Doom Doom Doomy Doom

I got that thing uploaded on time. I officially have 0 back logs now but it’s okay because as I mentioned, I figured out my ootd, I found a fun tag and I’m officially going to try to remember to ask Josh about the boyfriend tag this weekend.

I ended up going to walmart yesterday, I didn’t notice (or think I noticed) as many people staring at me, but that might have been because I was stressed and hurrying.


I’m just mad because I had like a week where I was really great and thought shit was starting to get better again and now I’m back to freaking out.

Now I’m going to ramble about something weird:

I seriously wonder if I have OCD, not major but like borderline, I dunno I always double check doors, stoves, faucets and such, and I get a bit weird when I clean, but I also don’t clean often so I’m pretty sure its just in my head.

Which leads me to wonder: What if I’m just a hypochondriac. I’m always convinced I have every sort of mental/physical illness out there which is highly illogical but isn’t it ironic to be paranoid about believing I’m a hypochondriac when I’m not???

I should probably see a shrink. But I’m too scared to go outside. Irony.

*sighs* I think I’m a basket case regardless.

I also am starting to become concerned over whether or not I’m basic mainly because of how much I love target. It’s magical. But then I also really don’t care because it is magical and I do need that candle, and that lamp, and those curtains, and that makeup. Yes. Yes I do. Plus they sell fucking slushies in the store, how can anybody hate on that?!?!? Yup, I officially don’t care. I love target.

I also need my roots done bad. They’re rapidly approaching cringeworthy.

ALSO: I need opinions, Josh and I are engaging in a battle over the attractiveness of Ruby Rose, or Stella from OITNB (oh god I really am basic….)

in case you still doesn’t know:

This Chick
         This Chick

He is of the um ew opinion, and I (along with the rest of, oh…um… THE UNIVERSE) am of the mindset “yes, please”


Pretty face, adorable hair, nice body, but butchy enough to make one feel safe and comfortable ^.^

Watching his reaction to all of the “Ruby Rose is turning me into a lesbian!!!!” tweets was really funny. Just his reaction XD

*yawns* So I can’t really think of anything else, just that it’s almost father’s day and I hope Josh likes his gifties. And that my dad has an okay day too.

I’m going to laze now BAI


*featured image is set as such because I wanted to feature an adorable ecchi girl but didn’t want to terrify anyone too badly*

Wasabi peas are delicious

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