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Okay so I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about pretty much ever since that last post, and I couldn’t really make up my mind until I finished reading Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Which, after I spent about 12 hours fangirling and coming down from that I-just-read-an-amazing-book high, left me thinking about how some books are good, and others are life-changing.

So I’ve decided to give you guys a smallish list of books that have profoundly affected my life and the way I look at the world, They’re not in any particular order, nor is this all of them (not even close) just the ones sitting in the front of my brain.


  1. Perks of Being a Wallflower by Peter Chbosky

I figured since this was the book that started this post it should come first. It was really profound. I fell in love with the characters, the style, and the story from the moment I picked it up. It was just beautiful.

Favorite quotes:

“And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.”

“I would die for you. But I won’t live for you.”

“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.”

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

Also, the poem, and really the whole damn book is quotable, it’s fucking beautiful.

I feel like what I got from this book was to embrace the moments, to be earnest with my feelings and actions, and to love the life I have.


2. The Picture of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde

I’d like to add that this is and has been my favorite book ever since I read it, almost four years ago, and that is an astonishing record for me. I’m a slut for Oscar Wilde and I sincerely wish I could have a conversation with him, you know, if he wasn’t dead. I feel like this book is ridiculously quotable, fun to read, and has real depth under neath the many layers of fabulousness.

Favorite quotes:

“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.”

“Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world’s original sin. If the cave-man had known how to laugh, History would have been different.”

“Experience is merely the name men gave to their mistakes.”

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

“I am too fond of reading books to care to write them.”

“Some things are more precious because they don’t last long.”

“Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is by far the best ending for one.”

Also, the entire fucking book is just one massive pile of beautiful, charming, horrible, quotes from a beautiful, cynical, miserable, man. It was utterly breathtaking and reminded me that there are more important things than being beautiful, clever, and popular. And that in the end it’s better to be honest with yourself and the people you love.


3. Hamlet by If I need to tell you, why are you reading this???

Obviously this is a play not a book, but I love it tremendously so it has to be included. People say Shakespeare is hard to read, I feel like its more hard to start reading, and then once you do it’s hard to stop. Also this is my favorite Shakespeare anything.

Favorite Quotes:

“Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.” –also probably my favorite quote of all time.

“This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.”

“Listen to many, speak to a few.”

I feel like the romance between Hamlet and Ophelia is only tied between the love of Annabel Lee and the speaker for best romance of all time. Look at that first quote, just look at it, it’s beautiful and sweet and sad and dreamy, pretty much the whole play is. Hamlet served as a reminder to do what I believe is right, and to say what’s on my mind.


4. Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

I’m also a slut for Ellen Hopkins, her writing style, her stories, they’re always so sad and touching and raw and real. This is one of the first books of hers that I read, and it’s stayed my favorite. Probably because I find it the easiest to identify with, I feel like Vanessa was written for me, and they’re all in a mental hospital.

Favorite Quotes:

“Grandma once told me it’s easy to overthink love, to dissect it and question it until it is no more.”

“One foot in front of the other, counting tiles on the floor so I don’t have to focus the blur of painted smiles, fake faces.” An accurate description of highschool Life.

“It [death] chokes you, gags you, but you have to pretend that you’re doing just fine, not trembling with this fear because the end is close.”

“Too much to take in, too much to purge. Why must every memory, once sweet, dead end in such ugliness?”

This book isn’t happy, it doesn’t have a happy ending, and there’s very little fluff to distract you from how horrible it is. But it was the first book I ever read that had characters who were depressed. It was novel for me to know that there were enough people who felt the way I do everyday that somebody would write a book about them. It also taught me to keep going, that it’s worth it to keep working, and that ending it all solves nothing.


5. Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson 

This isn’t a novel or a story like the rest of them, it basically read like a collection of posts from her blog, which I adore, so it was totally awesome. (Only decent Best present my in-laws ever bought me) She alternates between talking about her life as a funny awesome mom person, and coping with severe depression and a host of other mental issues.

Favorite Quotes/Chapters:

“Don’t sabotage yourself. There are plenty of other people willing to do that for free.”

“Don’t make the same mistakes that everyone else makes. Make wonderful mistakes. Make the kind of mistakes that make people so shocked that they have no other choice but to be a little impressed.”

