It Happened!

I finally got around to making that whisper challenge video (Look I actually linked it all pretty like instead of being a lazy asshole! :D)

But: More importantly, I had the “oh god I’m stupid”-est epiphany ever. I only wash my hair once a week, so why the fuck am I taking cold showers if I can just pin it out of the way and take a hot shower and keep my hair dry????? God I’m stupid…..

Also in hair news. The stain has now not only conquered my pillow, but it is now also leeching onto Josh’s pillow and my side of the blanket. I believe this may provide a fairly accurate commentary on who hogs the bed, but I will neither confirm nor deny.

In other interesting news, yesterday Josh handcuffed me in the bathroom (it’s a handicapped apartment unit so the guest bathroom has a lot of hand rails and things) and thought it would be hilarious to squirt saline all over me. It was only mostly funny.

In not-really-interesting-but-I’m-going-to-talk-about-it-anyway news: I’m considering drastically modifying my diet. Josh and I talked last night and we both want to be healthier. He was more focused on the exercising aspect and I, with my perfectly natural aversion to sweat, was more focused on the diet aspect. So we bought him some exercising type clothes, and a shit load of healthy-people food. Featuring things like fresh vegetables (which I actually love) and tofu (which I’ve never had done well.) as well as some of those morning-star faux meat healthy people patties. (which I like some types of, and loathe others.)

But this, along with a highly irrelevant story that will never make sense anywhere but inside my head, sort of have me considering…Taking this a step further….Oh god, even typing this is making me cringe, and maybe…..

Going vegetarian? Oh god why…..

I mean, the thought has crossed my mind on occasion, more as a fleeting thought that causes a good laugh.

But I mean….. It’d be a lot healthier. I’d feel better, and look better, and I don’t know, I mean, I love steak but I don’t like the idea of animal slaughter.

But here’s my real issue: Would I just be doing it because it’s a “cool” thing right now? I mean, all the Peta nazi’s and some of the youtuber’s I like doing vegan food hauls and healthy vegetarian meals are forming a sort of peer pressure on everyone else…

But alternatively, am I really going to not make a healthy choice that would probably benefit me in the long run because of my deep-seated desire to boycott most things main-stream, popular, and cool?

So that’s what’s bouncing around in my head.

Right now my arguments sort of look like this:

Pro Vegetables:

Healthier foods,

Feeling better,

Being leaner,

Theoretically affecting my body, and *ahem* feminine odor (It’s not bad! It’s just….average I guess? Idk o//////o) in a positive way.

Plus you know…. Not murdering bambi and all that (I do so love venison…)

Pro Normal People Food:

It’s a lot cheaper

It’s easier to plan meals

I fucking love steak…

I can’t even begin to imagine the suckage that would be fast food without my sub-grade meat products….

So I have no freaking clue. I mean is there some delightful middle-ground where I can eat like significantly less meats? I mean I know there’s that pescaterian only eating fish whatever but I don’t likeeee fish. Unless it’s sushi…

Right now I’m not making any big decisions regarding this. But I have been cutting down on the amount of meat I’ve been eating. Just because I don’t really like ground beef unless it’s a burger, and I never get to eat steak anyway because it’s expensive and Josh doesn’t like it, And so the most meat stuff I’ve had lately is chicken. Which is pretty crazy because I’m like the beef jerky, burger queen.

Also in my mind (related to weird random story I’m not sharing) Is why it’s okay to eat like cows, pigs, or chickens, but not sayyy cats, dogs, guinea pigs? And if you’re saying cute baby kittens are different from cows or chickens, just google baby koows and chickies and they look pretty damn cute too. Pigs I don’t really have an argument for *shrugs* if you liked Charlotte’s Web?

And this is the madness that is my brain O.O


2 thoughts on “It Happened!”

  1. I tried being a vegetarian in sixth grade……. then the school served chicken nuggets and I was like fuck that. I can see why it is so popular, it is great for your body. I’d totally do it, if I didn’t love bacon, hamburgers, and chicken nuggets so much. >< I say you should totally try it if it sounds good.
    About eating animals, maybe it's because people consider cats and dogs and such as a part of their family? Or that they're so domesticated? As long as the cows and such are being dealt with humanely, I won't feel too guilty (again, I'm picky as all fuck). I think it may just be how we've grown up in our world, that we see cats as companions and cows as our food.


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