This Has Been Strange… O.o

Well, shit’s been weird and oddly eventful this weekend. I know I said I was going to write more frequently, and I am planning another post this week but I feel a bit more justified in my absence now.

We’ve adopted our first stray hooman. It sounds ridiculous butttt that’s pretty much what happened. We’d only met him once before at my disastrous birthday party. (We did hit it off then and had vague future-ish plans to hang out) When like Friday night Abby (The….ex…. more on her later.) hit up Josh saying that He’d been kicked out of his parents house, tried to kill himself, and was wandering around by himself. So naturally the next morning as soon as we find out where the fuck he was (barely a minute away from our apartment) Josh went and picked him up and he’s been staying here ever since.

Poor guy’s had a pretty shit life and he’s like the sweetest teddy bear ever so we’re trying to help him get his shit together and get a real job and his car back and the works. It’ll take time but I really want to help him out. So, Chase, the gigantic, stoner, teddy bear, who acts like a dumbass and a big bro, is soon to be officially living with us, and paying rent. In the meantime he’s been cleaning, which, honestly I might appreciate a bit more (I am the world’s worst housewife.) I think I like him so much because he reminds me a lot of my cousin, after he tried to get clean, before he turned into a condescending prick. So, the best cousiny days. He is a fucking dumbass though.

So then ensues a weekend of drinking and low-key partying with our other new bestest buddies, Charlie (super awesome funny trans man) and his long time friend ‘Drea (a sex goddess of unparalleled charm, who likes brothers Grimm and disney. Also looks like a suicide girl pinup…I might be crushin’) Who will I guess soon be having a baby together (they have an odd relationship) For which Josh will be donating the manly love-nectar, earning us permanent aunt and uncle status.

Yesterday we had our first “Family Dinner” with Charlie, Chase, Smidge, Josh, and I. It made me really happy because I’ve always been big on the “you make your own family thing” And now out of the blue, in like the span of a week, our family got really big really fast. It makes me smile because it just sort of fits. It’s weird but all of us weirdos just obviously belong together. I hope it lasts, because it’s been a while since I’ve been this happy Cx

It’s weird because I’ve been trying to figure out why I like all these guys so much when I’ve only just met them and I think I’ve finally got it, I feel comfortable with them. I don’t get that bad social anxiety, depressed to be near them shit. I’ve only ever felt that way with Josh before, and this is different, I mean, I don’t wanna fuck them (‘cept Drea ^_^) but they just feel like they belongs.

God I hope I’m not the only one that feels like this or else I’ll feel like a creepy stalker nut-case o.o

Also, Abby, Who shall henceforth be referred to as peasant, has been trying to stir shit in the background all fucking weekend (having had a background with both Josh and Chase) plus, she’s nuts. Aaaaaaand last night She and Josh got back together. There are no words to describe how I feel right now, and if there are, they’d be no-no words.

I’m trying to think of what else has been happening but nothing’s comin up at the moment…. So I shall leave you with this:


Also, Just a reference for how close we’ve gotten in the span of like a week, Smidge now has an Uncle Charlie and an Uncle Chase.



I just finished splitting my tongue. I got pissed that it was taking so long and grabbed the sharpest scissors I could find and just split the rest like that.

It didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would, and it didn’t bleed nearlyyyyy as much as I thought it would, so that’s good.

But I’m still feeling really woozy and light-headed because, well, you have to be a certain level of insane before you can calmly cut your tongue in half. And I’m just going to like, lay down and breathe for the next few hours. BUT AT LEAST ITS FINALLY FUCKING DONE

Also, I don’t remember if I mentioned this but we finally rescued my cat Cx Misa-misa is homeeee and she loves it here. Retarded little fuck-wit is adorable and puts up with a lottttt of bullshit from the smidge.

So. I don’t really have anything else to say, just trying to calm my totally fried nerves. I shall speak at ye all moreish laterish!

PSA: I’m Not Dead Yet

Close, but not quite. Actually no, I’ve been fairly decentish of late.

