That is my thursday thing.

Today is a weekend.

Yesterday was the fourth. We didn’t do anything but lay around and cuddle.

No fireworks or shit, I honestly really enjoyed it though.


I’m finally splitting my tongue!

I finally decided okay, gunna go through with this shit, lets find me a shop.

ANDDDDD of course I quickly discovered that Virginia considers it a “surgical procedure” and therefore you can’t get it done legally in a tattoo/piercing parlor. Since I’m nott digging around for a shady shop that’ll do it anyway, I look up how much it costs to get it done all fancy surgicallylyly. >.< I do not have a thousand plus dollars to fork over for a one inch cut to my tongue.

Which means that against what little common sense I have, I’m doing the fishing line thing.

(Basically you have a healed tongue ring as a sort of anchor, and you thread mono-filament fishing-line through the piercing. Cinch it tight enough to hurt, and gradually over a span of a few weeks to a few months, tighten it until you’ve sliced all the way back to the piercing.)

The main difference between the surgical way and the fishing line way is that one is a less painful more gradual process, but the other gets that shit over with at once, and I’m pretty sure that since it’s a surgery here you get drugs and painkillery things before and after the whole shebang.

I’m more of a rip the bandaid off person, so I’m actually quite irritated with the fact that I’m doing it the at home way, but whatever.

Also, when I said “less painful” I mean that in the absolute loosest way possible. This shit hurts bad. I ended up trying to tie it three times last night since the knot kept coming out, and the last time I got pissed and cinched that shit wayyyy tight. You can already see a cut on the bastard.

I can barely talk and eating is excruciating ^.^ but as I said, I want to get this over with as soon as possible so I’m just going to complain my way through the pain until I have achieved my desired adorable tongue.

Josh and I are both pretty convinced that anyone who notices will think I’m possessed. Which is pretty ridiculous, but that’s small town life *shrugs*

AND I GOT MY DERMAL FIXED! and the very next fucking day one decides to rip half-way out. >.< since it was only half-way I shoved it back in and told it to stay fucking put. Now I’m babying him but he’s still no happeh. oozy=bad. But cleaning and taking care of the best that I can. Not as bad today as he was yesterday. I’m letting him back into open air and I think that’s helping with drainage. *fingers crossed that I don’t have to go back to get this guy fixed too*

So now I’m off to play with my kood, the smoodge, I SHALL WRITE MORE LATER

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