Can we just not do today? Seriously. I wanna go back to bed. And I have to get my car inspected tomorrow *sighs* fuck being a grownup. I want cosmic brownies and disney 😛 Anybody have any anime suggestions? Or just regular tv shows you like? I’m so fucking bored it’s crazy. *sighs*

As I said in the video if you do want to see the thursday videos you’ll have to watch them on youtube as I’m going to only spam people with unwarranted vlogs once a week from now on. *shrugs* you should at least watch this weeks one because I’ll show of all the clothes I bought at the mall. And everyone should watch me prance around in band tees.

If my hair looks really weird in the video it’s because I’m trying a bunch of new hippy stuff on it to make it grow and be really healthy for when I dye it this summer. Because bleach is not nice to hair. So I’m basically trying to bribe my hair. I’m so weird. *sighs* I also can’t seem to think straight today. Like my brain is just in a mopey depressed cloud of I wanna go back to bed-ness.

And smidgey’s but rash is bad again 😦 maybe if I switch her back to more baby food it would help some. But for now she’s running(speed crawling) free and diaperless through the apartment. *Yawns* Ima watch youtube and drink tea until someone recommends a tv show.


One thought on “Ugh”

  1. This is amazing
    Im tackling something very similar in my next post on my blog “Sick is a four letter word: CHRONICles of an autoimmune badass,”
    Feel free to swing by if youre ever in the mood.
    Regardless, you have an amazing voice. Keep writing.


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