That was a fun tag to do. It took forever though o.o The unedited shit was over 20 minutes long…

Today.. I don’t really know what to write about today. I went to my mother in laws yesterday because she’s been kindof desperate for visits lately >.< but while I was in the area I got to stop by my library! I finally paid my fine and got a decent sized haul that I’ll hopefully be turning into a video later today or tomorrow. I hope I actually end up liking them

*sighs* I have life shit going on but I’m not quite ready to write it all out yet because I want to see how some shit plays out first. Plus the whole situation is a bit confusing and weird.

I miss Josh, he hasn’t had to travel anywhere but he’s been working so much it feels like I haven’t gotten to see him in forever

My tongue split is coming along pretty well. This shit takes forever but I’m making noticeable progress so that’s good.

Aside from that the Smidge is coming quite close to being threatened with the microwave again >.< It’s like she can sense that I’m burnt out and don’t have the energy to deal with her, so she’s taking advantage of it by getting into every single thing she possibly can.

I don’t really have anything else going on so I’m gunna hopefully post again tomorrow or maybe Friday.


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  1. I was up at 12:30 and about to go to bed when I saw your video was uploaded xD I enjoyed it so much! *sending virtual hugs your way* I hope everything works out. Sadly I do not have anywhere near 5 billion dollars either xD


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