Soooo lemme seeeeee what’s newwwww

Josh’s not-quite-gf is no longer a thing, conflicting personality types combined with one epic fuck-up left that decidedly done, too bad she was fun to chill with.

I’ve gone and done more mod-y shit to myself.

I now have blue hair, a septum, and a pocket watch tattoo.

Septum and hairs.

awesome tattoo ❤

My tongue is still being split, and taking it’s damn sweet time about it. -.-

And I’m taking a break from youtubsie shit. I’m not deleting my channel, and I’ll post every once in a while. But it’s not super fun at the moment and it was stressing me out coming up with shit to post, when the whole point was it was supposed to be a hobby to de-stress. So I’ll get back to it eventually but not right now.

In the mean time I do want to post here more often. I don’t like how much I’ve been neglecting mah blog and my wordpressy friends so hopefully I’ll get back to posting a couple times a week again.

Also, I’ve been dicking around on tinder and okcupid, and I highly recommend it. Not for actually dating or anything, but for having a host of strange, terrifying, and interesting conversations. It’s a damned strange place the internet dating scene. Lots of fun for wasting time and having random conversations XD Anyway that’s all for right now,

I have to clean up some housey shit before I go out to swim with a mum friend (that I met on tinder XD, see? no romance but lots of funs)

In the meantime have a this:

Hopefully I’ll be posting again before the end of the week! 😀

Well…. This is interesting I suppose…

I don’t think I linked that one in.

So yea, you’re used to me disappearing by now, but this week has been by far the most interesting. If you recall a few posts ago I mentioned I had some personal shit, I now feel up to sharing.

Josh has an almost-girlfriend. No it’s not a cheaty-douche-bag thing. It’s more of a cross between open-marriage and polyamory. Which I’m not supposed to actually say out loud because she’s just as weirded out by this situation as we are.

She’s actually pretty awesome. Whenever Josh and I had discussed poly shit and unicorn huntings before we always sort-of laughed and brushed it off because who the hell around here would be weird enough to fit with us???? Yea, that’d be her I guess. We get along pretty well which is good, and she seems to be making Josh happier which is kind of the whole reason I wanted to try this in the first place.

Plus, I’ve now had physical confirmation of the fact that I’m not bicurious, but actually legitimately bi *coughs* That’s me trying to politely say we hads the threesomes and I enjoyed….. ‘s funny though because I’m probably the “gayest” out of the three of us…

Chick has more self-image/esteem issues than I do. Which I think is funny ’cause her boobs are nicer.

Anyway, you probably don’t want to know much more about my sex-life (or do you? because I can go there if you’d like XD)

So other shit that happened:

I got my labret pierced. It looks like this

My belly button pierced. It looks like this

(yes, I got a “lower-navel” piercing, I think it looks a wee bit cooler.)

And this tattoo

I'm now a badass tattood babe XD #firsttattoo #first #tattoo #projectsemicolon

A post shared by Sissy (@broken.wings.fragile.things) on

Which as far as first tattoos go, is pretty basic, but at least it gave me a feel for what to expect when I get my ribs done soon, except like it’ll be a million times worse. That actually didn’t hurt until he went back over and put more black in one spot. Jesus fuck though, Now I have a small tattoo with a deep personal meaning >.< Shit, I’m one of those people. download (1)

But I do think project semicolon is pretty cool. Depression/mental-health awareness are really important to me so I love it even if it isn’t super original.

Also, my tongue is almost split and you need to read two boys kissing.

And as soon as I finish my deep conditioner I’m turning my head blue.


So yup. Life.

