I Did Things This Weekend? (I actually wrote out a title?)

So today. *shrugs* It could be better, it could be worse. It’s a typical monday really. I got my homework submitted in time with a couple hours to spare. (despite the fact that I had to redo half of it because I accidentally closed the wrong tab -.-) And the smidge is napping.

She’s been a little shit. Which I understand because she got her next round of shots, which turn small angels into huge demonic assholes. She doesn’t want to eat anything I give her unless it’s soaked in sugar, and the child who never wants to cuddle will scream bloody murder if I put her on the floor for ten seconds.

We finally put up some artwork and things we’ve been meaning to hang foreverrrr. Which means that I can actually start using my vanity again soon instead of being in the bathroom! (I don’t mind using the bathroom, but I feel bad for Josh because my makeup is always spread out all over the place and he gets no counterspace.)

We got a hamster. We’re still discussing it’s name but I’m pretty sure Petunia will be the one to stick. (I am the queen of impulse pet purchases…..) Although she’s kindof a little asshole. She figured out how to open her ball and keeps getting lose. It took an hour to get her out from behind the fridge earlier. -.- But that’s okay because at the time I was still looking for excuses to avoid homework. ^.^

I’m going to try to record her being cute later but I want to give her a while first because she was acting pretty traumatized after the fridge incident. I will say: she is much less asshole-ish than Noodle. She doesn’t scream, and she runs away instead of trying to bite people. *sighs* I miss Noodle. there was a winter white at the store when we picked her up (she’s a robo dwarf) and I almost cried I miss the little asshole so much.

I feel bad for Josh because he had a migrane over the weekend. So last week he didn’t get a single day off and this weekend he get’s a puking-can’t-do-anything-but-sit-in-the-dark migrane imediately after we left his parents passover dinner (seder? I have no idea on the spelling of anything, let alone Jewishy-hebrewy whatevers) Which I also felt bad about because my soon to be sister in law is not only completely unJewish, but she’s also completely closed-minded and not particularly respectful about it. I mean, I’m not really Jewish either (except for marrying Josh and having an un-practicing great-grandfather) but I think the traditions are interesting, and I know it’s important to Josh. But if you can’t be respectful and considerate of your families beliefs than you really should’ve stayed home. Especially when she was laughing at how obnoxious her kid was being, and making faces about the food.

Although I do think Josh and I are probably weird because afterwords we continued nibbling on the parsley and horseradish pretty much all through dinner…. I love horseradish ^.^

Well I’m going to stop babbling now because I have to go pay the rent that we were going to drop off saturday and couldn’t, so now it’s late….. oops.



Cool picture I added into my homework, because cool.


Because everyone needs traumatized once in a while.

2 thoughts on “I Did Things This Weekend? (I actually wrote out a title?)”

  1. Ooooh, that skull picture is beautiful 😮 I used to have a hamster, until it escaped and my dad thought it was a big rat. He totally smashed the poor guy repeatedly with a block of wood ;-; I miss him. Cute footage sounds so fun ~ I totally wanna see! c:


    1. That’s what I thought! And wow that’s really sad D: I did officially decide to film her, but I’m going to give her a day or two to calm down and make it be like a bonus Wednesday video or something Cx


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