“I AM GOING TO BE FURIOUSLY HAPPY, OUT OF SHEER SPITE.” (How I’ve decided to approach life from here on out.)

“I can’t think of another type of illness where the sufferer is made to feel guilty and question their self-care when their medications need to be changed.”

“Normal is boring. Weird is better. Goats are awesome, but only in small quantities.”


Furiously Happy, Dangerously Sad

Pretend your Good at it

George Washington’s Dildo

An Essay on Parsley, Wasabi, Cream Cheese, and Soup

We’re Better Than Galileo, Because He’s Dead. (specifically the spoon theory)

Well at Least Your Nipples are covered. ( I read this at Josh, I have noticed a slight improvement in compliment sincerity, I feel like this is a magical chapter)

And It Might be Easier, But It Wouldn’t Be Better. (This basically felt like what Josh is always trying to say but can never get out right.)

This book was ridiculously funny, gave me new insight into dealing with my shitload of crazy, and is the only thing I’ve ever read about depression that didn’t make me feel more depressed after I read it. I laughed and cried, out loud, like audibly, like it invoked a physical reaction in me. And it was a beautiful reminder that we’re not alone, we’re not broken, and in some ways, we have the potential to be even more awesome than the normal people. Seriously, if you’ve ever struggled with depression read this, or her blog, either or, both are awesome Cx

Anywhore sorry this is so long, believe it or not I cut a lot out, but these are the stories that touched my soul. They changed the way I view the world, the way I cope with life, the way I look at myself and others. I hope if you read them you feel the same way, or at least find them enjoyable.



Resolutions? I’m bad at being on time

So it’s January which means that everyone on the damn planet is going on about the new year, new me bullshit which I don’t really buy.

But for the sake of conforming I will tell you what my personal goals for this year are, and you will pretend to care for five minutes.

  1. I want to keep up with the Q&A journal Josh got me. Basically it asks you a question everyday and it’s got enough space for 5 years, so you see how your answers differ year to year. I think its cool because I suck at journaling and it’s something short and quick I can do in the morning.
  2. I want to talk to people more. I always wonder why I don’t have many friends but then I stay inside watching anime all day and never trying to talk to anyone.
  3.  I want to exercise more (can’t believe I’m actually saying that *looks down at rapidly growing tummy* ….wait yes, yes I can >.<) , meditate more, and try to start doing yoga again..

These aren’t just random things I thought up to sound cool, I never sound cool, but I have noticed that I generally feel better when I express myself, force myself out of my comfort zone, and try to move my lazy ass. It helps me feel a bit less depressed and a bit more energetic, so I’m going to give this shit a shot I suppose.

Happy late New Years, how did yours go? Mine sucked dick and ended up with me spending an hour crying myself to sleep in a bathtub when I wasn’t even drunk! 😀

Cheerios losers I’m off to watch youtube ❤



Mah Friendy Samm Sanity Tagged me in ze halloween tag, (I know you wanted me to do it on my channel but I actually can’t films right now soooo have a text post.)

Here are das questions:

1. Favorite Halloween song? Patd’s cover of This is Halloween (though Amy Lee’s Sally’s Song is beautiful as well…)

2. Witch or Vampire? VAMPOORS I’ma be Vlad Todd for halloweens Cx

3. Favorite thing about Halloween? Cheesy Horror Movies! I love seeing all the bad movies that come on the Scyfy channel XD

4. Halloween party or scary movie marathon? Hmmmm Both! Ordinarily I would say movie marathons, but I actually have friends to do a halloween parteh wif this year so we’re gunna do that and then I think Josh and I will marathon ❤

5. Skeletons or Zombies? Skeletons, Zombies are cool but super cliche and I love the skeletons in the corpse bride Cx

6. Favorite Halloween candy? All of it???? Seriousleh, everything. Especially the gummies that are shaped like eyeballs and brains and shit XD

7. Favorite Halloween movie? Toss up between The Nightmare Before Christmas (I bet nobodyyyyy saw that coming) and Young Frankenstein (I’m always a slut for some Gene Wilder)

8. Favorite Halloween costume? Anything that you obviously put effort into. Life-like zombies, dead dolls, hell, even slutty cats, as long as it doesn’t look like you just dropped twenty bucks on a mini dress and called it good.

