This will probably be very short because Josh’s nana (my nana-in-law????) is coming over in approximatelyyyyy I dunno she said 3 and it’s 3:10 so probably soon. But I wanted to at least to a small post today becauseeeee

The smidget is 1. Holy Fuck.

IMG_20140321_130035_882Tiny baby alien     10945409_1551705535117266_5549329301945269534_n to sassy little princess

This tiny sassy little princess is a 1 year old. *deep sighs of relief* I HAVE SURVIVED.

which is mostly what this is about.

I survived telling my conservative christian parents that I was going to have a baby.

I survived living with them while I was a pregnant hormonal mess

I survived a whole fucking 7 days of “false” labor (yea because having strong contractions every 3 minutes is false….)

I survived 3 separate trips to the hospital before we got the kid out.

I survived another freaking 16 hours of labor on top of those 7 days.

I survived freaking the fuck out when the smidge was so jaundiced that we were physically incapable of waking her up. (to date that is still the scariest thing I’ve ever been through.)

I survived her being a newborn and crying at all hours of the night.

I survived the peanutbutter cup incident. -.-

I survived her figuring out how to unscrew lotion bottles and take the caps off of sharpies.

I survived a fucking birthday party with the family.

And now. Because I made it through all of that without throwing her off a bridge, out a window, into a wall, in a microwave, or in a dumpster, I get to attempt survival of the toddler. God bless any teen moms out there with twins, traditional or irish *shudders* actually I think Irish twins would be worse….. *cringes* Well…. I’m going to make sure the kids not eating laptop cables or her own feces…. Bai!

3 thoughts on “BLHKFH RHNQLERNG”

  1. YAY SMIDGE!!!!
    God. She is adorabubble. HAZAAR for being uno! 😀 (that is one right? I don’t know. I take French, not Spanish. Unless uno is Italian. Um..)


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