Do………………………………..dum……………………………………………………………………….WUBWUBWUB (my totally pro dubstep imitation)

That was my tuesday video… Kindof surprised because usually I don’t break ten views unless I post it here but that’s kindof cool *shrugs* still no clue what I’m doing with that.

Dum dum dum

I just got back from the Dr’s. Was actually a really quick easy appointment, I told her my meds weren’t working anymore and she’s like well we can add in this or up your dosage. And since I’m not having any awful side effects I decided to just up my dosage, if it ends up happening again then I’ll try the other med too but less pillsage is better in my book.

Also since I explained that the reason I’ve avoided coming back for so long is because I hate making phone calls, she gave me her cell and told me next time I want to make an appointment just text her and let her know what’s up and she’ll get me set up without calls.

Plus she also asked if I was cool with councely therapisty visits and I said, yea but same deal on the calling, whole reason I’m not already seeing a shrink. So she got a nurse to call different shrinky peeps and find someone who takes my insurance and set up an appointment.

So tomorrow at 1 I’ll be having my first therapisty visit session whatever. I’m nervous, but I know I’ll be okay and the whole fear of everything is part of the reason I need to go right? I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I promise I’ve been reading everything and trying to reply to comments, it’s just really hard because on top of the bad depursions and the screaming child I’ve been having the excruciating menstrual issues and have kindof just wanted to lay on the couch and bawl and groan and shove gelato into my face-hole. Which smidge doesn’t approve of -.- damn kid steals my icecreams. and my popsicles. and my coffee. and my soda. She’s gunna be a pudge-monkey of a chibble.

Anywhore that’s what’s been up and I’ll be off now!


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