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So, I have IGBTSS, if you’re wondering what that is and survival rates and such let me just expain,

I Gave Birth To Satan Syndrome is a medical anomaly occurring in mothers who are typically over-worked and under-paid. The symptoms include one or more children that are too smart for their own damn good, wreck hell upon your home, and ALWAYS use their powers exclusively for evil, furthering the devils cause.

It has a -000000.00000% survival rate, so I’m sorry guys, but the terrible two’s are nigh upon us and I fear that I shan’t last much longer.

Ugh >.< somebody put me out of my misery now?

On top of the satan baby Josh is working nights every day through monday so I get to see him for maybeeee 10 minutes a day because he has to sleep when he’s home.

And chasifer’s moped died so I’m driving his dumb ass to and from work every day until he can afford to get his license back, and buy a car. Good news is that he no longer works at the labor finder place because he got a job that’s like a mile from where we live. So at least the risk of me passing the fuck out while I’m driving isn’t too bad.

Now that the roommates at work and the child’s in bed(FINALLY) I get to go clean out the fridge and figure out what’s making it smell like rotting flesh.

Soooooooooooo I’ll catch you all later depending on whether or not I’ve survived.



No excuses this time

I’ve been sick as fuck and trying not to puke my guts up while my tummy tries to murder me but whatever.

Not much has happened because of the aforementioned reasons.

Ummm things… with words….

My tongue split seems to be making really good progress (being partially okay completely insane and tying it so tight it’s practically embedded is great for making progress!) I guestimate that I’m about half-way done, but the second half will definitely take longer since I’m going a lot slower now, tired of bleeding every time I want to eat….

I keep missing days on my instagrammy challenge because of my patheticness too -.- stupid sick.

But since I was catching up on all the posts I’ve missed this week I found a great tag on Samm’s blog. It’s supposed to be for Goth’ses but I’m claiming it in the name of all the uncategorized alt girls. Because honestly most of the questions I feel are applicable anyway.

Smidge is getting better at footwalkings! She’s going to master the art of the turning without falling down soon. It’s cute but also terrifying because it spells my doom in bold italicized and capitalized letters. She get’s into all the things.


I’m sad because Josh has been working even crazier then usual hours. He was finally going to be home when he’s supposed to, walked in the door dropped off the stuff he brought home (he gotted me the bestest chocolate and coconut waters Cx) and was like guess what! I’ve got to go back to work. :/ I feel bad for him, I don’t remember the last time he had a full day off.

My book came in the mail! I can’t wait to start reading it, hopefully it’ll be as good as the first one, will updates you all when finished. Ugh.

Tired now.

Must laundry.

Then nap.

Much Nap.

Did I mention toddler?

need sleeps



Shameless self promotion!

Just. Fuck. Mondays.


It started out all niceeeee and relaxinggggg I took a shower with my new love and sunshine shower gels from bath and body works (heaven on a foofy.)

I painted my nails, I planned out my makeup

And then everything went to shit.

My eyeliner decided to be a bitch.

My nail polish smudged everywhere.

I had to change Smidge’s sheets twice, the second time necessitating a bath because yet again, she shit everywhere >.< (I’m just glad I caught it before she started eating it again >.< )

I also have to do a mountain of homework. And twelve loads of laundry, because of the aforementioned shitstorm.

Not to mention I need to pick up the living room, and the kitchen, and my bedroom. And I’ve dried the same load of laundry four times but it won’t dry because I decided to be lazy and over-stuff it yesterday >.<

And I can’t smell anything but shit.

And I’m supposed to finish filling out the goddamn car paperwork. Which is written in like greek or some-shit. Not really but it might as well be because it’s way too damn confusing. And my head is pounding, I’m still sick, and Josh and I finished the last episode of Orange is the New Black last night and now we have to wait till June for the next one -.-

I am not having a good day.

I’m also still on the motherfucking rag.

And I’m ready to stab someone.

I need chocolate and hibernation.

Fuck it, I’m taking a nap.


I found the perfect image to fit my post!


Can we just not do today? Seriously. I wanna go back to bed. And I have to get my car inspected tomorrow *sighs* fuck being a grownup. I want cosmic brownies and disney 😛 Anybody have any anime suggestions? Or just regular tv shows you like? I’m so fucking bored it’s crazy. *sighs*

As I said in the video if you do want to see the thursday videos you’ll have to watch them on youtube as I’m going to only spam people with unwarranted vlogs once a week from now on. *shrugs* you should at least watch this weeks one because I’ll show of all the clothes I bought at the mall. And everyone should watch me prance around in band tees.

If my hair looks really weird in the video it’s because I’m trying a bunch of new hippy stuff on it to make it grow and be really healthy for when I dye it this summer. Because bleach is not nice to hair. So I’m basically trying to bribe my hair. I’m so weird. *sighs* I also can’t seem to think straight today. Like my brain is just in a mopey depressed cloud of I wanna go back to bed-ness.

And smidgey’s but rash is bad again 😦 maybe if I switch her back to more baby food it would help some. But for now she’s running(speed crawling) free and diaperless through the apartment. *Yawns* Ima watch youtube and drink tea until someone recommends a tv show.


