More Book Stooffs

I swear! Galit always finds the best tags -.-

This time it’s another book-nerdy one. Because I feel like a lazy little shit for not posting, but I melted my brain somewhere towards the last two paragraphs of my finals that I submitted roughly an hour before they were do. *awards self with master procrastinator badge.*


Would you rather…

Read only trilogies or stand alones?

Honestly, I’d rather read stand alones. I have a problem stopping a book even if I don’t like it, so if it’s a stand-alone I’m only reading one bad book instead of three.

Read only male or female authors? Hmm while most of the regular, every day books I pick up are written by female authors (Sucker for the paranormal romance genre here.) All of my favorites seem to be written by dudelies. So with Scott Westerfield being the tie breaker, I’m breaking the pattern here and saying male.

Shop at bookshops or online?

Oh god, I love book stores but I think I have to say online, just so that I can afford more!

All books become movies or t.v. shows?

Neither? I’ve seen very very few (read, none.) books that I thought they really nailed on screen. That being said, t.v. shows because most of my favorite anime are adapted from manga. And I feel it gives the creators more time to delve into the plot and all the little details that make books awesome.

Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

Ideally 5 books a week, though I think my daughter might end up starving to death if I did ^.^

Be a professional reviewer or author?

Being a professional reviewery person, I’m not much of a writer but I feel that I read enough to really know when a book is well written, and I think I’m pretty decent at politely saying when something sucks.

Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?

Whoever thought this up, I hate you. This is bad. bad bad bad. But since an answer is required, I’m going with always new ones because, duh. *Plus* most of my favorites are classics so I could probably find some decent adaptations/abridged- type things

Be a librarian or bookseller?

Librarian, I just love the vibe good libraries give off and I feel my social anxiety would be better suited to the more relaxed and subdued setting of a library vs a place like BAM where it seems like they never have enough employees to get everything done.

Only read your favorite genre, or every genre except your favorite?

Only my favorite, I’m a picky little shit so I don’t think I would handle being banned from my paranormals very well.

Only read physical books or eBooks?

Phhhhhttttttfffffshhhhhhh I’m avidly anti-e-reader so again, duh. I’ll just through my book in my bag if I want to read while I’m out. True story:  one time my parents dragged me to a huge picnic/bbq/party that I didn’t want to go to so I sat in a corner and read hitchhikers guide to the galaxy until we left and refused to speak.

Whoever’s tagged because that’s how tags work. ^.^


Further proof that I’m a bad person. Plus, miley cyrus doesn’t count as a celebrity…or you know, a human being.

11 thoughts on “More Book Stooffs”

  1. I hate virtual books. Those aren’t any fun! I love to have physical books that I can hold and smell and shit. I never really notice whether the authors are male or female half the time, but I’d pick male so that I can keep reading the Maximum Ride series forever! >:D ~Even though I hate re-reading books… Meeh.


  2. Your vlogs are great! If I had a million trillion gazillion dollars, I too would go to LOOOOADS of gigs, but I’d also get a ton of merch, mainly band tees, and I’d get a shit ton of those BEAUTIFUL Victorian/Gothic dresses that cost like 80 – 300 quid. Or more. It’s just so unfair that they’re so expensive! And I’d get top hats and a Dead Man’s Hat and corsets and lacy stuff and cool boots and A WALK-IN WARDROBE because that would just be awesome. And I’d actually invest some the money in my band, which would actually exist if I was that rich. And obviously I’d do all that curing starvation, thirst, cancer, disease stuff as well. Oh, and I’d invent some kind of helpline/charity/support service that helps young people deal with depression cos that’s a super important issue that needs some attention. And not just young people, everyone.

    I also prefer physical books too ebooks, but I’ve been reading lots of ebooks lately because they’re so easy to get, you just click a few buttons rather than having to go to the bookshop or library, or spend money.


    1. Yay! And holy fuck I’d probably do all of those thinhs too o.o the idea of a helpline is great. And I understand the appeal of ebooks, I’ve read a few, I’d just rather go through the hassle for the book smell Cx

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  3. Talk about Lollita and Blind boxes !
    Id want to order sooo much stuff online, actually VISIT Hot Topic…

    Build a house for me and Dew and take her to all the expensive makeup places ever and have her buy stuff she wants as well as Japan (also a japanese tutor) ,because anime and cosplay.
    Oh also buy some part of the Nutella factory so we have endless supply ~.~

    See one of my besties who moved to America and one in India. T~T

    Also some cool camera lens…etto… probably it.

    (Deww loves fresh flowers too ^w^)

    And gift sooo much stuff to people who need it and want stuff , charity too ofcourse!


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