Aww Fuck.

So I finally got around to starting this weeks homework. And much to my unfortunate surprise, Midterms are coming up!!!!!! YAY 😀 except not. -.- *sighs* I really should’ve withdrawn, but I love art history. I’m quitting once I finish this semester so I don’t really give much of a fuck what grade I get, but I am going to try because I think it’s rude to the professor not to. I’m trying to take it seriously as a course it’s just hard because I’m so not into it the way I usually am.

I’m typically the type of person who LOVES studying. Doing homework right away, staying up until two am to finish that assignment I procrastinated on, and I usually get pretty good grades too, but I dunno…. The combination of the more strictish teacher and the tiny one who likes to distract me by unscrewing the lids on all of the lotion in the house (how can an 11 month old manage to do this so fast?!?) and the total depression/funk I’ve been stuck in, I just don’t give a shit.

I haven’t read any of the chapters. Like maybe two…. for both classes combined…… I’m kind of fucked but I still don’t care. I’ll cram and manage to pull at least a C, maybe a B if I try. But I have been getting 100%s  on all the quizzes (Multiple attempts allowed, I don’t understand the students that are so lazy they can’t retake a quiz?? They’re practically handing you a letter grade difference and you don’t take it???) And my discussion board posts always fall in the 80-100% range. (except for that one week where I forgot to post and got like a 30…….) So even if I totally fuck up the midterm and final I should pass. And then I’m done. With school. Until I feel like it. I just don’t see the point right now. Even if/when I do get a job, it’s going to be something shitty and super entry-level because I have no experience and I’ll only be doing part time so it doesn’t make sense to accumulate thousands of dollars in debt that will take me like sixty years to pay off. Screw that. I’ll go to school when I’m rich.

And if you want to watch today’s video it’s here :

Hurray for less obtrusive self-promotion!!!!!!! 😀

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