So after I scrambled to film that (huzzah for massive procrastination!) I went and picked up taco bell and had lunch with Josh which made meh really happy because I don’t usually get to visit him at work. Cx But he had packed leftovers that we didn’t realize had gone bad, and you kindof need food soooo I broughteds the taco bells! And now I get to do laundry! πŸ˜€ My life is so glamorous!

I don’t really know… I don’t like doing video posts unless I actually say something at the bottom, but honestly I don’t really have much to say. Still in love with my hairs… Oh goddamnn that’s a thing!!!! *shudders* I had forgotten about this until yesterday and have been dreading it ever since…. Cold showers.


In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, I shall explain: You can’t wash dyed bright, or even most colors really, hair in warm water. I’m not sure of all the scientifical wordage but basically the hot water opens all your hairs back up and lets the color that got trapped inside back out. So. Cold showers. I mean, I could buy a shower cap and take a hot shower and then do my hair in the sink, but I am wayyyyy too lazy for that. So. Cold showers. Damn. Especially since I typically shower in water that is the temperature of shall we say…. Boiling molten lava? I am not content with the water temperature unless I look like a tomato by the time I get out. So this morning was a bit… abrasive. Damn, did I wake up fast though. And watching the river of pink going down the drain was really funny. And my pillowcase is pink too. *sighs* you can always tell which pillow cases are mine and which are Josh’s because mine are always covered in makeup, and now new and improved hair dye! πŸ˜€ I swear, it’s disgusting. Big black splotches and streaks now all topped off with a nice layer of cherry-koolaid stained pink.

Plus since I sleep in a combo tummy/side/thrashing all over the place position I ended up staining my face… So if I look extra tomato-y in the video that’d be why.

But I was right, and I absolutely loveeeeeee my hair. When I dried and styled it myself this morning the trim and shit turned out to be exactly what I wanted Cx So fucking happy because that never happens.

It is a bit damaged and not as soft as it was, but it’s not dead and crunchy either, and the only parts that really are damaged are where they had to bleach it twice. The roots and most of the middle are still really soft and fluffy. So I think if I’m just extra nice to it and keep avoiding my straightening iron it should go back to silky fluffy soon. So now I’m rambling on about my hair again which is probably getting annoying. I shall try to put a cap on my enthusiasm soonish, but not yet because I’m still all twitterpated XD


On a side note: Josh decided it would be funny to change the background on my phone to lesbian hentai -.- I’m not changing it back. So now when I want to check the time I get to see 13 year old animated nipples. >.< sick bastard (Actually I still think it’s funny, I’m just waiting for a relative or in-law to see it…)

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