Well I Feel All Accomplished ^.^

I finally got around to cleaning all the snow off my car!!!! (In order to put this into perspective, it snowed on like Sunday.) It sucked because the only shoes I have with an ounce of traction are my converse, Which aren’t even a little bit water resistant. Thankfully the snow caked on them didn’t melt until I was actually in the car and could turn the heater onto my feet so they didn’t get all frostbitey. But I did have to steal Josh’s coat, because I stretched my winter one out last year with a baby bump, and now it’s all huge and lumpy. But I like Josh’s because A.) It’s more comfortable, B.) It smells like his cologne C’x *does girly melting at his yumminess* and C.) It has like fifty more pockets. Seriously what the fuck is up with that?!?!?!? Why do guys get all these huge awesome practical pockets that you can practically (no, not literally) fit planets into. -.- major unfairness.

Anywayyyyy, why the hell did I decide to clean of my car now, if I’ve waited so long??? You cleverly ask yourselves. I had to take the trash out. It was kind of a mountain. I also had to get the mail. And buy groceries because we were running out of things like milk, deodorant, eggs, razor cartridges, baby wipes, eyeliner, and the ever important soy sauce. And the atm machine worked this time!!! 😀 So I didn’t have to put anything on my card because not only did the atm machine work, I actually guestimated how much I’d need correctly. ^.^ *proud of self* It sucks because it was kind of a lot, but still. I got everything and have like $7 in change for my stash.

I did have to turn down ze Mother-in-laws invitation to go with her and her mum to lunch because I had to get the cold stuff in the fridge. OH DAMMIT I FORGOT THE VANILLA ICECREAM  That just randomly popped into my brain -.- But yea, I don’t get along superrr well with her, but we’re getting friendlier and she’s not trying to get Josh to dump me anymore and is trying to be nice. I also really like his nanna. She reminds me of my Gram(grandma that I like, not the one I despise.) and is just a super nice old lady who likes tea. But I also had to put smidge down for a nap and I don’t think I could’ve afforded red lobster on seven bucks. Plus I hate seafood. So I feel bad, but also justified and not like I’m just making excuses like I usually do when I have to turn down invites for things. (because I loathe human interaction.)

When I got the mail on the way home I was super excited because all of my packages came!!!!! I got MY incredibly superior brand of contacts, My bath and body works shower gel (even after shipping, it’s cheaper on amazon then in the store.), a deep conditioner for when I dye my hair, and another eyeshadow ^.^

Here are the picytures:


It’s funny because the hair stuff and the body wash were both frozen solid! xD but they did both smell really good and I can’t wait to try them. I’m also excited because I love buying eyeshadows, I’m trying to find the perfect blue for my eyes, which is actually really hard because they’re kind of….washed out???? faded, dull, greyish? I’m not trying to sound like I don’t like them. My eyes are actually one of the things I like best about my face, but they aren’t that vibrant flashy color most people think of when you say “blue eyes” OH I KNOW “subdued” that sounds closer right??? *sighs* I need to go read a thesaurus. (actually I like thesauruses a lot, I like seeing all the different words you can use to say the exact same thing.)

And my feet are swelling up again O.o I don’t know why but the’ve been swelling and getting really sore recently. And I get not quite a pins and needles thing, but like if you walk slowly across gravel? I have that sensation in my toes a lot. It’s quite unpleasant but  I don’t want to go back to the Dr’s again. I don’t have mono by the way, which makes me suspect that I might have whatever yucky sickness I got when I was a midget all over again. My hair is still turning white, there’s actually a decent sized little patch now because I can see it when I’m doing my hair. It’s kind of cool because it’s not like going grey, it’s snow white. Think Rogue style. Awesome, until I start worrying about whether or not it’s a symptom of some undiagnosable fatal disease that’s going to kill me. ^.^

I’m fairly pissed off because Josh was supposed to be coming home on time today, like he’d get back to his worky place early, stay for a bit and come home when he would on a normal day, but it’s not happening and I don’t know if he can still come home today, or if he has to stay another night. *sighs* Plus I feel really shitty because I was kind-of bitchy when he tried to call me and say hey. We’d been talking earlier and he lost service and I waited for almost an hour and then decided I should just run my errands because he was busy. And then right after I finished digging out my car, and carrying the trash, and was trying to see if I’d cleared enough space behind my car to pullout, he called me while I was backing up. (I was also mad because he didn’t refill my tank the last time we ran errands so I had to get gas too.) So I was really rude and now I feel like a dick, I can’t even talk to him, and I don’t even know if I’m going to get  to see him today.

And I got the stuff to try to make onigiri!!! I don’t know how it’ll turn out because I’m a horrible chef but I’m excited to try and if I butcher it I can use the leftovers to make sushi I think. I’m doing a chicken filling though because I don’t like a lot of seafood (unless it’s raw apparently) and I’m picky about what pickled food’s I’ll eat. So I figure chicken would be a good Americanized filling that wouldn’t be too far out there.

Wow I’ve rambled for a really long time, so Ima go byebyes!



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