I don’t know what that was, but I’ve been in a good mood since like yesterday morning, so I’m going with it. As you can see I got my Tuesday video up on time! But I need help: I was planning on doing the TMI tag on thursday but I’ve been seeing a lot of youtubers doing the “Dear Me” thing where they write a letter to their younger selves. Which would be a really bittersweet sort of thing, but has the potential to be quite cathartic. I have a good bit I’d like to say to stupid little me. So I don’t know which one I’d do. I could do the dear me tomorrow and the tmi on thursday, but, midterms. Which fuck it I’m going to flunk anyway *sighs* I was so busy studying for the test that I forgot to turn in my homework…… Yup. Anyway Josh is supposed to be coming home this weekend I think! Like Monday at the latest? But there was a lot of flooding and problems today so it could be longer…. :/

I’m also frustrated because his mum has decided it’s her life’s mission to keep me from being lonely. Which , yes, I am quite lonely. But I am even more introverted, which means: have a big steaming plate of leave me the fuck alone. I’m not trying to be a bitch, but seriously, I value my privacy and my solitude *yells down from spooky tower of isolation* I feel even shittier and more lonely when I spend time around other people. I don’t know why, it’s just how I am. If you really want to cheer me up and make me feel less lonely I would appreciate a $50 gift card to either bath and body works or hot topic so that I can get a change of scenery, spoil myself, and have the perfect amount of human interaction “Cash or credit? Do you want your receipt in the bag?” (okay, okay, I’m on a first-name basis with most of the hot topic people, but I still don’t have too many “conversations” with them, and the gay manager guy acts like he hates me, which is sad because he always wears the most adorable scarves.)

And back to the mother in law she’s also decided that I need to rekindle my relationship with my mother which is just no. Every single time I talk to my mom I end up wanting to kill myself. I don’t know why, but she just has a really negative impact on me and the more time I spend around her the more depressed I am. So thanks but no thanks, I don’t care if she misses her grandbaby, she could’ve tried not being a self-righteous cunt once in a while to her daughter.

I know I sound really bitchy, and I know somewhere inside her selfish gossipy little heart my mother does love me (when it’s convenient) but my health, mental-state, and well-being are far more important than pandering to her ego, so she can see my kid at her(Smidgeys) birthday party, holidays, and maybe once randomly in a blue moon if I’m feeling particularly forgiving.

Wow that got negative, for a positive did you know Rockstar came out with a Pina Colada flavor?!?!?! Usually I’m a Monster person but I like some of Rockstar’s flavored ones specifically the sour green apple *drools* But yes the Pina Colada one is totally amazing and if you’re into that sortof thing you should try to find it.

Oh and when I do get the TMI tag done you can comment any questions on this post (or any, I read my notifications) with additional random questions if you’d like and I’ll answer them.



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