I Promise I’m Not Dead!

I have been really shitty about keeping up with shit this week. I dunno I’ve just been sick and tired and blehhhh and when I’m not being mopey and depressed I’m trying to catch back up on the houseworky laundry errand-running front. I scheduled the smidgels next round of shots. And I recorded the first half of a video I’m actually really excited about. (*spoiler* it involves makeup and tea.) but I have to go over and do the narration/voice over tomorrow. I’m waiting until I feel a bit better because I feel like that’ll be what makes it either awesome or shitty. And I’m feeling pretty shitty right now so I want to wait a bit. Anywhore aside from that I’m soooo tired. but I did go up a size with my plugs. I am now 7/16ths! 20150401_152242

There’s a baddish picyture.

But I was going to wait a bit more until yesterday when Josh and I were walking in the mall and I was absent-mindedly fiddling with my ears (a weird habit but it’s fun to do, it helps keep them cleaner, improves circulation and, honestly this is kindof gross, but it helps keep them from smelling if I forgot to wash them.) anyway I was fiddling and one of them freaking fell out! I’m just glad it didn’t break (’twas glass) and I caught it after running like an idiot girl (stupid pretty skirts…) for way longer than I should’ve… So then I was like yeaaaaa um babe I think I’m ready for the next size. And he just got me the plain silicone tunnels from hot topic and he got a cute pair of wooden ones because he decided to give up and wear 00g’s (he kept trying to stay at 0’s but his ears are too damn stretchy to stay small.) And I’m also really happy ’cause he bought me a super badassiful attack on titan necklace too Cx I can’t wait to film my haul/favorites videos!

I know my youtube is small and probably won’t ever get big or popular, but it’s really fun to plan out videos and filming them makes me feel like I’m talking to you guys for real, and editing them is so much fun! I don’t get why a lot of youtubers are all like ughhhh I have 20 videos filmed but I hateeee editing themmmmm. ’cause that might just be my favorite part. Putting it all together, trying to make it all smooth, trying to make sure my jump cuts are clean and not painfully annoyingly obvious… I dunno. I’m not so good at it but it’s a lot of fun is I guess what I was trying to say. I do hope I keep with it!

Anyways that’s all that’s been up and on my brain. I will try to start doing posts more regularly again soon.


11 thoughts on “I Promise I’m Not Dead!”

  1. I love how your ears are, it just looks so cool how it’s big then little. Reminds me of bubbles :3 Next video sounds interesting, haha. And your editing is pretty damn on point ~ nice work ;D


  2. You are so cute! Such a doll, love your personality! !!! And I love the red hair! Not a lot people can wear it, I love it I wish I could! !!! 🙂 and I love that necklace that you got!!! Great video hun!=) ♡


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