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Ugh my head hurts… I have lots to talk about and at the same time nothing at all if that makes any sense?

Like I know I’ve kindof disappeared but it’s because I’m doing better. I have friends (besides josh he doesn’t count :P) and I actually have shit to do now instead of staring at walls for hours.

My heads in a better place, even though I came off my meds and now when it does get bad I have a bigger support group. Which makes me feel shitty because it’s not like I’m saying he wasn’t enough to fix it, he’s still the best at fixing it and when I do need to talk of course he’s the first one I harass (and not just because I’m marigialyailyy;hy obligated to, but because he gets it better than anyone else and knows how to hold meh) But now he has more help with fixing it because if he notices me starting to get down he can shove me into a group of people that care about me and thennn get me to open up easier.

So I’m doing better, I haz a friends in the meatworld, and I feel like we’ve finally found our family and that makes me happy ^.^ We’re the best band of misfits anyone could ever aspire to be.

It feels like I’m finally starting to make it ❤

Anyways todays shit: I had to drive Chassifer to traffic court in fucking bumfuck nowhere, like over an hour one way and now I’ve just been laying around since I got home, I finished the second alice in wonderland book, through the looking glass or whatever, And I liked it a lotttt better than the first one (Although I’ve always had a soft spot for the movies)

Then I talked to Josh for a bit and he had to go, he’s not getting home until late :/

Then against my better judgement I left a comment on some stupid Instagram post making fun of trans-women >.< which of course pissed off the person that posted it and led to a mini-argument which I decided not to continue once he brought up God. Like if your using the Christianity to be an intolerant douche you’re doing it wrong. And no reasonable debate can change that sort of stupid so why bother. Ugh >.<

Speaking of trans one of the adopted family members is a trans-guy and it was horrible because Josh and I were talking to him about shit and he was all happy because we’ve noticed a lottttt of progress with his testosterone treatments since we met him, and he was like YAY Yes, the only people that ever really mess up anymore are my roommate occasionally and his dumbass gf. Welp then roommate popped out and not five minutes later said she, completely didn’t notice and we all sort of collectively eye-rolled and were like serehousleh? but whatever smidgey is up from her nap now so I should probably go try to clean shit before she starts eating shit she’s not supposed to.

I am really trying to post more but I’ve actually been busy and I’m not apologizing for that ^.^ I shall talk to you all soonish ❤