trying to hide it.

I think it’s going to be tricky explaining the way I view makeup, body image, and loving yourself in general to her.

I think makeup is fun, a way to express yourself and be artistic, to show people who you are. But at the same time that it’s not necessary to put makeup on or to change yourself to feel and be beautiful. That natural beauty is just as real, and besides, there are more important things than being beautiful. It’s more important to be kind, compassionate, intelligent, and caring, than it is to be beautiful.

I love who I am, with or with out make up, even when my depursions makes it harder. It’s taken a really long time, and sometimes I still don’t think so, but I really do love myself. And I want to give that to my daughter.

I want her to love herself when she’s wearing makeup, when she’s not, when she’s having “fat days” and when she’s feeling on top of the world. That’s something my mom still doesn’t seem to understand. I think that made it harder to find it for myself, but I want to give it to Smidgey. I want to give her all the confidence and the self-love I can pound into her tiny, sassy ass.

Because the rest of the world is going to try to drag her down, I don’t want her to tear herself apart to.

I just hope I can explain that to her.

I’m bad at verbal communication though so the odds are that I’m going to muddle it all up.

Maybe I can just save this somehow and make her read it when she’s twelve after the first time one of her friends gives her shit for not shaving her legs….

I just want my baby girl to grow up knowing that she’s beautiful.



So Today.

Shit’s happening.

Except not really because Smoodge is still asleep and I’ve accomplished nothinggggggg. Except I ate a very yummiful breakfast (veggie burger)

In keeping with usuals I don’t really have a point to this so prepare to be updated on the random shit bouncing aroung my nearly empty skull ^.^

This weekend, I binged. I binged long and hard. I ate approximately six donuts in 18 hours, I had two huge plates of pepper-jack covered arby’s fries, I ate cookie bars at the moother-in-laws, two huge helpings of strawberry shortcake at my moother’s as well as a huge ass monster, a sangria slushy from taco bell (praise be to the theoretically meat-based calorie gods, even if I’m boycotting theoretically meat-based products) as well as a huge-ass assortment of regular shit that I usually eat. For me this is a huge deal, because I’ve been eating so many vegetables and healthish foods for so long that the level of binging I achieved was physically painful. Seriously, I spent several hours this weekend in a ball on the couch moaning about how retarded I am. Just ask Josh. Plus, even though I didn’t gain much in the weight department I was supremely, disturbingly, bloated. I could’ve passed for a pregnant person because my tummy was just puffing out so much. Ugh. I’ve remembered why I don’t buy donuts. Also, I’ve had a very upset tummy and have had more bowel movements in this one morning than I usually do in about three days. (You should be used to my TMI’s now, there shall be no apologies.) So that’s also unpleasant. But at least I don’t look like I scarfed a soccer ball anymore.

Hmmmm other newsssss I’m an idiot and took off my bandaid at my parents house trying to show off my sparklies, and long story short their bandaids turned my skin into a fiery ball of holy-fuck-it-burns. So I’m leaving my stabbings open to air for the rest of today, even though I’m not supposed to.

I need to do laundry, start dishes, and generally try to subdue the typical weekend chaos.

I ran out of my makeup setting spray and am going to have to make a fucking trip to Ulta, because otherwise my cheap drugstore makeup won’t stay on for shittttt. Which sucks because I hate driving, and as much as I love makeup, I don’t love those stores. They’re cool but they kind of freak me out.

I should go wake up smidge because it’s 11 and she’s still asleep.

The mystery package Josh got me should be arriving today and I’m mad because I’m not allowed to open it till he comes home because he wants to see my reaction and if I actually like the clothes he picked for me or not. (I probably will, he’s surprisingly good at understanding my style and finding things I like.) But at the same time if I don’t like something I’m not one to lie and say I love it, I’ll tell him if I don’t because, honesty. And that way people know for the future and are more likely to do a better job next time they buy you a shit. I feel bad when I hurt peoples feelings, but I’d rather tell you my honest opinions. You know? That got random…. but CLOTHES.

I’m happy because all of my orders should be coming soon, I bought myself some colour pop to try and a Jeffree Star lipstick (Weirdo, thanks for asking, (it’s the black one.))


And I’m mad because my laptop isn’t scrolling right. I have the windows 8 with the touchy pad so when you use both fingers it’s supposed to scroll you up or down and I’m fucking irritated because it’s not scrolling and I have to use buttons again. -.- *high maintenance*

It’s funny because my sister wants her belly button pierced for her 16th birthday. And her boyfriend flown out from California. (So, absolute west coast, to absolute east coast. She does not understand the concept of money at all.) When I was sixteen I got a pair of Chuck Taylor’s and had a hormonal meltdown on Josh because I hated everything about life. I still hate most things about life, I just have a more positive outlook on everything that doesn’t involve interacting with humans.

I need to see if my favorite library has an ATM or a credit reader yet. I’m dying to go back but I have an embarrassing amount of fines and no cash…. I’m also a library snob who doesn’t like going to the one that’s literally five minutes away because they’re books are shittier than my baby library’s.

Maybe I could go to ulta’s get cash back and thennnnn go to my library….. No. Too much human. God.

I think my social anxieties might be getting worse. I don’t know what my problem is, but I avoid leaving the house without Josh at all costs. I’m usually okay if he’s there but just the thought of going out alone makes my chest tight, I get sweaty and itchy and hyper-ventilatey, and I don’t know.. As embarrassing as it is I just can’t. I freeze. I’m the same way about making phone calls. I think that’s part of the reason I like the internet, because I can see that there are other people out there like me that are just to scared go out by themselves.

