*Deep Sighs followed by a dramatic couch flop*

I am back from finishing the shopping of Father’s day for the Josh *sighs*

I’m completely and utterly drained but I think I did okay, even though I spilled slushy in my shoe >.<

I think part of the social anxieties is that I get worn out from stuff like that a lot faster. Even though I only made three stops I’m all stressed out and exhausted. And there’s still a mountain of housework to be done that I highly doubt I will actually accomplish in theeeee 15-20 minutes before Josh is *supposed* to be home. Although, if he comes back at a normal time I will actually probably have most of it finished.

I feel bad for him, he had a migraine and was throwing up all yesterday. :/ And I was depressed and couldn’t help and felt like an ass ’cause I made him worry about me. Just yea, yesterday was bad.

In other weekend news, Josh’s mum finally saw his tattoo. Apparently she sobbed the whole trip home from my brother-in-laws but says that she forgives him and his praying for him. *sighs* I don’t hate her, but she’s nuts. Like complete stereotypical religious nutcase. Usually I don’t care because she keeps her opinions of me to herself now, but I feel bad for Josh because he’s going to get endless grief every time we see them for the next eternity. Which will be more obvious and irritating because I’ll probably get my tattoo before the end of the year and they’ll say nothingggggg.

My parents will say I’m just doing it to spite them and it’s a phase I’ll grow out of soon.

Because my entire life revolves around disappointing and pissing them off.


I made myself an instagram account. Although, I have no idea how to use it and have only added one photo. Mostly it’s just so I can stalk my sister without bugging Josh and stealing his phone to use his app to find her account. But I followed or added or whatever my friend Lissa who’s probably in shock because I finally did something normal.

But Yea, hopefully Josh will like what I got him, and I have a little left over so I think we’ll be able to order take out for dinner, or actually go out. Or just deliver baklava. Mostly I hope he opts for baklava, because that’s always the best option.

I also have my dad’s fathers day present mostly done. I got him a tiny bismuth crystal, which is basically just a pretty colored, cool shaped rock. and a tiny container of Gallium which is a metal that’s supposed to melt in your hand. (He’s a major geek so he should think they’re even cooler than I did.) But I’m debating getting him a tie. Because that’s the only thing he actually said he wanted and I know that nobody in my family ever listens to fucking lists. They go on and on until you write out a nice, organized list of what you want, that you even bothered to categorize according to price and how much you wanted it, and then completely ignore it to buy you a bunch of shit you didn’t want because “they wanted it to be a surpriseeeeeee” (*ahem* Experienced in this department, I am.) So I might buy a tie maybe. *giggles* get him one of the ultra skinny pencil ties XD in orange. God. My brain. I’m sorry you don’t know my father so you don’t understand why this is so funny. *giggles and snorts* Picture a tiny D&D obsessed nerd that got old and tries to look like an intimidating grumpy old man but fails miserably. That’s my dad. So he needs an orange pencil tie. Because it’s perfect. I feel like an idiot trying to explain why I’m not completely insane even though I’m completely insane.

NEW TOPIC: THE CRABBY OLD GAY GUY MANAGER AT HOT TOPIC DIDN’T GLARE AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he remembered I have their discounty-card. I feel accomplished, I got a forced smile and complete sentences. Usually he just glares and looks like he’s sucking on lemons while simultaneously being poked by a very large, very sharp stick up his ass. I don’t take it personally, I’m pretty sure he just hates his life. But knowing that he’s physically capable of not glaring is both surprising and impressive.

Also: I’m pretty sure people were harassing me about my hair. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but the mean snicker of the wife before the monotone “nice hair, snorts” was kind of not leaving much room for doubt. *sighs* Why can’t people keep their asshole-ishness to themselves like I do? I’m not actually asking you to be nice, just silently douchey. Whatever, fuck ’em. Both him and his wife were ugly rednecks anyway.

*sighs* I feel less stressed out now so I’m going to start on laundry and ramble at you peoples later.


First picture that I instagramed(?) Next stop: teaching myself the art of the hashtag.

14 thoughts on “*Deep Sighs followed by a dramatic couch flop*”

  1. Whatever people say about your hair, btw, doesn’t matter. But I must say it looks WICKED COOL as you know 🙂

    Hope all is well.


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