9. Favorite Halloween store? The only one we get it Spirit Halloween, so, that.

10. Jack-o-lanterns, yes or no? DUH???? Seriously how is this a fucking question?!?!

11. Bats or Black Cats? AGHHHH I can’t pick oneeeee, bats are super cute but I want to save the black kitties that get murdered sooooo bats on halloween, black cats the rest of the year. ^_^

12. Is Halloween your favorite holiday? It’s tied for Christmas but yes, they’re fighting for the number-one spot of love in my soul.

13. Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate? Mulled Cider (with ze alcohols), apple anything is my fall drink, but I hate pumpkin everything (except grams pumpkin logs) so hot chocolate if it has to be one of the two

LOOK AT MAH FANGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yea yea yea, excuses. Josh took a week off to celebrate his birthday and we were off dicking around in the meat world. We’ve both got new tattoos:

My Annabel Lee tat (Josh is gunna get the rest of that verse: “Neither the angels in heaven, nor the demons under the sea, could ever dissever- my soul from the soul- of the beautiful Annabel Lee.) I really connected with my part though because I’m big on the whole young stupid forever love thing.

New ink. #blackwork #ebtattoo #ink #tattoo

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Josh’s don’t be fooled by the picture, that shits bigggg it took like 6 hours and I have no idea how he wasn’t crying because ribs are a bitch and I was dying the whole 30-45ish minutes mine took. It looks sick as fuck I just wish she wasn’t so ice-queen.

Anywhore what I want to talk about now: I’m pretty sure David and Jonathan were lovers. Bible David and Jonathan. I first heard the theory like a few weeks ago and was like, sounds plausible but I’m not buying into that shit until I have time to really look into it. So being a bored little book nerd I finally got around to looking into it. And I think it sounds probable.


So that. I poked around that bibley book a bit on my own, read the arguments against, and here ish mah thoughts:

I don’t interpret the kissing to be of the homeo-inclined because if you actually read the bible lots of hetero dudes be swapping spit, I guess it was(is?) like a middle-eastern thing.

When David married Michael (no, she was a girl.) Saul said something to the effect of “now your 2 joined to my family” Butttt because of translation problems and the fact that this was written ohhhhh several thousands of years ago, it’s not really clear if he meant because of A.) Davids prior engagement to a different daughter B.) the fact that Michael was the second daughter or C.) He had a thing goin on with the Jonathans, and this would be a second tie in.

Still not really swayed but continuing to read,


But you know *shrugs*

Anyway, what I did find that actually swayed my opinion to the luscious laddy lovin’s and away from my typical chaotic neutral stance was this:

 1 Samuel 18:1 Now it came about when he had finished speaking to Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as himself.

Usually when the bible refers to knitting souls, it tends to be of the romantic persuasion, or at least incrediblyyyyy passionate. So that was a big +1 to team Davithan, and also this:

2 Samuel 1:26 “I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; You have been very pleasant to me. Your love to me was more wonderful Than the love of women.

Which seems pretty gosh darn sweet to me. so that’s +2.

Neither side really has much evidence to support their theory, and the only reason it would be a huge deal is because everyone tries to turn David into like the bibles golden boy, Yea he was after god’s own heart but the man was a wicked slut or shall we say it like the kids these days and call him a *fuckboy*

Seriously like every other problem in that dudes life was caused by him being a total whore so it’s not really hard for me to imagine him banging yet another person.

Of course they weren’t married because in biblical times you could only get married to the opposing set of genitals, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t love each other, I mean they had a “strong covenant” between eachother. (funny side note, main biblical requirements for marriage is a public covenant between god, and hoomans, that you love said person.)

So I mean, I’m not betting my life or anything serious on it, but this theory does make sense to me and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were as southpark so eloquently put it “butt-buddies”

Now I get to theorize which was Seme (David) and which was Uke (Jonathan)….

I don’t think it really matters either way but you know, now if/when my pervy ass squeazes into heaven I have yet another question for what’s already quite a long list.

What do you think? Too heretical for the Biblical Golden Boy to be Bi? Ehh whatever now I’m off to read Alice Through the Looking Glass while Chassifer tries to bone and Josh is out drinkin with Charleston.

