The Night Before Last (oh look, another real title!)

So this isn’t some big life-changing event or anything. But you know those moments? Where when they happen you know you’ll always remember them, and even though they’re small they’re what makes life worth living?

I had one of those ^.^ not last night, but the night before. Josh and I had spent the evening cuddling and watching our show. And then when we went to bed, he held me and sang to me like he used to when we were just stupid kids on the phone.

It sounds really silly typing it out, but it was special because I love it when he sings. He hasn’t much since his voice cracked a year or two ago and he just didn’t want to go through all the work of figuring out his range and stuff again I guess.

I don’t know anything about singing, nobody in my family is musically inclined. I only ever had one lullaby when I was little, and even then it was only sung on very rare occasions. I guess that’s why it always made me feel so special when Josh sang to me. Because singing is only for special occasions and rare moments, I guess.

He also has an amazing voice. He’s pretty good at mimicking other singers, but his own voice is just *gaspy squeals* it’s good okay? It’s warm and rich and soft and strong and pretty and it always makes me feel safe and happy. ❤

So he sang to me and we talked about dreams and what we want to be when we grow up, summer projects, and future goals.

It was awesome.

I think one of the hardest parts of being a teen mom/young couple is that even though we’re not even 20 we’ve been together so long the honeymoon phase is over. I mean, we’re still in love and all over each other, but we don’t do the gushy, overly romantic gestures or stay up till 4 am talking or write cheesy love letters and stuff much.

I had just accepted that him singing me to sleep was another happy memory, but not something to expect. So when he held me close and whispered pretty lyrics into my hair I just sort of died and went to another level of happiness.

I really really love him. It’s just weird to see how much our love has changed, because it started out with two very different kids, we’ve grown and changed alot, but we’ve grown together, and grown up together. I just think it’s weird comparing the boy I used to love with the man I’m in love with now. It makes me really happy and nostalgic. *sighs* I can’t decide if I’m too old or too young to be eighteen.


These little weirdos grew up into these


Still weird, but much cooler and actually skinnier weirdos

(no couple pics with the new hair, I will have to hunt him down and harass him the next time he shaves and puts clothes on. ^.^)

This is weird and personal, but I figure that since I always go on about how miserable and angsty I am, I should share how happy I am sometimes too.


8 thoughts on “The Night Before Last (oh look, another real title!)”

    Oh my – okay so don’t be weirded out or anything but, like, this was so sweet and you guys are like, perfect and holy shit I’m crying with happiness, like for you.

    Sissy the fabulous, you’ve officially reduced me to tears. Oh my god.


      1. 🙂 i need to stop bawling now.
        Ah sod it, I’ll bawl if I like! And it’s for a good cause! Its just, seeing the genuine love/respect/other nice stuff is refreshingly wonderful. You two are stupendous. It’s amazing because though I don’t technically know you guys, it’s irrelevant because AHHHHH I JUST WANT YOU GUYS TO BE HAPPY 5EVA AND EVAAAA


  2. Aww, this was really nice to read. c: It’s so great to hear that you’re happy and everything. I hope that (if I ever stop being an asshole about love, heh) my future someone and me are this sweet. c: This really made my day.


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