Warning: Unashamed Selfie Whoring Ahead

Oh hey Alice (it is Alice right??? I’ll feel so stupid if I’ve been thinking it wrong this whole time o.o) I finally got around to my red eye look









Anyway of course I was instawhoring the fuck out of this makeup and decided to tag my favorite beautiest guru hannah hospital in one of them ’cause I used her lip tutorial. The amount of excitement I felt when she liked it rather sickened me. I fangirled like a thirteen year old o.o Why the fuck do I care so much?!?!? IM SUPPOSED TO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYTHINGGGGGGG

Anyway not alot has happened this morning aside from me continuing to look adorable and playing with the smidget. We had dominos cheesy bread for breakfast because last night I hit a new low; I had just put Smidgey down for bed and decided I wanted a soda. Because there was no way in hell I was waking her up to go leave my apartment and interact with people to get it, I decided to order online and spend the minimum thirteen dollars just to get my fucking two liter of coke >.< I’m a bad human. But it is awesome cheesy bread soooooo *shrugs* I’m calling it even.

Anyway I shall skip off and continue to be a bootiful emo-goth princess now tittles and ttfn and all of the things people say good bye with!



*ahem* so that was filmed today.


This is my lovely new dress, but of course me being a midget it sits just under the knee in what I feel is a much more adorable fashion. I was upset because they didn’t have a small and the medium was just a scosh too big, but when I read the label and saw the cotton, don’t drier machine it warning I was happy and dried it and shrunkeded to just the absolute perfect size Cx

Also I’m still not feeling up to talking about my personal situation of weirdness yet, but I am happy and feeling a bit more comfortable with it now that it seems like things are settling down a little.

Also, this is going to seem very stupid and trivial but Josh said something last night that meant a lot to me. He basically told me he was going to stop “telling” me what to wear. I use the word telling incredibly loosely, I just couldn’t think of a better word. See, because we grew up in the conservative christian way that we did, He was kindof uncomfortable with some of the more unusual shit I like to wear, and since I cared about his feelings and appreciated the fact that he didn’t actually try to tell me what to wear or not to wear, I’d usually just change into shit that was more normal, because compromising and being considerate and all of that.

So yesterday, he was like yea, um sorry I always try to tell you what not to wear and shit, I want you to dress the way you want because you seem the most comfortable and confident when you do, and that’s most important to me. And that made me happy. But he shall soon be regretting it because my love of fishnets and all things mis-matched and neon shall soon come out to play *insert villainous smile and creepy palm-rubbing here*

Also, I’m frustrated because he’s been sent to fucking Roanoke to work on a derailment (read that as, I won’t be seeing him for at least a week, probably longer) I’m hoping he’ll be back in time for my birthday (he requested the day off because it’s a friday.) But after the last “only a few days” trip I’m not exactly counting on it >.< If that’s a case I’ll just harass someone to watch my kid while I get my nails done and buy frivolous things that I don’t need, but I’d much rather spend the day with him. *sighs* Time shall tells. In the mean time I’m going to booker my lil heart out and internet till my eyes bleed.


Also this picture really made me smile because I fucking hate seeing shit like that online that’s thinly veiled pro-ana teaching young girls who don’t know any better how to starve themselves and ruin their lives. It’s disgusting and as someone who struggles with this shit, it fucking hurts.

*cue full-fledged feminist rant, if you’re not into that stop reading.*

When I see pictures like that, the first thing that pops into my head is, wow they’re pretty. Which is fucked up because they’re almost always underweight girls sucking their barely existent stomachs in. (not badmouthing girls that are naturally thin, just stop insisting everyone look like that.)

Second off once you actually read the bullshit they’re saying, it’s flat out crazy. Last time I checked, everyone had hipbones. It’s basic anatomy. Unless you have some genetic condition and were born with half a torso, you have hipbones. Also, curvy girls have nice hips too! Seriously, they’re still there, just as visible, they just have more of a curve to them which I personally like better anyway.

Not everyone is physically capable of having a thigh-gap. It’s a genetic thing, not a weight thing. It depends entirely on the angle of your pelvis, and how wide your hips are. I happen to have one, does it grant me wishes or make me extra special? no. It’s mildly convenient in the heat because my legs don’t rub together as much. Also, to sort of further illustrate that it’s not a weight thing, I still had it when I was pregnant and 40 pounds heavier. IT DOESNT MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH. (plus in that photo you can tell she doesn’t actually have one, it’s all in the posing and they’re very easy to fake.)

