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Mah Friendy Samm Sanity Tagged me in ze halloween tag, (I know you wanted me to do it on my channel but I actually can’t films right now soooo have a text post.)

Here are das questions:

1. Favorite Halloween song? Patd’s cover of This is Halloween (though Amy Lee’s Sally’s Song is beautiful as well…)

2. Witch or Vampire? VAMPOORS I’ma be Vlad Todd for halloweens Cx

3. Favorite thing about Halloween? Cheesy Horror Movies! I love seeing all the bad movies that come on the Scyfy channel XD

4. Halloween party or scary movie marathon? Hmmmm Both! Ordinarily I would say movie marathons, but I actually have friends to do a halloween parteh wif this year so we’re gunna do that and then I think Josh and I will marathon ❤

5. Skeletons or Zombies? Skeletons, Zombies are cool but super cliche and I love the skeletons in the corpse bride Cx

6. Favorite Halloween candy? All of it???? Seriousleh, everything. Especially the gummies that are shaped like eyeballs and brains and shit XD

7. Favorite Halloween movie? Toss up between The Nightmare Before Christmas (I bet nobodyyyyy saw that coming) and Young Frankenstein (I’m always a slut for some Gene Wilder)

8. Favorite Halloween costume? Anything that you obviously put effort into. Life-like zombies, dead dolls, hell, even slutty cats, as long as it doesn’t look like you just dropped twenty bucks on a mini dress and called it good.

9. Favorite Halloween store? The only one we get it Spirit Halloween, so, that.

10. Jack-o-lanterns, yes or no? DUH???? Seriously how is this a fucking question?!?!

11. Bats or Black Cats? AGHHHH I can’t pick oneeeee, bats are super cute but I want to save the black kitties that get murdered sooooo bats on halloween, black cats the rest of the year. ^_^

12. Is Halloween your favorite holiday? It’s tied for Christmas but yes, they’re fighting for the number-one spot of love in my soul.

13. Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate? Mulled Cider (with ze alcohols), apple anything is my fall drink, but I hate pumpkin everything (except grams pumpkin logs) so hot chocolate if it has to be one of the two

LOOK AT MAH FANGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Things You Probably Don’t Know About Babies If You’re A Teen Girl Who Quit Babysitting Over A Year Ago #2:

Quiet is bad. Very very bad. *sighs* I’m also probably the worst mother in the history of awful negligent mothers. What happened?

Well Saturday the smidge was happily playing on the floor with another dirty sock (I give up on making her play with real toys). And I decided to use this small quiet opportunity to do my deodorant/makeup/hygiene thing. So she was making just enough noise for me to know that she was not dead and was playing with something crinkly. I quickly applied my eyeliner to one eye and decided to actually turn around and look at her while it was drying (making sure she’s okay and all that) and then I was confronted with this:


What is that, besides a tiny adorable skeleton baby you ask? Well, my friend, that would be my tiny evil Smidge eating two fistfuls of Reese’s minis, leftover from Halloween movie binging. That child managed to cross the room, grab the candy, OPEN THE SEALED BAG (seriously wtf?!?! how is that possible, she can’t even sit up!!) and eat the forbidden chocolate/peanut-butter combo.

Aside from almost giving me a heart-attack, and giving her self a really bad stomach-ache, she was completely totally fine. (Thank GOD). But yes, The Smidge  loves Reese’s (duh, who doesn’t?) She had the hugest grin I’ve ever seen and if the child could talk I swear she would have been singing “look at the yummy chocolate I stole, It tastes so much yummier ’cause I’m not ‘spossed to have any, It is fuckin gooooooood”  Because my daughter is evil and wants to kill me.

Josh was left with the wonderful task of peeling me off the ceiling and forcing me to calm the fuck down and breathe. I feel bad for him because that was no small thing. I was practically hyper-ventilating, and trying not to cry because we had to take her to the hospital because she was allergic and then CPS would take my baby away because I’m obviously a horrible mother who feeds their 7 month old peanut butter. No joke…..

Of course she was fine, No one on either side of our families has a peanut allergy and she only ate two baby handfuls. Aside from a seriously upset tummy the next day, She had a total blast and spent the next several hours going after the bag of Snicker’s. Have I mentioned my baby is evil?????

Favorite Fall Type Things

All the pretty colors!!!!!!

Actually seeing cute clothes/hair accessories in places besides hot topic…..

All of the fall smells

PUMPKINS (Just not pumpkin flavored things *shudders*)

Apple Ciders (But only the real kind!!!! no pasteurized shit here!)

The crunchity leaves (yes crunchity is a word…..at least now it is)

Being able to go outside with out getting sun-burnt in five minutes

Not sweating like a very sweaty person (dogs don’t sweat, duh)

All of the awesome darker makeyups that are now “in” (Do people still say in? Or do you have to say in style now???)

The cool breezes

Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!! CX I love all the costumes and skullatons and cute creepy spooders and everythings!!!!

Thanksgiving foods (Josh’s family can cook so I actually get a yummy thanksgiving dinner now!!!!! Sorry Gram….)


And I’m not the only ghostly pale person anymore!!!!!! Cx

Whats you persons favorite thing about fall?????

looking forward to peppermint everything o.o<3 <—peppermint addict

So yea sorry this post is lame but I wanted to write somefin since I’ll be busy tomorrow and I’m in caffeine withdrawal and barely functioning……