You Know What Fuck IT I LIED!!!!!

I’ll keep linking thursday video’s as long as I goddamn want to! Hopefully that link will work, It’s not done uploading yet. But really it’s just the easiest way to sum up the day I’ve had. Plus a bunch of people told me they like my videos so if you don’t then NYAHHH you can just go suck a rattlesnake penis. *shrugs* maybe a cobra if that’s what you’re more into.

I will say one thing.

I’ve purchased a red lipstick. Well to be technically accurate Josh said he wanted me to buy some makeupies for myself while we were grocery shopping so I threw it in the cart and he payed for it….

And I LOVE IT! Words can not describe the adoration I feel for this color! I like it enough to bother re-applying it after I’m done kissing the smidglet! (Bonus: She gets bright red kissy lips all over her tiny baby face!)

It brings out my inner badass XD

But seriously, I had no idea a color could be such a confidence boost!


With red lips,

I could actually go outside.

I can talk to people on the phone.


I’m Invincible ^.^

*Strikes wonder woman pose complete with blanket cape, wait did she have a cape? I honestly never liked her so I can’t remember* Oh god….

But Yes. I feel quite sassehhh

20150409_134347 (1)

Look, I even selfied! That’s how wretchedly confident I feel right now!

Ah well I’m done for now, I shall speak at ye later. Bai


Ps. Sam I sawed that nomnomination and shall get around to it post-soonish!

2 thoughts on “You Know What Fuck IT I LIED!!!!!”

  1. Red lips look great with your hair. *many thumbs up!* It’s also great that it gives you a confident boost, that totally rocks c:
    Haha, can’t wait to see your answers! 😀


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