(This is not a title)

So I finally uploaded my piercing experience video, and I think after I do today’s update I’ll be done with my baby healing diary because it’s honestly mostly healed up. I know that piercings heal outside in, so even though it feels fine and normal I’m going to keep up with the aftercare, cleaning, and babying of it, but that’s mostly just common sense. I think I’m going to try to wait a good while before I go swimming.

I’m having a good day. A very lazy day though. I don’t know why I’m so tired because I slept like a little lump of sleep last night (I’d say like a baby or a log but babies never sleep, and neither do logs. Logic peoples.)

I got my makeup orders yesterday, everything but the Jeffery Star, and I LOVE ALL OF IT. All though I will say that Colour Pop’s bitchette is not very forgiving to the lipstick noob that is me…. It’s kindof kicking my ass. But I have a white powder foundation CX I’m in love. Josh kindof rolled his eyes and was like “that’s a little pale for you.” and I was just like duh, it’s a white powder. It’s just sad because honestly, my natural complexion isn’t much darker. I’m not kidding when I say that I glow in direct sunlight. I get a little halo of reflective white all around my arms and legs. But I like looking like a member of the undead armies so I’ve come to terms with it and now just need to master the art of being a pseudo-vegetarian vampire. I shall suck the blood of ALL THE TOMATOES.

Plus, JOSH’S FIRST CLOTHES PACKAGE CAME. I got a shirt and two pairs of leggings. I loved them! Cx I’m not kidding when I say that the shirt had already been on my amazon wishlist for like a year.


I had to dig back like 6 pages to find it. He even picked the right color! O.o evil magician.

Also because I’m lazy these skully leggings: http://www.amazon.com/Jollychic-Womens-Skull-Bodycon-Leggings/dp/B00F9RYKQO/ref=pd_sim_193_4?ie=UTF8&refRID=0KPVZQYR84PEEY9K3BKA

Which I shall wear underneath ALL THE SHORTS… as soon as it’s not 90,000,000,0000000 degrees outside….

and these I don’t know what to call them grey and pleathery leggings: http://www.amazon.com/Crazycity-Fashional-Leather-Legging-Tregging/dp/B00H7U2ZGI/ref=pd_sim_193_33?ie=UTF8&refRID=1Q5DAW9A3EB756KZRD78

Which are my least favorite because I like them, but I don’t know what I’m going to wear them with since they don’t match a lot of my stuff. But they are cute, I just might end up breaking my “I shall not wear leggings without covering the entirety of my ass” pledge. *shrugs* they’re thicker anyway so I have until late fall to either dig something out of my closet, or far more likely: buy a new army of clothes specifically chosen to match these leggings. ^.^ I have a problem and Josh is an enabler XD

I’m also happy because I actually went to Ulta yesterday! The smidge was sort of the deciding factor, she was being an asshole and I figured at least if she continued to scream at me in the car I could drown her out with the radio. But somehow being in the car calmed us both down and I managed to get to ulta and buy two setting sprays and even got to pick up a thing of batiste to try! And I still spent less than I would have on my old Urban Decay one. I did save the bottle though because UD’s spritzier is wayyyy better than the NYX one. And when I couldn’t find what I was looking for I asked for help! Well…the lady asked if I needed anything, but instead of pretending I was fine I actually asked my question! and made eye contact! I just felt stupid because I had literally just walked right past them -.- *sighs* oh well. I gots my shit and that’s what matters.

So that’s all I’ve got going on today’s and I’m abandoning you now. But first have a picyture:



6 thoughts on “(This is not a title)”

  1. Your vlogs are life. Glad they didn’t hurt too much too! I hope this doesn’t sound too weird – it’s not meant to be, in fact, take it as a compliment – but today a friend and I were talking about piercings and I told her “i know this really super cool person – her hair is bright red and eeeek so cool – who he piercings here *gestures*”
    We both think you’re awesome 🙂


  2. Gaah, so late with watching this one. I’m usually totally on the ball with keeping up with your vids. Haha. Josh did very well! Those skully leggings would be perfect for some casual-y Steampunk-y outfits *o*
    How good are the color pop items? I looked it up after reading the last post and saw sooo many shadows I wanted. ^.^” I like that it said cruelty free, I’m just wandering about the make-up’s durability and pigmentation.


    1. I actually made an unboxing video that I’ll upload soon! But I really liked them! The lipsticks are super pigmented and the eyeshadow is so velvety and pretty. I did have a bit of trouble with it though because I’m not used to cream-to-powder stuff. But since i figured it out, I’m in LOVEEEE. 😀 $5 pretty black lipstick is always yes.


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