I am typing this out again because when I went to hit publish wordpress decided to be a dick and say nopeeee gotta refresh that page, since I had hit the save draft button I thought it would be fine. I come back to an empy page. So the past 20 stress-relieving minutes just disappeared. I am way beyond past ready to throw things. I’m also on the rag. Which started on valentines day. Yea. We still had fun but like fucking seriously?!?!? I wasn’t even supposed to start for like two more weeks. -.-

Anyway. On to why I’m fucking ranting. I went to change smidges diaper this morning and there was a massive blowout everywhere. I now need to wash sheets that were literally changed yesterday. On top of that said blowout gave her a terrible diaper rash. And we’re out of butt-cream. (note the present tense.) So what do I do? I do a small portion of the mountain of homework that’s (still) due today and get smidge ready to go to Walmart. I get a list of other stuff we need from Josh and head to the damn store.

When I get there, the atm machine is broken. This would not be a big deal, if we had bothered to put me on Josh’s account this weekend and I had a freaking debit card. So I have a list of stuff we need, most of it is actually pretty urgent, and the only money I have access to is couple hundred dollars I have left of what was supposed to be my college fund (I’m dropping out for a number of reasons as soon as I finish this semester.) Yea. So since I have a massive mountain of homework due in a couple hours I don’t have time to run to another store, I just have to charge it to my fucking college card, suck it up, and get home so I can turn my homework in on time for my hard ass teacher. (Did I mention I didn’t read the chapter I’m supposed to be writing about?!, my fault I’ll admit, but still ridiculously shitty.)

I get home, I get smidge ready to go down for a nap (she’s sleeping a lot because she’s bit under the weather still.) and shock of all shocks, I forgot the fucking diaper rash cream. Did I mention I’m ready to scream?!?! So now I have to finish the homework wake up the smidge who is napping sans-pants (I didn’t have the heart to put a diaper back on a butt that looks that sore.) and go to fucking target like I should’ve in the first-place. Take out the money so I can make another trip tomorrow to the bank and put the money back in my account, and buy the fucking buttcream.

*has disproportionately epic meltdown* Did I mention I’m doing all of this while I’m ragingly hormonal???

I just want to curl up in a ball and eat chocolate and cry.

Instead I have to be a goddamn grownup and do my fucking homework so I can buy my baby butt-cream. *sighs*

Fuck My Life.

Also, working on the whisper challenge with Josh, would’ve been finished last night but the camera battery was dead.

Also, I need to buy fucking gas because I have less than a quarter of a tank left.

And Also, I got nominated for the Liebster Award so I’m probably going to do that later tonight/tomorrow.

Yup, It’s a monday.

Fucking mondays. Fucking don’t even deserve a fucking capital letter. Fuck everything right now. *continues muttering to self*

So. Yep. I’m on the rag. *shocks and appalls at the crude tmi’ness of it all* which fucking started on valentine’s day. -.- that was lovely by the way. *sighs* we still managed to enjoy ourselves but anyway, to the point,

Everything that could go wrong, pretty much has happened today. I have two quizzes due and to write a fucking post for the discussion board on a chapter I didn’t bother to read (I know, I know, sue me.) Smidge had a massive diaper blowout that destroyed all of her bed sheets as well as giving her uber bad diaper rash in the course of one morning. And we’re out of butt cream. So I was all like fuck well I’ll do a bit of homework and when smidge wakes back up we’ll go to the store. Got a list of shit we needed from Josh. Went to the store. The atm machine is broken. This would not be a big deal, if we had gotten around to actually putting me on Josh’s bank account. All I had on me money-wise was *the atm card* and my college money. Which is under 1,000 after I bought gas a couple times, bought contact lenses so I could see, and well, I spent a rather large sum of money on something kind of personal. *sighs* don’t regret it but I could really use the five hundred I spent back. So, the kid has a diaper rash and as I mentioned it’s really bad, since I’m strapped for time because of homework it’s not like I can just run somewhere else.

So I buy the fucking shit from the list and the fucking baby food that we were also out of and I actually managed to come out right on the forty that I had budgeted to take out of the machine.

And I come home.

And go to change smidgey, and put her down for a nap because she looks kindof under the weather still.

And I forgot the fucking diaper rash cream. (smidge is napping pants-less on a towel)

I am about ready to scream at the universe any second now.

*sighs* But what I’m going to do instead is finish the goddamn homework. Get smidge dressed up again. And go to fucking target like I should’ve in the first place. Where I will buy butt cream, and if the atm machine works take the money out so I can go to the bank tomorrow and put the money back in my account. *slams head into keyboard* I just want to cry and eat chocolate.

*also* attempted to do the whisper challenge video last night, had a good start, camera battery died. We got distracted while it was charging and ended up just going to bed. But we should finish it tonight so I can put it up tomorrow.

*also* I will probably finish Josh’s pack of weird tasteless cigarettes in the course of an hour. Which I’m undecided on my feelings about because I haven’t smoked since like, December last year.