Also, Josh and I are rating playboy girls on fuckability, tis quite the enjoyable pastime, I definitely recommend




Why does anyone even read this goddamn blog???? It’s the most pointless thing ever.


Yet again I had to wake up at o’dark thirty (7:15am to be exact) to go get chassifers dumbass from work. And of course when I got there he wasn’t there -.- I waited for twenty fucking minutes before deciding to see if he got a ride home (he works like two minutes away so it wasn’t like I had to go far) and of course after going all the way home, finding the apartment empty, and going allllll the way back, He was just sitting outside chilling with work peoples. Fucking asshole -.- Apparently he didn’t get off work till right before I got there the second time so it’s not really his faultttt, but fuck that shit I got up too damn early. I think I’m going to start getting up at 7:30 and just making his ass wait.


On the plus side, since I needed gas I stopped at 7/11 and made him pump while I got mahself a meatstick and two rockstars (one new flavor and one I know I like in case I didn’t like the other one) So now I’m drinking this:

Which really does taste like strawberry lipgloss, I dunno how else to explain it, just really sweet and sugary and chemically. If you were ever a 5 year old girl (or had an older/bossier sister) you’ll know exactly what taste I mean. Tis very yummy and also mildly nostalgia-y at the same time 😀

Now I’m redyeing my hair (same aqua-y blue but I’m trying to get it a lil darker this time) and trying to figure out wtf to do for breakfast before the tiny satan baby wakes up.

Speaking of tiny satan baby, yesterday she bumped her head and has a little scrape on it 😦 but since I was doing a puzzle and she didn’t cry I don’t know what happened and it makes meh sad. She gives no fucks though.

I OWN JNCO JEANS (google it) because I missed out on the first wave of popularity due to the fact that I wassss I dunno 5? I’m getting in on this shit early before it becomes cool again CX Josh said I look like a weeblewobble<3 They’re leg tents and I love them<3


in other news I also bear a striking resemblance to a raging lesbian….


I so bored… Maybe I’ll go to sephora *gags* and spend the last $10 on my giftcard. Ten bucks at sephora, that’s a fucking joke.

ANYWAYS, it’s almost Josh’s birfdayyyyyy!!!! I hope he likes his presenty shits, I didn’t get him much :/ But I hope he hases lots of funs.


I must go.

And find food.

For I and my daughter, are both major fatasses.



Well…. This is interesting I suppose…

I don’t think I linked that one in.

So yea, you’re used to me disappearing by now, but this week has been by far the most interesting. If you recall a few posts ago I mentioned I had some personal shit, I now feel up to sharing.

Josh has an almost-girlfriend. No it’s not a cheaty-douche-bag thing. It’s more of a cross between open-marriage and polyamory. Which I’m not supposed to actually say out loud because she’s just as weirded out by this situation as we are.

She’s actually pretty awesome. Whenever Josh and I had discussed poly shit and unicorn huntings before we always sort-of laughed and brushed it off because who the hell around here would be weird enough to fit with us???? Yea, that’d be her I guess. We get along pretty well which is good, and she seems to be making Josh happier which is kind of the whole reason I wanted to try this in the first place.

Plus, I’ve now had physical confirmation of the fact that I’m not bicurious, but actually legitimately bi *coughs* That’s me trying to politely say we hads the threesomes and I enjoyed….. ‘s funny though because I’m probably the “gayest” out of the three of us…

Chick has more self-image/esteem issues than I do. Which I think is funny ’cause her boobs are nicer.

Anyway, you probably don’t want to know much more about my sex-life (or do you? because I can go there if you’d like XD)

So other shit that happened:

I got my labret pierced. It looks like this

My belly button pierced. It looks like this

(yes, I got a “lower-navel” piercing, I think it looks a wee bit cooler.)

And this tattoo

I'm now a badass tattood babe XD #firsttattoo #first #tattoo #projectsemicolon

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Which as far as first tattoos go, is pretty basic, but at least it gave me a feel for what to expect when I get my ribs done soon, except like it’ll be a million times worse. That actually didn’t hurt until he went back over and put more black in one spot. Jesus fuck though, Now I have a small tattoo with a deep personal meaning >.< Shit, I’m one of those people. download (1)

But I do think project semicolon is pretty cool. Depression/mental-health awareness are really important to me so I love it even if it isn’t super original.

