Another Liebster????

I FEEL SO SPECIAL!!!! Was tagged by Samm

So you probably know how this goes by now:

11 Random Facts:

Trying not to do repeats but probably will anywayssss:

1. When I was really little I thought there were only four types of music: Country, Christian, Classic Rock, and Pop because that’s all my parents ever played so I didn’t start liking music until I was about 14 and realized that good music existed (I do like classic rock still though…)

2. I’m allergic to Virginia. Mostly pollen and mold, but I swear to God it’s Virginia.

3. I really like septum/cheek piercings but I don’t think either would be flattering on me.

4. I get really nauseous and feel sick when I see other peoples blood/injuries but am completely unphased by my own

5. My cat is turning me into a cat person, despite the fact that when I was younger (until about last year) I absolutely hated them (except mine…)

6. I am utterly incapable of rolling my r’s, which is why I will never learn spanish.

7. I’ve always loved owls, even back when I was little and people thought it was a creepy, weird, old lady obsession.

8. I don’t have an instagram and find the concept of it thoroughly confusing… Old and irrelevant at 18…..

9. I still don’t have my Highschool Diploma, despite the fact that I graduated, because my parents never bothered to buy/make one.

10. I’ve been weirdly obsessed with the concept of death my entire life; when I was in kindergarten my parents got several notes about me drawing the angel of death and blood everywhere.

11. In the same sort of genre I’ve been obsessed with vampires since I was about six or seven and desperately wished that I had been born as dracula’s daughter/super rich vampire princess…. I was am a weird-ass little kid XD

Samm’s questions:

1. What movie would you want to watch over and over, forever? What movie would you want to live in?

I could probably watch Sweeny Todd over and over again, that or Lord of the Rings. To live innnn OH Coraline Definitely  Cx I liked that one a lot and it would be fun to live in a world where everything looked cool like that.

2. Who (dead or alive, famous or not, fictional, whatever) would you want to be your best friend and why?

Oh this is gunna sound soooo cheesy but Rosemarie Hathaway from Vampire Academy (the books not the awesomely horrible movie.) She was funny, sarcastic, impulsive, super loyal, and she just seemed like someone easy to be friends with.

3. If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, and your favorite color not being an option, what would it be?

My favorite color being black I’m totally cheating and taking the next best option which is Gray. or Grey. Whatever. Because there are so many different shades (some of which look black) and I feel like it’d be easy to co-ordinate and match with it, plus it’s a bangin’ color.

4. Favorite type of weather?

In the late summer/early fall when it’s a light cool rain that just feels nice and makes everything look brighter and more alive.

5.  What are some of your aspirations in life?

Being a world famous youtuber XD (not cereal!) but cereal: I do hope one day my youtube turns into a small something, that and being a skinny, boobalicious mother of two/ alternative-gothy model for obscure clothing lines ^.^ oh and a vampire! XD

6. What gives you the most confidence?

Hmm right now, it’s seeing how far I’ve come and how far I have to go in life, how happy I already am, and physically? a good push-up bra and my bootiful hairs ^.^

7. Favorite way to spend the day?

binge-watching an exciting anime with Josh and a mountain of junkfood 😀 (maybe if we find another video game I don’t suck at it’d be playing that)

8. Favorite song? Most recent addition to your music (newest artist/band you’ve found)? This is evil -.- you should know better Samm! there is no one favorite song!!!! But right now I’ve been loving All Signs Point To Lauderdale and Castle Down (ADTR & Emilie Autumn) Newest is alot easier it’s Matt and Kim, (I like Hoodie On ^.^) I’m not obsessed with them, but for being a really pop-y band I like them a lot Cx

9. Post a picture that you feel pretty in. :3


being lazy and doing one I already shared, but I really like the way my skin, and okay this is super weird, my neck looks in it o.o

10. Given the chance (and permission from creature!), would you explore the home of some supernatural creature? Interview him/her?

Um duh!, I’d totally be down to do an interview with a vampire ;D (anybody see what I did there????, I’m so hilarious XD )

11. Haaiiiiii! 😀 

最近どう (saikin dō, what’s up?) Because I have to be a smart-ass XD



I ALSO LIKE CAPS LOCK BECAUSE IT’S INTERNET YELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS Smidge is being cuter today!

7 thoughts on “Another Liebster????”

  1. Haha, I thought I was being evil by not letting you wear your favorite color ever again, I was wrong! I agree though, I could never choose a favorite song :3 I also agree with the instagram thing ~ I use my tumblr and blog to post shameless amounts of pictures of myself, why do I need something dedicated to just that?


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