Well Lately I’ve Been Up To

I’m actually really super excited because I got two subscribes this week so now I have 5 subscripys if you count Josh (I will admit that I followed my self from my other channel….seeing 0 subscribies kindof sucked, so that’s why it reads 6)

And also, following up that last post um yes, after that I stayed up reading and internetting until about 5 am and then showered and got dressed and took the Smidget to watch the sunrise on the beach. It did end up rising before we got there, but I still got to see it and it was still really pretty. I was going to add pictures but they won’t load so when they calm their pixel titties I’ll add them in an update.

I also went and picked up some yarn to make a scarf thing with and stringy stuff in an attempt to make tattoo chokers for myself so I don’t end up paying 8 bucks for the one I want. (some how I ended up buying the wrong type…so while the method works the stringies just wont cooperate -.-)

After that I came home and napped and made onigiri’s and internetted some more. It doesn’t sound like a lot but when you factor in the whole bit about me never going outside and basically never doing anything but the bare minimum to survive and continue internetting, Twas a big outing. And today, I slept till after lunchtime and then did that youtubey thing and have been lazing about pretty much ever since. I think I’m going to actually start doing the things I want to do from now on, or at least try. It’s not always possible but somethings I want to do and I just have no Idea why I don’t, especially with the amount of time on my hands. ie, I want to read The Tragedy Of Dr. Faustus. I have my dad’s(stolen) copy of it sitting on my bookshelf. Have I ever bothered to read it? No. So I’m going to try to start doing that stuff. Because I honestly have no reason not to. First tbr though is The Great Gatsby because *fucking horrible me* I loved the movie to pieces, but I’ve never read it. God. I hate being that person. So I’m going to stop it. More books for mwahh *builds blanket fort and creates a tower of to be reads*

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