Heyyy It’s been almost another week again!!!!

But… In my defense…. Something…

I wasss planning on writing a post on Friday but then I ended up cleaning stuff. Silly me with my life priorities all askew. And then on Saturday a miracle happened:

Josh and I went on a date. o.o Alone. As in, without the Smoodge. Twas beautiful. We wandered around the Old Towny part of Fredericksburg and Josh laughed at me because I wore my spiffy wedding shoes:

img-thing This shoe. But two of them. On uneven pavementy things. I’m quite proud that klutzy me didn’t trip 😀

This is my photographical proof:


Just being our sexy selves. After we walked a bunch and I got a headache from my goddamn dust allergies (it’s evil because I love used books and antiques -.-‘) we went and got chipotle, I highly recommend the sofritas as they be delicious. And then we went to target like all the classy bitches does. And we bought me some makeup and Josh some head poo and a pretty octopus picture thing because we need more cheap prettiness in our apartment. (Josh cleverly mentioned that it looks like we’re building a shrine to Cthulhu. I will neither confirm nor deny this.)

And then yesterday we laid around. It’s the first whole weekend he’s had off in a while so we pretty much just watched youtube, I watched him play video games, and then we made ourselves sick on Domino’s. Twas excellent.

And then yesterday I had my followup anti-depressant visit (thank you for asking, it went very well my meds seem to be helping a lot and I just go back when I need more refills or if something changes.) I then proceeded to buy groceries and tooth un-uglifier (bleach) and pick up the money order for rent, paid rent, and came home.

Meh moother in law stopped by while I was folding laundry, wouldn’t have been a big deal except her (evil weasely satanic, not the idiot, or the one that I fuck.) son decided to tag along and got to see me folding my cute thongs (because tiny triangles are fucking adorable) and my boob holders -.- *sighs* But she did get me a mothers day present which was really thoughtful and she has the discs with my wedding photos so she got a couple of the ones with me and my mum and grandparents printed, which I thought was really thoughtful and I actually liked more than the present. (one of the new adult coloring books, It does look cool, and I fucking love coloring, but I’m pretty fifty-fifty on the actual designs)

So that’s a pretty detailed re-cap on my fantabulously glamoristical life. I’ve been in a pretty awesome mood since I disappeared actually, I’ve just been mostly happy and trying to do shit and play with my kid a lot. So I’ll come back and update this once I upload mah Tuesday video so you people can stare at my lovely face being adorable some more and I shall commence with more babbling and talking later. (Piss I did that already.)

Pissess, I’ve still been reading all the shits, just not writing so I know what you all are doing and I’m spying on you o___O


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