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SOOOOOOOO Samm tagged me in the hair tag like two months ago and I just saw it /.\ better late then never right? Just agree with me on this……

  1. Why did you start taking better care of your hair?

Because I started dyeing it a lot, and was worried about over-damaging it, I feel like thats a common answer XD

2. What are your two favorite hair products?

I’m not sure I can pickkkkk DX umm hair dye, and deep conditioners, with hairspray in a very, very close third… I need my damn hairspray to keep it floofy peeples

3. Who’s hair did you admire as a child?

Anyone with colorful hair, I always looked up to the punk girls with choppy, colorful hair and big fringes.

4. What is your ultimate goal length?

Umm a bit past my boobies.

5. How are you going to celebrate reaching your ultimate goal length?

Hmmm… Probably buying lots of hair accessories and spamming instagram with cute hair pics

6. Two styles you want to try at your ultimate goal length?

Long pig-tails with my natural hair, and quite possibly a side cut (grow it all out to chop half of it off XD)

7. Which do you prefer: Health or Length?

Well I feel like the right answer is health, but unless it’s completely fried I personally will choose length. I’ve always had short hair so now I’m hell bent on getting long hair no matter what…

8. What do you prefer: hair ties with no metal parts or butterfly clips?

Hair ties, I almost always have my hair in pigtails/ twin buns?? so I like my hair ties.

9. What products do you prefer: salon brands, organic brands, bss brands (Idek what that means), drugstore brands, or other.

I try to use organic brands because I feel like it’s better for my hair (plus they usually smell really good) but if I’m being cheap drugstore.

10. Which product/technique do you think is over-rated?

Curling wands. Their like curling irons, but with no clip so you have to hold the ends there and you always end up burning your damn fingers and the curls look weird because you were too busy dealing with your burnt fingers to focus on what you were fucking doing……. I speak from experience -.-

11. Which product/technique do you think is under-rated.

Not washing it. With the magic of dry shampoo I only wash my hair once a week and it makes it much softer.

12. What is your favorite part of your hair regimen?

Hairspray, it looks perfect, lets glue it in place XD I just love the smell of my hairspray sooooo…. I dunno

13. What is the most annoying part of your hair regimen?

Doing my roots, I always need someone to spot me, it smells bad, takes hours, and is just generally a pain in the ass.

14. Oils or Butters?

Oils, I love a good nice-smelling oil treatment CX although masks and deep conditioners really are more my speed..

15. Buns or ponytails?

Buns, I feel like I can do more with a bun, bandanna ads rockabilly flair, double buns for super cuteness, Roll my fringe back  for pin-up perfection, messy bun when I’m pretending to be normal… So much you can do with a good bun.

16. Wigs or Weaves?

Wigs, I feel like they give you more flexibility and options.

17. What is your opinion on growth aids?

That most of them are bullshit schemes to make money. Unless its plain generic biotin I don’t trust it and even that isn’t a miracle growth thing, it’s just to keep it healthy.

18. At what length do you consider hair long?

When you can braid it without it looking sad and pathetic… About boob length.

19. When was the last time you visited a salon?

This summer. Actually it’s really sad, I finally found a good fucking salon and a hair dresser I love, and I start doing my own hair. I can’t spend #200 dollars every three months though, it’s just obscene.

20. What do you like to surf most often: Youtube channels, personal blogs, or hair forums.

Hmm it depends on if I’m doing it for fun or if I’m about to try something new. I love watching youtube hair videos for fun, but if I’m experimenting I’m more likely to check hair forums and get opinions from actual hair dressers.

21. And finally, what piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out on their hair journey?

A few things 1. take care of it, healthy hair is pretty hair. 2. Don’t listen to what people say, it’s your hair so experiment and try what you like, find what works for you. and 3. What Samm said, it’s just hair. At the end of the day you can chop it all off and it’ll grow back. It might look a little awkward for a few months but it’ll grow back and you can try again.


Included a pic of my personal hair goals CX




So after I scrambled to film that (huzzah for massive procrastination!) I went and picked up taco bell and had lunch with Josh which made meh really happy because I don’t usually get to visit him at work. Cx But he had packed leftovers that we didn’t realize had gone bad, and you kindof need food soooo I broughteds the taco bells! And now I get to do laundry! 😀 My life is so glamorous!

I don’t really know… I don’t like doing video posts unless I actually say something at the bottom, but honestly I don’t really have much to say. Still in love with my hairs… Oh goddamnn that’s a thing!!!! *shudders* I had forgotten about this until yesterday and have been dreading it ever since…. Cold showers.