Again, EVERYONE HAS COLLARBONES. Seriously wtf?!?!?!? Again, the way the picture is obviously posed, they’re jutting out five times more than they naturally sit. If you’re a healthy weight, I promise you have beautiful collarbones. (if you’re a bit overweight, I promise you have gorgeous boobies and hips that make up for slightly less prominent collar bones ^.^<3)

And the last picture of the flat stomach that again, is obviously being sucked in? WOMEN WEREN’T BUILT TO HAVE FLAT TUMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! All women are designed so that natural healthy body fat is more likely to sit around your stomach. It’s a fertility thing, a hormonal thing, the only way that’s going to not be there is if you are extremely naturally thin, or are starving yourself. Plus, Josh has mentioned on numerous occasions that he loves my tummy curves. (and he doesn’t generally like heavier women either. it’s about curves people.)

Seriously. Rock the body you’re built with because honestly most guys would rather have someone with curves than someone with a weight complex. And I guarantee that whatever body type you have, there’s a big selection of people of your preferred gender that are especially, specifically, into that.

God that shit pisses me off so much >.< Sorry I ranted. I’ll go now.

That was a fun tag to do. It took forever though o.o The unedited shit was over 20 minutes long…

Today.. I don’t really know what to write about today. I went to my mother in laws yesterday because she’s been kindof desperate for visits lately >.< but while I was in the area I got to stop by my library! I finally paid my fine and got a decent sized haul that I’ll hopefully be turning into a video later today or tomorrow. I hope I actually end up liking them

*sighs* I have life shit going on but I’m not quite ready to write it all out yet because I want to see how some shit plays out first. Plus the whole situation is a bit confusing and weird.

I miss Josh, he hasn’t had to travel anywhere but he’s been working so much it feels like I haven’t gotten to see him in forever

My tongue split is coming along pretty well. This shit takes forever but I’m making noticeable progress so that’s good.

Aside from that the Smidge is coming quite close to being threatened with the microwave again >.< It’s like she can sense that I’m burnt out and don’t have the energy to deal with her, so she’s taking advantage of it by getting into every single thing she possibly can.

I don’t really have anything else going on so I’m gunna hopefully post again tomorrow or maybe Friday.


No excuses this time

I’ve been sick as fuck and trying not to puke my guts up while my tummy tries to murder me but whatever.

Not much has happened because of the aforementioned reasons.

Ummm things… with words….

My tongue split seems to be making really good progress (being partially okay completely insane and tying it so tight it’s practically embedded is great for making progress!) I guestimate that I’m about half-way done, but the second half will definitely take longer since I’m going a lot slower now, tired of bleeding every time I want to eat….

I keep missing days on my instagrammy challenge because of my patheticness too -.- stupid sick.

But since I was catching up on all the posts I’ve missed this week I found a great tag on Samm’s blog. It’s supposed to be for Goth’ses but I’m claiming it in the name of all the uncategorized alt girls. Because honestly most of the questions I feel are applicable anyway.

Smidge is getting better at footwalkings! She’s going to master the art of the turning without falling down soon. It’s cute but also terrifying because it spells my doom in bold italicized and capitalized letters. She get’s into all the things.


I’m sad because Josh has been working even crazier then usual hours. He was finally going to be home when he’s supposed to, walked in the door dropped off the stuff he brought home (he gotted me the bestest chocolate and coconut waters Cx) and was like guess what! I’ve got to go back to work. :/ I feel bad for him, I don’t remember the last time he had a full day off.

My book came in the mail! I can’t wait to start reading it, hopefully it’ll be as good as the first one, will updates you all when finished. Ugh.

Tired now.

Must laundry.

Then nap.

Much Nap.

Did I mention toddler?

need sleeps



That is my thursday thing.

Today is a weekend.

Yesterday was the fourth. We didn’t do anything but lay around and cuddle.