Also, my tongue is almost split and you need to read two boys kissing.

And as soon as I finish my deep conditioner I’m turning my head blue.


So yup. Life.


*ahem* so that was filmed today.


This is my lovely new dress, but of course me being a midget it sits just under the knee in what I feel is a much more adorable fashion. I was upset because they didn’t have a small and the medium was just a scosh too big, but when I read the label and saw the cotton, don’t drier machine it warning I was happy and dried it and shrunkeded to just the absolute perfect size Cx

Also I’m still not feeling up to talking about my personal situation of weirdness yet, but I am happy and feeling a bit more comfortable with it now that it seems like things are settling down a little.

Also, this is going to seem very stupid and trivial but Josh said something last night that meant a lot to me. He basically told me he was going to stop “telling” me what to wear. I use the word telling incredibly loosely, I just couldn’t think of a better word. See, because we grew up in the conservative christian way that we did, He was kindof uncomfortable with some of the more unusual shit I like to wear, and since I cared about his feelings and appreciated the fact that he didn’t actually try to tell me what to wear or not to wear, I’d usually just change into shit that was more normal, because compromising and being considerate and all of that.

So yesterday, he was like yea, um sorry I always try to tell you what not to wear and shit, I want you to dress the way you want because you seem the most comfortable and confident when you do, and that’s most important to me. And that made me happy. But he shall soon be regretting it because my love of fishnets and all things mis-matched and neon shall soon come out to play *insert villainous smile and creepy palm-rubbing here*

Also, I’m frustrated because he’s been sent to fucking Roanoke to work on a derailment (read that as, I won’t be seeing him for at least a week, probably longer) I’m hoping he’ll be back in time for my birthday (he requested the day off because it’s a friday.) But after the last “only a few days” trip I’m not exactly counting on it >.< If that’s a case I’ll just harass someone to watch my kid while I get my nails done and buy frivolous things that I don’t need, but I’d much rather spend the day with him. *sighs* Time shall tells. In the mean time I’m going to booker my lil heart out and internet till my eyes bleed.


Also this picture really made me smile because I fucking hate seeing shit like that online that’s thinly veiled pro-ana teaching young girls who don’t know any better how to starve themselves and ruin their lives. It’s disgusting and as someone who struggles with this shit, it fucking hurts.

*cue full-fledged feminist rant, if you’re not into that stop reading.*

When I see pictures like that, the first thing that pops into my head is, wow they’re pretty. Which is fucked up because they’re almost always underweight girls sucking their barely existent stomachs in. (not badmouthing girls that are naturally thin, just stop insisting everyone look like that.)

Second off once you actually read the bullshit they’re saying, it’s flat out crazy. Last time I checked, everyone had hipbones. It’s basic anatomy. Unless you have some genetic condition and were born with half a torso, you have hipbones. Also, curvy girls have nice hips too! Seriously, they’re still there, just as visible, they just have more of a curve to them which I personally like better anyway.

Not everyone is physically capable of having a thigh-gap. It’s a genetic thing, not a weight thing. It depends entirely on the angle of your pelvis, and how wide your hips are. I happen to have one, does it grant me wishes or make me extra special? no. It’s mildly convenient in the heat because my legs don’t rub together as much. Also, to sort of further illustrate that it’s not a weight thing, I still had it when I was pregnant and 40 pounds heavier. IT DOESNT MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH. (plus in that photo you can tell she doesn’t actually have one, it’s all in the posing and they’re very easy to fake.)

Again, EVERYONE HAS COLLARBONES. Seriously wtf?!?!?!? Again, the way the picture is obviously posed, they’re jutting out five times more than they naturally sit. If you’re a healthy weight, I promise you have beautiful collarbones. (if you’re a bit overweight, I promise you have gorgeous boobies and hips that make up for slightly less prominent collar bones ^.^<3)

And the last picture of the flat stomach that again, is obviously being sucked in? WOMEN WEREN’T BUILT TO HAVE FLAT TUMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! All women are designed so that natural healthy body fat is more likely to sit around your stomach. It’s a fertility thing, a hormonal thing, the only way that’s going to not be there is if you are extremely naturally thin, or are starving yourself. Plus, Josh has mentioned on numerous occasions that he loves my tummy curves. (and he doesn’t generally like heavier women either. it’s about curves people.)

