Oh Dear o.o

I went and did my hair. O.O

Well… I went and got it done. It’s red now. o.o So so red. I LOVES it Cx

It took between 4-5 hours all told, which was kind of excruciating because I’m so gosh darn twitchy. But I lovesssss


Before comparisons: Dark-brown with faded black dye all on the bottom


Looking like a sexy alien and seeing myself with blonde hair for the first time in my entire life


Natural vs Artificical lighting

I’m all twitter-pated Cx

So now I shall launch into a lengthy long-winded play through of what exactly happened:

Yesterday afternoon I was super depressed and Josh in an effort to cheer me up told me to go dye my hair because I’ve been wanting to for all eternities. So I go, and I wait a few minutes because I just walked in, and then the super nice gay guy says essentially oh shit, I loveee doing red hair, but we stopped doing colors an hour ago. Pretty please come back and let me do it tomorrow? So I got home and Josh was like well, ask my mum if she can baby sit. And she could.

So I woke up way too goddamn early (about 8) And left the smidget with my mother in law and got to the salon place at about 10:30ish

2 separate bleach jobs, 1 or 2 hair treatments (I was tired and kindof spaced out during that part), red dyes, and a hair cut later I left at 3:30ish.

So so long but I’m so happy Cx I love the color and the cut and somehow he managed not to fry it all off with the amount of bleach needed to go from black to blonde. (He did manage to get me on the shampoo/conditioner upsale though. *sighs* cheap person failure.)

So then I come home and not only is the mother in law not upset about me ditching her with my kid for 5ish hours, she cleaned my house. Well, the kitchen and smidgets bathroom. And she cycled the laundry. The only thing I can possibly think of to complain about right now is that she folded my underwear. Which, as far as complaints go, is so totally minor it doesn’t count.

Then I go Oh shit! my homework is due in two-hours and it’s about three hours worth of work, only to log into blackboard and realize: I skipped spring break. I’m actually about a week ahead in classes right now.

O.o I think the universe has decided to dump all of the goodluck it’s withheld for the past 18 years on me in one day. Seriously. This shits freaking crazy. I could jump up and down and squeal like a little girl…

Dare I say it….I think…..I might be feeling princess-y o.o Yes. Yes I am. I believe its the combination of new-hair style bliss and dishwasher that I didn’t have to loadness.

I just can’t wait to mess with it myself tomorrow, I don’t know why but hair peoples never style it the way you want (is that just me?) so I have a perfect cut and colors but I’m mad ’cause I can’t fidget with it the way I want. Grrrr…. Oh well.. Something to look forward to tomorrow as well. Cx Plus: No anxiety/depursions today! I mean the days not over yet, but it almost is and I’ve been really happy and relaxed all damn day. 😀

So fucking happy. Well, now I’m off to drink tea, munch cookies, and watch youtube. Or do whatever it is that princess-y people do when they’re feeling splendid.


I was all happy because one of the other hair dressers basically said I’d look make a bad-ass tattooed little mermaid if I hads tattoos and fins.


6 thoughts on “Oh Dear o.o”

  1. You’re hair is phenomenal! ME WANTS! And you can really pull it off 😀
    I love cool hair colours. When I’m feeling bwahahaha (that’s such a thing, yeah?!) I randomly put streaks in my hair. One day I’ll go for permanent I hope!


  2. You look amazing with read hair!! You were brave enough to wear make-up to get it done? Woo, for you! I never do because the lady that does my hair inevitably ends up with rainbow colors all over my face and then splashes water all over the place xD It’s a grand ol’ time. I’m going back to my natural hair colors of pink and green in April and I’m getting half my head shaved :3 Can’t wait. Been wanting it done for-fucking-ever.


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