Something Cute and Witty.

That was from Thursday.

I got the last of my mothery day presents on Wednesday.


Quite over the top as far as Mothers day presents go. And when you factor in all of my other goodies I felt quite spoiled Cx But yes, two sets of micro-dermal anchors just below my collar bones. I wanted something a bit more unusual, but not so out there as to be screaming in everyones face “I’M A SPECIAL LITTLE FLOWER DAMMIT LOOK AT HOW UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL AND EDGY I AM.” Because we’ve all seen those. So I thought that these would be super cute Cx I’m also making like a little healing video diary that I’ll upload when they’re all healed up.

Right now I have to keep them covered under little bandaids unless I’m cleaning them (took that pic right after I did the salt soak thing) so they actually look like this


Slightly less adorable. They don’t hurt but I felt the face was necessary. Actually, they’re a little bit sore but the whole process has been wayyyyy easier/less painful/traumatic than I was expecting. Which is good. Lots easier on the healing than my tongue too, because you know, I can still eat and talk and complain and stuff. Which is the most integral part of properly healing a piercing imo, you can’t heal a piercing unless you thoroughly and dramatically bitch about it and make it sound twenty times more painful than it really is. (You know that annoying kid that literally bawls over papercuts? I am that annoying kid, it’s not because it hurts, it’s because I want people to love me.)

So sorry I haven’t been posting much, I’ve just been really distracted with life and trying to deal with my crazy a bit.

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