Well…. This is interesting I suppose…

I don’t think I linked that one in.

So yea, you’re used to me disappearing by now, but this week has been by far the most interesting. If you recall a few posts ago I mentioned I had some personal shit, I now feel up to sharing.

Josh has an almost-girlfriend. No it’s not a cheaty-douche-bag thing. It’s more of a cross between open-marriage and polyamory. Which I’m not supposed to actually say out loud because she’s just as weirded out by this situation as we are.

She’s actually pretty awesome. Whenever Josh and I had discussed poly shit and unicorn huntings before we always sort-of laughed and brushed it off because who the hell around here would be weird enough to fit with us???? Yea, that’d be her I guess. We get along pretty well which is good, and she seems to be making Josh happier which is kind of the whole reason I wanted to try this in the first place.

Plus, I’ve now had physical confirmation of the fact that I’m not bicurious, but actually legitimately bi *coughs* That’s me trying to politely say we hads the threesomes and I enjoyed….. ‘s funny though because I’m probably the “gayest” out of the three of us…

Chick has more self-image/esteem issues than I do. Which I think is funny ’cause her boobs are nicer.

Anyway, you probably don’t want to know much more about my sex-life (or do you? because I can go there if you’d like XD)

So other shit that happened:

I got my labret pierced. It looks like this

My belly button pierced. It looks like this

(yes, I got a “lower-navel” piercing, I think it looks a wee bit cooler.)

And this tattoo

I'm now a badass tattood babe XD #firsttattoo #first #tattoo #projectsemicolon

A post shared by Sissy (@broken.wings.fragile.things) on

Which as far as first tattoos go, is pretty basic, but at least it gave me a feel for what to expect when I get my ribs done soon, except like it’ll be a million times worse. That actually didn’t hurt until he went back over and put more black in one spot. Jesus fuck though, Now I have a small tattoo with a deep personal meaning >.< Shit, I’m one of those people. download (1)

But I do think project semicolon is pretty cool. Depression/mental-health awareness are really important to me so I love it even if it isn’t super original.

Also, my tongue is almost split and you need to read two boys kissing.

And as soon as I finish my deep conditioner I’m turning my head blue.


So yup. Life.


18 thoughts on “Well…. This is interesting I suppose…”

  1. I want to get a navel piercing! I’m just waiting till I lose some belly weight first then I’ll award myself with some painful piercings wtf, I tried tragus piercing and that was a failure, but I want to redo again in the future x.x

    What are you doing to your ribs? O.O

    Omg! I love blue, its my favourite hair colour! I want to dye my hair either blue or pink soon but just giving my hair time to recover from the shit I do to it XD

    Also I promised you I’ll edit some of your pics from last post, I’m uploading that soon (=^_^=)



    1. I got mine as sort of a body-positivity self-acceptance thing, but it wasn’t that painful! My ribs are going to have an Annabel Lee stanza and Josh is getting a different part too to match. I’m going turquoisey hopefully if I can get all the red out XD and take your time I’m not worryings


      1. That’s really beautiful. Honestly as silly as I’ll sound now, I have a huge respect towards people who can get tattoos – not because of the pain but the fact that you can live with it forever. I’m an artist so if I think of it as my body is the only canvas I own, I’ll probably paint the floors and leave my canvas blank. Its just the only canvas, what if i get a better idea? I wont have a place to draw it on >.< I'm just cray.
        Yass! Turquoise is the best tone of blue!
        And btw I'm probably gonna stalk you on insta so don't freak out when you find a random person liking a bunch of your stuffs @,..,@


  2. SISSY!!!! Sissy how are you? I’ve legitimately missed you.
    Also; eeeeeeeep ; project! Awesome! And I think the blue’ll look amazing. Tbh I think any colour will be cool 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

        I scared the shit out of myself. Literally been a bloody mess recently. But I’m back.
        YAY! You’re so lucky – when I asked o dye mine blue my mum said no XD I’ll probably do something blue when I hit 18 though.


      2. *hugs*
        Until then I’ll just make do with what I can. I have brown highlights against my black hair. There’s a start. I want more piercings but since I can’t have any yet, I’m making do with ear cuffs 🙂


      3. Aw 😀 thanks!
        And oh God yah. I was out and about in Oxford Street recently (big ass shopping destination in London) and OMG URBAN OUTFITTERS HAVE CUTE CUFFS! I bought my first one and felt so happy, it was so chunky and eeeeeeep!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hehe! Awwww I wish I could but I don’t have them social networks :/
        But speaking of instagrammy things…. 🙂 🙂 YAY YOU!


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