Here’s my eyeball video

I’m sleepy. I wanna nap. But I’ve been in a pretty good mood today which is good.

I’m stalking the Jeffree star website since I wanna grab a nude now that I’ve found a lipstick that’s almost me-proof. But it also sucks because I want to buy all of the pretty colors that will be restocked tomorrow and I can’t. *sighs* I need to remember this the next time I’m about to spend 30 dollars on candles at target. Also they’re giving out hot cash right now Dx All of the pretty things I want to buy and can’ttttttt. So flustering. Oh wells.

The Smoodge has been cute today which is good. And I’m super happy because my dresslink order came in and I’m pretteh happy with the thingles.

I don’t know. I feel like I should be saying more right now but the clouds are turning my brain into sleep. It was super hot and melty for like two weeks and now everything is all beautifully cool and cloudy again and it’s been rainy and lovely but unfortunately it’s making me even sleepier than I usually am. I know I’m not the only one like that, who wants to just curl up and nap or read every time it gets cloudy out.

I still feel lazy though.

I need to figure out what to get Josh for father’s day. I’ve already picked out my Dad’s thing but Josh is doing his typical oh I don’t need anyyyyythinggggggg routine -.- It’s frustrating me. Especially since I want to get him something awesome. *sighs* Lots more plannings for me.

I couldddd get him the new Pierce the Veil album if they ever fucking released it. Seriously. I’m about ready to hunt those motherfuckers down and hold them hostage and knife point until they let me buy their mother fucking CD. We’ve been waiting for years now. -.- like two years but still. Years. It doesn’t help that they’ve mentioned in interviews that they’re like done writing and recording most of it too. It just keeps getting delayed because of the tours I think. GOD. Fuck all the things.

I feel like I always buy Josh cd’s anyway. *sighs* I just never know what the stupid little non-materialistic fucker wants.


8 thoughts on “*Yawns*”

      1. True, I think I’ll probably do something more like that for our anniversary or his bday though, Since they’re all so close together 😀


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