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So, I have IGBTSS, if you’re wondering what that is and┬ásurvival┬árates and such let me just expain,

I Gave Birth To Satan Syndrome is a medical anomaly occurring in mothers who are typically over-worked and under-paid. The symptoms include one or more children that are too smart for their own damn good, wreck hell upon your home, and ALWAYS use their powers exclusively for evil, furthering the devils cause.

It has a -000000.00000% survival rate, so I’m sorry guys, but the terrible two’s are nigh upon us and I fear that I shan’t last much longer.

Ugh >.< somebody put me out of my misery now?

On top of the satan baby Josh is working nights every day through monday so I get to see him for maybeeee 10 minutes a day because he has to sleep when he’s home.

And chasifer’s moped died so I’m driving his dumb ass to and from work every day until he can afford to get his license back, and buy a car. Good news is that he no longer works at the labor finder place because he got a job that’s like a mile from where we live. So at least the risk of me passing the fuck out while I’m driving isn’t too bad.

Now that the roommates at work and the child’s in bed(FINALLY) I get to go clean out the fridge and figure out what’s making it smell like rotting flesh.

Soooooooooooo I’ll catch you all later depending on whether or not I’ve survived.



Ughh Dx This Post Sucks (You Don’t Have To Tell Me, I Already Know)

I am not feeling very well and am not having a particularly awesome weekend.

My sister is being more and more of a psychotic evil bitch. She’ll randomly walk in to my room and look around and be all “Oh yea, as soon as you guys are leaving, this is SO my room!” And going on and on in front of everyone about how much she hates Josh and I and wants us gone. Just ugh. *smh*

Josh was gone for another week and came back on friday and guess what?! Right as we went off for some *alone time* my visitor of the monthly variety decided to make an appearance. >.< I know, TMI but I’m seriously pissed about this. always happens right when he comes home from being away for forever.

The Smidge is hitting some sort of evil I-am-so-the-boss-of-you-so-do-what-I-say-minion! phase and She’s driving me up a wall with mini baby tantrums. How do babies even throw tantrums?!?!? They can’t talk!

And I’m feeling seriously sick because along with the whole monthly visitor I’ve got allergy shit, and probably a cold. And I took some Tramadol last night so I feel like a sleepy, head-achey, zombie.

Today is just….today’s not good. So now that I finally got the Smidge to nap, I am hiding in my bed with all the lights off scarfing Ghirardelli peppermint barck and trying not to cry….. Yea it’s one of those days.

I apologize because I am well aware that this post is rambly and disconnected and makes about as much sense as a hormonal 13 year old girl with drama, But I do believe that I explained my reasons for why. It is also rainy. And while I like rain, it sometimes makes me feel spaced out and sleepy. So I think that right now I am going to go take a nap and eat some more chocolate and if I feel human afterwords, I might come back and try to write a real post about actual things (That’d be a first….)

So I guess as a mini consolation prize have a couple random pictures:

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