Seriously. Rock the body you’re built with because honestly most guys would rather have someone with curves than someone with a weight complex. And I guarantee that whatever body type you have, there’s a big selection of people of your preferred gender that are especially, specifically, into that.

God that shit pisses me off so much >.< Sorry I ranted. I’ll go now.

More Book Stooffs

I swear! Galit always finds the best tags -.-

This time it’s another book-nerdy one. Because I feel like a lazy little shit for not posting, but I melted my brain somewhere towards the last two paragraphs of my finals that I submitted roughly an hour before they were do. *awards self with master procrastinator badge.*


Would you rather…

Read only trilogies or stand alones?

Honestly, I’d rather read stand alones. I have a problem stopping a book even if I don’t like it, so if it’s a stand-alone I’m only reading one bad book instead of three.

Read only male or female authors? Hmm while most of the regular, every day books I pick up are written by female authors (Sucker for the paranormal romance genre here.) All of my favorites seem to be written by dudelies. So with Scott Westerfield being the tie breaker, I’m breaking the pattern here and saying male.

Shop at bookshops or online?

Oh god, I love book stores but I think I have to say online, just so that I can afford more!

All books become movies or t.v. shows?

Neither? I’ve seen very very few (read, none.) books that I thought they really nailed on screen. That being said, t.v. shows because most of my favorite anime are adapted from manga. And I feel it gives the creators more time to delve into the plot and all the little details that make books awesome.

Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

Ideally 5 books a week, though I think my daughter might end up starving to death if I did ^.^

Be a professional reviewer or author?

Being a professional reviewery person, I’m not much of a writer but I feel that I read enough to really know when a book is well written, and I think I’m pretty decent at politely saying when something sucks.

Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?

Whoever thought this up, I hate you. This is bad. bad bad bad. But since an answer is required, I’m going with always new ones because, duh. *Plus* most of my favorites are classics so I could probably find some decent adaptations/abridged- type things

Be a librarian or bookseller?

Librarian, I just love the vibe good libraries give off and I feel my social anxiety would be better suited to the more relaxed and subdued setting of a library vs a place like BAM where it seems like they never have enough employees to get everything done.

Only read your favorite genre, or every genre except your favorite?

Only my favorite, I’m a picky little shit so I don’t think I would handle being banned from my paranormals very well.

Only read physical books or eBooks?

Phhhhhttttttfffffshhhhhhh I’m avidly anti-e-reader so again, duh. I’ll just through my book in my bag if I want to read while I’m out. True story:  one time my parents dragged me to a huge picnic/bbq/party that I didn’t want to go to so I sat in a corner and read hitchhikers guide to the galaxy until we left and refused to speak.

Whoever’s tagged because that’s how tags work. ^.^


Further proof that I’m a bad person. Plus, miley cyrus doesn’t count as a celebrity…or you know, a human being.


I need to just give up on titles all together >.< Well.


I was actually planning on doing a post yesterday (I know you don’t believe me) but I got caught up with bathing and reading to that Smood thing.

Which leads to where my brain is living for a few minutes: That goddamn little toodler is already exactly half my height. >.< Well she should be by now. Last Dr’s visit she was an inch shy, but that was a bit ago so I’d be willing to bet chocolate that she is.

Goddammit! I’m short okay?! Not like midget/little person/whatevers super pc these days short, but not much taller. Usually I’m pretty happy being short; I look adorable, can boss people around and make them grab me things, can wear heels as high as I want without looking awkward until I trip and fall on my face, and Josh and I look supremely adorable together with him being approximately one head (or eight inches I believe) taller than me, I can wear skirts without them looking too short (usually), and people stopped using me as a head rest a long time ago so that’s no longer an issue.

But at the same time, I will always be the shortest member of my family. Both on the parenty/siblingy side and the husbandy future adult childreny in-lawy side.

I hate having to look up to make eye contact with people. -.- Now to be perfectly fair, the rest of my family is short too, my parents are both only an inch taller than me, barely. And my siblings who are both still growing well, right now my brother (the youngest child too!) is the tallest damn him. And my sister is actually my height, but she’s still growing and will be in about a month or two. Josh’s family *shudders* they’re all giants. Well…. Normal sized… In case you’re wondering I’m 5’2 and a very important half of an inch.

