So I made that video.

And today I’m doing nothing.

But the good news is that I couldn’t go back to sleep after Josh left for work so I finally finished watching Vampire Knight. Which I enjoyed much more than I did reading the manga, although I might just give it a second shot now. Definitely one of those where the farther you go the better it gets.

Must say though, was not expecting incest to be wincest. I mean, it makes sense, and if it was a vampire story nottttt targeted at teen girls I would have zero objections. As it is there’s a slight hesitancy because, well, ew. I don’t care if they aren’t biologically related. That’s still pretty creepy IMO. But in the end I liked it better than I would’ve if she’d ended up with Zero. He started out strong, but damn he was whiney. Yea yea yea I don’t care that your family got murdered because of your douchebag brother stop being such a pussy and kill people. Bitch.

Plus Kaname’s schemey-ness appealed to my desire to always route for the villain.

I liked that everyone had their own goals and agenda. It made it a lot more interesting and buyable. Plus, *sighs at the fact that I’m saying something so ew* I can totally *ship* Shiki and Rima. They were probably the cutest anime couple I’ve ever seen.


Cutest picture I could find, they weren’t big characters.

But oh my goshness. I like that she’s always feeding him.

It’s cute okay.

Stop judging me.


*dreamy sighs* but now that I’m done with that one I dunno what to watch nowwwww DX

Maybe I could unplug my brain for a few and do laundry???


*sighs* actually yea, I like clean towels so I’ll probably do that.

I don’t really remember what I was planning on saying.

*yawns* popsicles.

yes, popsicles are the answer.

always popsicles.

I love you popsicles.

Popsicles love me too.

No they don’t, they hate me because I’m a serial popsicle murderer.

*munches the last pink one*

I think I’m going to go now.

The child wants to eat the hamster, or the vacuum cleaner box. I can’t tell which from here.


6 thoughts on “Ehh”

  1. That video made my day. xD It is definitely my favorite so far. Hehe. I always hated Yukki. She’s so helpless and annoying, it hurts. I love Zero though, he’s so gorgeous *O* Gaaaah…. I agree about Shiki and Rima ~ I love all the vampire characters though, they’re so cute. :3 Even though I hate Yukki, this is still my absolute favorite anime. :3

    I’m so dangerous I go out the “IN” door at work (and vice versa).


    1. Bwahahaha Yay! And YES she’s so pathetic!!!!!! like damn bitch. Zero was adorable but he needs to get over himself, too sick puppyish. and YESH Rima and Shiki forevers<3 I'm so glad they didn't die! And *high fives* I always feel villianous when I do thusly! C:<

      Liked by 1 person

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