In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, I shall explain: You can’t wash dyed bright, or even most colors really, hair in warm water. I’m not sure of all the scientifical wordage but basically the hot water opens all your hairs back up and lets the color that got trapped inside back out. So. Cold showers. I mean, I could buy a shower cap and take a hot shower and then do my hair in the sink, but I am wayyyyy too lazy for that. So. Cold showers. Damn. Especially since I typically shower in water that is the temperature of shall we say…. Boiling molten lava? I am not content with the water temperature unless I look like a tomato by the time I get out. So this morning was a bit… abrasive. Damn, did I wake up fast though. And watching the river of pink going down the drain was really funny. And my pillowcase is pink too. *sighs* you can always tell which pillow cases are mine and which are Josh’s because mine are always covered in makeup, and now new and improved hair dye! 😀 I swear, it’s disgusting. Big black splotches and streaks now all topped off with a nice layer of cherry-koolaid stained pink.

Plus since I sleep in a combo tummy/side/thrashing all over the place position I ended up staining my face… So if I look extra tomato-y in the video that’d be why.

But I was right, and I absolutely loveeeeeee my hair. When I dried and styled it myself this morning the trim and shit turned out to be exactly what I wanted Cx So fucking happy because that never happens.

It is a bit damaged and not as soft as it was, but it’s not dead and crunchy either, and the only parts that really are damaged are where they had to bleach it twice. The roots and most of the middle are still really soft and fluffy. So I think if I’m just extra nice to it and keep avoiding my straightening iron it should go back to silky fluffy soon. So now I’m rambling on about my hair again which is probably getting annoying. I shall try to put a cap on my enthusiasm soonish, but not yet because I’m still all twitterpated XD


On a side note: Josh decided it would be funny to change the background on my phone to lesbian hentai -.- I’m not changing it back. So now when I want to check the time I get to see 13 year old animated nipples. >.< sick bastard (Actually I still think it’s funny, I’m just waiting for a relative or in-law to see it…)

Oh Dear o.o

I went and did my hair. O.O

Well… I went and got it done. It’s red now. o.o So so red. I LOVES it Cx

It took between 4-5 hours all told, which was kind of excruciating because I’m so gosh darn twitchy. But I lovesssss


Before comparisons: Dark-brown with faded black dye all on the bottom


Looking like a sexy alien and seeing myself with blonde hair for the first time in my entire life


Natural vs Artificical lighting

I’m all twitter-pated Cx

So now I shall launch into a lengthy long-winded play through of what exactly happened:

Yesterday afternoon I was super depressed and Josh in an effort to cheer me up told me to go dye my hair because I’ve been wanting to for all eternities. So I go, and I wait a few minutes because I just walked in, and then the super nice gay guy says essentially oh shit, I loveee doing red hair, but we stopped doing colors an hour ago. Pretty please come back and let me do it tomorrow? So I got home and Josh was like well, ask my mum if she can baby sit. And she could.

So I woke up way too goddamn early (about 8) And left the smidget with my mother in law and got to the salon place at about 10:30ish

2 separate bleach jobs, 1 or 2 hair treatments (I was tired and kindof spaced out during that part), red dyes, and a hair cut later I left at 3:30ish.

So so long but I’m so happy Cx I love the color and the cut and somehow he managed not to fry it all off with the amount of bleach needed to go from black to blonde. (He did manage to get me on the shampoo/conditioner upsale though. *sighs* cheap person failure.)

So then I come home and not only is the mother in law not upset about me ditching her with my kid for 5ish hours, she cleaned my house. Well, the kitchen and smidgets bathroom. And she cycled the laundry. The only thing I can possibly think of to complain about right now is that she folded my underwear. Which, as far as complaints go, is so totally minor it doesn’t count.

Then I go Oh shit! my homework is due in two-hours and it’s about three hours worth of work, only to log into blackboard and realize: I skipped spring break. I’m actually about a week ahead in classes right now.

O.o I think the universe has decided to dump all of the goodluck it’s withheld for the past 18 years on me in one day. Seriously. This shits freaking crazy. I could jump up and down and squeal like a little girl…

Dare I say it….I think…..I might be feeling princess-y o.o Yes. Yes I am. I believe its the combination of new-hair style bliss and dishwasher that I didn’t have to loadness.

I just can’t wait to mess with it myself tomorrow, I don’t know why but hair peoples never style it the way you want (is that just me?) so I have a perfect cut and colors but I’m mad ’cause I can’t fidget with it the way I want. Grrrr…. Oh well.. Something to look forward to tomorrow as well. Cx Plus: No anxiety/depursions today! I mean the days not over yet, but it almost is and I’ve been really happy and relaxed all damn day. 😀

So fucking happy. Well, now I’m off to drink tea, munch cookies, and watch youtube. Or do whatever it is that princess-y people do when they’re feeling splendid.


I was all happy because one of the other hair dressers basically said I’d look make a bad-ass tattooed little mermaid if I hads tattoos and fins.