Shameless self promotion!

Just. Fuck. Mondays.


It started out all niceeeee and relaxinggggg I took a shower with my new love and sunshine shower gels from bath and body works (heaven on a foofy.)

I painted my nails, I planned out my makeup

And then everything went to shit.

My eyeliner decided to be a bitch.

My nail polish smudged everywhere.

I had to change Smidge’s sheets twice, the second time necessitating a bath because yet again, she shit everywhere >.< (I’m just glad I caught it before she started eating it again >.< )

I also have to do a mountain of homework. And twelve loads of laundry, because of the aforementioned shitstorm.

Not to mention I need to pick up the living room, and the kitchen, and my bedroom. And I’ve dried the same load of laundry four times but it won’t dry because I decided to be lazy and over-stuff it yesterday >.<

And I can’t smell anything but shit.

And I’m supposed to finish filling out the goddamn car paperwork. Which is written in like greek or some-shit. Not really but it might as well be because it’s way too damn confusing. And my head is pounding, I’m still sick, and Josh and I finished the last episode of Orange is the New Black last night and now we have to wait till June for the next one -.-

I am not having a good day.

I’m also still on the motherfucking rag.

And I’m ready to stab someone.

I need chocolate and hibernation.

Fuck it, I’m taking a nap.


I found the perfect image to fit my post!

4 thoughts on “Mondays.”

  1. OhmyGosh, take more and more and more (i could go on for a while you know) rest, please! Get well soon! Your videos always cheer me up! 🙂
    p(^_^)q –> trying to make that anime “Good luck” stance = fail.
    Take care!


  2. Your videos are life. Literally, it’s 3:10am here and UGH I’m awake (I actually fell asleep at a decent 10:30 but alas, my slumber has been slaughtered – WHO SAYS THAT) so I thought I’d come and finally haul my school-homework (it just never ends)-inflicted butt online and try and catch up on missed reading and all. 🙂


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