But anyway, this is long and the kid is up so I’m going to take care of her and then maybe I’ll put on my big girl panties and go buy myself my makeup….


This made me smile.


I still can not believe I uploaded that *slams head into wall repeatedly*

Today…. I’m tired.

My brains not working.

I had to go grocery shopping.

I felt bad for spending so much monies but we needed food.

But my brain is too melty to actually think of something to write so I’m stealing an oldish tag from Galit because I feel like it dammit.

I erased all the tag-y info so none of you know which one it is!!!! >:D I’m so villainous!

1. Current favorite lip stick? Hmm probably the ridiculously red one from FLOWER…. Perfectly Poinsetta? that or Wet N Wild’s breeze. Although usually I’m just a chapstick sort of girl.

2. One food you cannot live without? Hmmm… This used to be bacon. Now I’m going to say sushi or basically anything Indian.

3. Favorite blusher? Easy because I only own one! Wet n Wilds Pearlescent Pink which I hardly ever use 😀

4. Have you found any down side to blogging? I feel like an asshole because I never post regularly…. aside from that, it’s a great way to organize my brain, talk about things that interest me, and connect with some really awesome bloggery peoples I never would’ve met otherwise!

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world (given money, time, etc are not a problem) where would you go?  Everywhere. I love traveling. Stateside I wanna hit NYC, San Fran, LA, and Seattle, Worldwide the list is pretty insane, I wanna hit London, Paris, TOKYO, I wanna visit Ireland, somewhere cold enough to see the Northern Lights, and about a million more awesome spots.

6. Favorite TV Show? o.o I can do this i can do this i can do this….. *brain explodes* at the moment I’m still in love with Attack on Titan. but I could never pick one definitive television love…

7. Favorite cartoon as a child (or still 😉 ) ? The last Airbender, Hey I agree with Galit!!!! I loved a lot of cartoons as a kid but I’ve always been and will always be an Avatard ❤ Although I’m still undecided on whether or not I should watch the legend of korra. Opinions?

8. If you were $100 to buy makeup. What products would you buy? Eyeshadows buy Urban Decay! and honestly mostly just drugstore stuff…. Maybe experiment with higher quality eyeliners???

9. A quote that changed your life: There are too many, but for the moment one that I’ve been trying to live by is Oscar Wilde’s (shocking I know, I’m not a fangirl at alllllllll…) “Life is too important to be taken seriously.”

10. Did you have a childhood hobby (Eg: collecting stamps or anything of that sorts that people did before the internet took over)? I ran around in the woods and alternated between pretending that I was Aragorn’s voluptuous and deadly half sister, Dracula’s daughter and evil queen of the undead, and the bad-ass warrior princess of an army of Fae. Needless to say I was an odd child.

If you feel like doing this go ahead, but I’m not telling you which tag/award you may have won ^.^


Wow I Suck At Schedules

That was a Thursday video, Tuesday can be found here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lgtzkEyqMA 

I think the tuesday video was probably better but Josh showed up in thursday’s and he’s pretty adorable so *shrugs*

Two posts on Monday and then more disappearancesesesesese.

But that’s because I’ve been busehhh. First up on Tuesday I actually learned how to skype and talked to mah friend Ann at Life of a Little Wolfling, which was super cool because A.) I never talk to people and talking to someone for almost an hour is quite a massive feat for me. B.) Because we’ve been meaning to talk forever and C.) and D.) She’s awesome and both of our guy peoples are named Josh which is quite adorable 😀

Then on Wednesday we got my siblings and let them spend the night… which was just so so many levels of weird. My sister and I got drunk and bonded…. Which is an extra level of weird because she’s fifteen and we just realized we have similar taste in lingerie, among other really disturbing things. So now I can’t decide if I want to get her drunk again, or never ever let her touch alcohol again because, you know, she’s fifteen and kind of, okay extremely slutty. This all took place while my brother was binging on video games because Josh has a PS4 and Lance (brother) is trying to decide if he wants to go with that or an Xbox One next.

After everybody passed out and woke up the next day we pretty much just layed around and snacked and watched southpark and youtube until I took them home. It was also the boychilds birthday so I screamed happy birthday in his ear. I’m so not ready for my baby brother to be thirteen O.o that’s just weird.

and then Thursday you can see what I did ’cause I vlogged! because I’m so cool and on top of shits….

Today will be spent laying around because I feel miserable and just want to go back to bed. I got Falling in Reverse’s new album Just Like You yesterday so I’m going to listen to the whole album today (I never bothered to listen to the whole thing on youtube.) But every track that I have heard I’ve liked a lot. It seems like sort of the best from both Fashionably Late and Dying Is Your Latest Fashion (ETF) But I will probably do a whole post/rant on it when I’ve finished listening so that you get the whole long-winded post of opinions.

Personally I liked Fashionably Late, I’ve always been a fan of Ronnie’s gigantic ego. I think he’s funny as hell. So I took the rapping that pissed everyone off as a Joke. I mean

” In layman’s terms I am the best you must agree I got that white boy swagger rappin’ right down to a T I got my hand up on the throttle holdin’ up a broken bottle Ready to cut you up and gut you like a fucking avocado”

Can not be taken seriously.

It’s completely absurd, not to mention the lack of whatever flow or rhythm rapper people are apparently supposed to have *shrugs* I don’t do rap, but Josh seems to agree that it definitely can’t a serious attempt as well.

It’s funny. Radke’s an asshole. That’s kindof the point in my opinion. But whatever I’m done talking for now so I’ll just go lay down and be a potato for now.