I’ve made peace with my pseudo-midget status but there are some frustrating things. As I mentioned, looking up to make eye contact, everyone on the damn planet making fun of me for skooching the seat on my car as far forward as it can go, I was called midget, shrimp, and a variety of other un-witty names as a child, as well as being used as an armrest until I was 14 and started biting anyone that tried(not joking) I can’t reach anything on the top shelf and this makes grocery shopping a pain, because my favorite coconut water is always on the highest shelf pushed way back because apparently short people aren’t allowed to like coconut water. Pants always bunch up at the bottoms, I always step on them unless they’re super skinny, and what seems to be weighing the most on my mind at the moment:

In roughly 20 years (give or take) I will have to deal with grown-ish sons who will probably be able to pick me up and man-handle me the way Josh does. -.- I am entirely unsure how I feel about this. I mean, naturally it would be a different context, but I think everyone tries to pick up their parents just to see if they can at least once (no? just me being a freak? okay…) so unless I gain a shitload of weight which I am unwilling to do, at some point in my life I will have to deal with the fact that the children I spawn will probably be both bigger and stronger than me. Maybe I could force them to become puny nerdlings like their mother??? Damn it. I don’t know how I feel about this. T.T I’m also incredibly hormonal for some reason or another, which is amplifying my rabid baby fever and making me want to cry and drown myself in a pool of chocolate.

As per normal I shall update when the video thingy I made is on the tubes of you (dones) and until then,



I still can not believe I uploaded that *slams head into wall repeatedly*

Today…. I’m tired.

My brains not working.

I had to go grocery shopping.

I felt bad for spending so much monies but we needed food.

But my brain is too melty to actually think of something to write so I’m stealing an oldish tag from Galit because I feel like it dammit.

I erased all the tag-y info so none of you know which one it is!!!! >:D I’m so villainous!

1. Current favorite lip stick? Hmm probably the ridiculously red one from FLOWER…. Perfectly Poinsetta? that or Wet N Wild’s breeze. Although usually I’m just a chapstick sort of girl.

2. One food you cannot live without? Hmmm… This used to be bacon. Now I’m going to say sushi or basically anything Indian.

3. Favorite blusher? Easy because I only own one! Wet n Wilds Pearlescent Pink which I hardly ever use 😀

4. Have you found any down side to blogging? I feel like an asshole because I never post regularly…. aside from that, it’s a great way to organize my brain, talk about things that interest me, and connect with some really awesome bloggery peoples I never would’ve met otherwise!

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world (given money, time, etc are not a problem) where would you go?  Everywhere. I love traveling. Stateside I wanna hit NYC, San Fran, LA, and Seattle, Worldwide the list is pretty insane, I wanna hit London, Paris, TOKYO, I wanna visit Ireland, somewhere cold enough to see the Northern Lights, and about a million more awesome spots.

6. Favorite TV Show? o.o I can do this i can do this i can do this….. *brain explodes* at the moment I’m still in love with Attack on Titan. but I could never pick one definitive television love…

7. Favorite cartoon as a child (or still 😉 ) ? The last Airbender, Hey I agree with Galit!!!! I loved a lot of cartoons as a kid but I’ve always been and will always be an Avatard ❤ Although I’m still undecided on whether or not I should watch the legend of korra. Opinions?

8. If you were $100 to buy makeup. What products would you buy? Eyeshadows buy Urban Decay! and honestly mostly just drugstore stuff…. Maybe experiment with higher quality eyeliners???

9. A quote that changed your life: There are too many, but for the moment one that I’ve been trying to live by is Oscar Wilde’s (shocking I know, I’m not a fangirl at alllllllll…) “Life is too important to be taken seriously.”

10. Did you have a childhood hobby (Eg: collecting stamps or anything of that sorts that people did before the internet took over)? I ran around in the woods and alternated between pretending that I was Aragorn’s voluptuous and deadly half sister, Dracula’s daughter and evil queen of the undead, and the bad-ass warrior princess of an army of Fae. Needless to say I was an odd child.

If you feel like doing this go ahead, but I’m not telling you which tag/award you may have won ^.^