I still exist. Maybe. I mean…. I think so? I don’t really know….

Anywhoreee I haven’t been posting much lately becauseeee I don’t really have anything to say right now? I mean… Since the smidget turned 1 and Josh is home I’ve just been chillin’s

So I’m just being a tired lazy lump. But I have decided, just now, That I shall continue the stretchering of meh earholes! I haven’t decided on a new cut-off point yet though… I know for positive that 2 inches is wayyy too big. For me at least. I’m thinking somewhere between 3/4 and 1 inch. But that’s just a roughestimationioal. Maybe bigger, maybe smaller. But I do know for certain that I’m going to wait until I stretch mah second holes a bit more firstest. right now they still look a bit disproportionate (imo) to my bottom holes. So I wanna get them to a 4 or a 2 gauge and then I’ll start doin my bottoms again.

But I am concerned because soon I’ll have to start taping them. Which I don’t know much about. Apparently you just get a pair of steel plugs and wrap a bit of (some special type of) tape around at a time until you gradually go up a size, instead of jumping sizes at once. Because it’s too much of a change for your ear to handle I guess. I will look into it more before I actually start doing this though.

Right now Josh is sleeping because he got a call at 3:15 this morning saying he had to go do more work shit. And then he didn’t come home until like 10:50. Not verreh good. I worry about him but I think I’ll just make sure he does lots of laying around and video games instead of trying to run errands all over the universe.

Although we are supposed to go to my ‘rents this weekend because extended famileh came down to celebrate birthdays. We have like six family birthdays in march. It’s fucking crazy. The smidge was supposed to be born on my mums bday. I’m extremely kindof glad she wasn’t though.

Well. I am going to go now. I need to look up monies related shit online, because there are a few things that need to be accomplished today. (before I get stranded cashless again for a month >.<) But that’s all I’ve got to say now anyways.



4 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. AWW you’re so lovely. This bit made me smile:

    “I worry about him but I think I’ll just make sure he does lots of laying around and video games instead of trying to run errands all over the universe.”


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