I just saw it. The dress. The evil evil dress. If you don’t know what I’m talking about that’s probably because you have a life but here:


Look at it and tell me if its A.) Blue and Black, or B.) White and Gold. When I first saw it I would’ve bet money that it was white and gold and now all I can see is blue and black. It’s evil I tell you! Actually its all about color theory and the way our eyes look at things. Most people see blue and black but some people see white and gold. Whats really trippy is tilting my screen up and down for an hour watching it turn from white and gold back to blue and black. o.o It’s magic. scary evil magic. Gosh this probably means I need to get a fucking life doesn’t it????

But I did look it up (further proof I have no life) and on the wesite that sells it it’s referred to as blue and black.


My head hurts so bad right now….

2 thoughts on “OH GOD O.O”

  1. I seriously have stopped checking my newsfeed on Facebook because I’m tired of hearing about it. I see it in both colors because there are two different pictures being put on my newsfeed. xD Like you said, it’s color theory. I read an article about how the blue will change to an orange-y gold because of some science-y stuff about color boxes or something xD


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