No fireworks or shit, I honestly really enjoyed it though.


I’m finally splitting my tongue!

I finally decided okay, gunna go through with this shit, lets find me a shop.

ANDDDDD of course I quickly discovered that Virginia considers it a “surgical procedure” and therefore you can’t get it done legally in a tattoo/piercing parlor. Since I’m nott digging around for a shady shop that’ll do it anyway, I look up how much it costs to get it done all fancy surgicallylyly. >.< I do not have a thousand plus dollars to fork over for a one inch cut to my tongue.

Which means that against what little common sense I have, I’m doing the fishing line thing.

(Basically you have a healed tongue ring as a sort of anchor, and you thread mono-filament fishing-line through the piercing. Cinch it tight enough to hurt, and gradually over a span of a few weeks to a few months, tighten it until you’ve sliced all the way back to the piercing.)

The main difference between the surgical way and the fishing line way is that one is a less painful more gradual process, but the other gets that shit over with at once, and I’m pretty sure that since it’s a surgery here you get drugs and painkillery things before and after the whole shebang.

I’m more of a rip the bandaid off person, so I’m actually quite irritated with the fact that I’m doing it the at home way, but whatever.

Also, when I said “less painful” I mean that in the absolute loosest way possible. This shit hurts bad. I ended up trying to tie it three times last night since the knot kept coming out, and the last time I got pissed and cinched that shit wayyyy tight. You can already see a cut on the bastard.

I can barely talk and eating is excruciating ^.^ but as I said, I want to get this over with as soon as possible so I’m just going to complain my way through the pain until I have achieved my desired adorable tongue.

Josh and I are both pretty convinced that anyone who notices will think I’m possessed. Which is pretty ridiculous, but that’s small town life *shrugs*

AND I GOT MY DERMAL FIXED! and the very next fucking day one decides to rip half-way out. >.< since it was only half-way I shoved it back in and told it to stay fucking put. Now I’m babying him but he’s still no happeh. oozy=bad. But cleaning and taking care of the best that I can. Not as bad today as he was yesterday. I’m letting him back into open air and I think that’s helping with drainage. *fingers crossed that I don’t have to go back to get this guy fixed too*

So now I’m off to play with my kood, the smoodge, I SHALL WRITE MORE LATER

Do………………………………..dum……………………………………………………………………….WUBWUBWUB (my totally pro dubstep imitation)

That was my tuesday video… Kindof surprised because usually I don’t break ten views unless I post it here but that’s kindof cool *shrugs* still no clue what I’m doing with that.

Dum dum dum

I just got back from the Dr’s. Was actually a really quick easy appointment, I told her my meds weren’t working anymore and she’s like well we can add in this or up your dosage. And since I’m not having any awful side effects I decided to just up my dosage, if it ends up happening again then I’ll try the other med too but less pillsage is better in my book.

Also since I explained that the reason I’ve avoided coming back for so long is because I hate making phone calls, she gave me her cell and told me next time I want to make an appointment just text her and let her know what’s up and she’ll get me set up without calls.

Plus she also asked if I was cool with councely therapisty visits and I said, yea but same deal on the calling, whole reason I’m not already seeing a shrink. So she got a nurse to call different shrinky peeps and find someone who takes my insurance and set up an appointment.

So tomorrow at 1 I’ll be having my first therapisty visit session whatever. I’m nervous, but I know I’ll be okay and the whole fear of everything is part of the reason I need to go right? I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I promise I’ve been reading everything and trying to reply to comments, it’s just really hard because on top of the bad depursions and the screaming child I’ve been having the excruciating menstrual issues and have kindof just wanted to lay on the couch and bawl and groan and shove gelato into my face-hole. Which smidge doesn’t approve of -.- damn kid steals my icecreams. and my popsicles. and my coffee. and my soda. She’s gunna be a pudge-monkey of a chibble.

Anywhore that’s what’s been up and I’ll be off now!


Just an alternative teen mom trying to fake this shit till I figure it out.