O.O Holy Fuck.

I bought clothes. So many clothes. o.o I spent so much money *is in a state of shock* I spent so much money. Me. Who refuses to buy new socks until the holes in the bottoms are big enough to eat my ankle/toes…… *buries face in hands* I feel horrible for spending that much money but Josh told me to….. And I know he wanted me to buy shorts (mine don’t fit since I’ve started eating food again and they’re a bit….risque?) Holy fuck.

So… How much does $140 go on this girl?

I got:

Four pairs of shorts.

Two camisoles.

Two plain basic scoop-neck T’s

Two band T’s

Two packs of bracelets

One Hair-bow

One Sticker for my car

Two bottles of Bath and Body Works body cream

One Bath and Body Works fragrance mist (not the perfume but the tall bottles that smell a bit lighter? those)

And Two buttons for my bag.

I know that not all of those are clothes but that’s where it all went. o.o Is that a lot???? I think it is. I mean I think I got enough for my money considering I only went to the mall. Four pairs of shorts O.O I even found two high-waisted pairs that fit over my ass!!!!!!

I mean typically that stuff retails for like ehh $20 bucks for shorts? which would be $80 right there. Band T’s would be another $40 so that’s already $120. And if the scoop necks were $10 each then that would be it. So I think I did good for my money???? Considering it’s all new and brands I like. Still. Holy Shit. I spent $140.

*slaps self* Breathe sis. Josh wanted you to buy clothes for a while and he said you’d be cool if you spent more than that. but, but, but, THE MONIES. We have the monies we got the tax return back and the only upside to Josh being for ever far away for so damn long is that we actually have some cash right now. BUT I SPENT SO MUCH MONIE I’M A TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING. 

I have issues. I don’t know. We weren’t like poor growing up, always middle class and stuff, but I remember when my parents decided to get out of debt and we couldn’t buy anything and we had to eat arby’s (coupons) shitty frozen pizza (on sale at discount stores) and ramen for like a year and a half. And then when they moved we were totally house poor. Which sucked because all our friends family’s got kind-of annoyed with my ‘rents because they were fucking broke and didn’t realize that we were just as broke. So I’m pretty penny-pinchery. (My dad makes jewish jokes about me, my mum, and my grandma. I wouldn’t care except a. barely a quarter jewishy and b. Married Josh who is not only super Jewish, but also really into his family heritage/culture/stuff which is actually kind of cool.) So anyway. I just I dunno… I readjusted to savings mode when I got pregnant with smidge and still have serious guilt any time I buy something that costs more than $10 for myself.

But all the stuff at deb was on sale, which is where I got most of it, because they’re going out of business (I have very mixed feelings about this, our store was a slimy shit-hole but they had all my cami’s and basic t’s for super cheap all the time.) And at hot topic it was buy one get one half off plus I had a 15% off discount (only reason I got the second band t/buttons/sticker) and they’re giving out hotcash now. The only stuff I got at regular price was The bath and body works and that was still a buy two get one free. And the only reason I bought two was because I got out of Hot Topic under what I  had budgeted. *squishes face* still I feel bad. But I got a The Used T (the band, not actually used) it’s a really similar design to my tank-top of theirs but it’s also my favorite design from what’s one of my favorite albums. (I’m still swooning over Imaginary Enemy which is my total favorite. Not usually into political music, but I like the way they go about it.)

10272296_hi vs 714laoN5nAL._UX385_

I know it’s a mens shirt okay?!!?!?!? I like it, and I like my shirts baggy so nyahhh. If Josh were here he’d laugh and call me a lesbian *sighs* I miss my babe/baby/beau/definitely-not-bae-unless-i’m-trying-to-piss-him-off. D’X Not all the band tees in the world could make me stop missing him.


4 thoughts on “O.O Holy Fuck.”

    1. I did? I try to make money stretch when I can, but it feels like it never goes far enough. And same! they’re usually made for those of supreme tiny-ness with no butts, so that’s why I grabbed them when I found them. Thankyouuu Cx

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      1. Yes! I don’t think I could make $140 go that far unless I thrifted it all. The mall here is so expensive and the places with any clothes I’d be interested in are fye and Spencer’s. And those places are waay too expensive for me ><

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  1. Yeh.. Our Spencer’s is pretty shadey so I don’t really shop there, even though unlike most people “the back wall” doesn’t bug me much, it’s just extra gross. I only ever really went to deb because it was cheap and hot topic because band T’s. Pince I have their card I get alot of discounts and stuff, and you can usually make out pretty good on their sales too. We don’t have an fye? what’s it like?


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