I didn’t post that yesterday, not because I was lazy, but because the internet was freaking the fuck out. I started uploading it at like 10:30 and it didn’t finish uploading until I restarted our modem/gateway/whatever this morning… >.<

I still need to record an out fit video where I’m actually in the frame >.<

But aside from that I’m so happy!


Still not as awesome as pre-smidge, but either my hormones are freaking out or the actually exercising is working because they’re starting to fill back up ^.^ *does happy booby dance*

Only downside is that they’re really fucking sore, I think that’s probably because they changed kind of fastish? Today isn’t as bad as yesterday, but all last night I kept harassing Josh to rub my boobs. He was not as excited to do this as he should have been -.- probably because I was being all ughhhhhhhhhh and flopping on him…. still.

I still want a boob job in the future! But now I don’t feel like I *need* one to feel confident again, it’d just be because I want the bangin’est pornstar boobies ever… But not quite that big ^.^ still jiggleh though.

I also command all of you to go read once a witch by carolyn maccullough or whatever her name is. It’s not the most spectacularly written book ever, but it was fun and had my ideal balance of plot vs romance.

It also gets bonus points because it was the first book I’ve read in far too long, and I was also really needing the reality escape when I read it, So it was fucking fantabulous. I really liked the main character. The reviews on good reads seemed pretty fair too. I can’t wait to read the next one though ^.^


I ACTUALLY DID ALL THREE DAYS IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does the boo-yah dance* UH HUH OH YEAA I ACTUALLY DID IT I ACTUALLY DID IT

*ahem* I apologize for that I just suffer from incapable-of-posting-regularly-disorder so that was quite challenging for me ^.^


Also, I don’t think anything gives me quite the nostalgia-y feelsy awesomeness as this show ^.^ Best couple ever.


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