I’m The Worst Mummy Ever DX

So earlier today I was sitting on the bed with the Smidge and she kept crawling towards the edge, and screaming at me when I pulled her back. She’s been doing this a lot lately both on my bed and on the couch and basically anywhere you can jump off of.

She has zero fear of falling or getting hurt because she’s never been dropped and I can’t think of any serious pain besides shots/blood drawn (that was really really scary)

So the next time she tried it I let her fall off the edge, because I knew it wasn’t high, there was nothing to gouge/scratch her and it was on a carpeted spot.

Nothing really happened, she fell, she cried loudly for a few minutes, and took a nap.

But when she woke up her face has two giant knots on it from where she fell and I feel like the worst person ever. I gave her ibuprofen and she’s completely fine, But I feel like a bad mummy ’cause I let her fall.

But it was so she wouldn’t crawl off of something that could actually hurt her, like the metal frame on our coffee table.

But I still let my baby get hurt,

So she would learn not to do stupid things and stop trying to crawl off of high places

But now she has a sad bruise

*Continues brain argument for the next three hours*

Hormones are evil, I feel so shitty. But she keeps scaring me.

*Sighs* I know she’s fine, shes in bed now but I still feel like the worst person ever for trying to teach a 1 year old to not be such a dumbass. >.<

5 thoughts on “I’m The Worst Mummy Ever DX”

  1. That’s how she’ll have to learn. xD (I don’t meant to laugh, but it’s kind of funny to imagine the little Smidge doing that) I don’t think you’re a bad mom,it was sort of smart to let her see what will happen if she crawls off the edge. It doesn’t sound like anything serious happened, so a few bumps and bruises won’t do much harm. c; She learned something….. hopefully xD


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