I’m A Night Owl

So I’m just finished uploading my latestest video, and I think that this will be the last Thursday video I link. I’ll keep doing them, but I’ll only link the Tuesday ones, that way I’m not irritating people who don’t want to watch me be awkward. And if you do want to see both the Tuesday and the Thursday ones, you can just go and subscribe because it’s not like it’s hard and then you’ll get to see *me* twice as often =^.^= What do you think, Good idea; bad idea?!?!?

Smidgey is still acting sickish which makes me worried :/ but she ate people food today! I mean, she’s had bits and tastes of things for a long time but this was the first time she’s actually had a full meal be what I was eating. Which makes me happy C’x She had about a half a cup of chicken fried rice, which doesn’t seem like much until you remember that she’s 11 months old. But she has enough teeth and had been acting unusually hungry lately so I figured I’d try something a bit heavier and the Smidget loved it. It was super cute watching her smack her lips around the rice xD

I’m also still feeling pretty shitty myself. My head has been killing me because since Josh is gone I can’t fall asleep at night and have been reverting back to my natural night-owl state. Which sucks ’cause he’s going to be back tomorrow right when I get used to staying up late again. -.- *sighs* I miss staying up late every night. I know it’s not for everyone but I actually think and feel better when I’m on a night schedule. I like how quiet everything is and listening to everyone sleep. It’s so relaxed and it’s easier to get things done. I just can’t because Smidge tends to naturally sync to Josh’s schedule and since he has to get up really early, it just makes everyone’s lives easier if I get up earlier (and by that I mean 10 instead of 12) too.

What do you think? Will you enjoy getting spammed less often? And do you prefer a night owl, or an early bird lifestyle? Because you should comment and tell me because I’m actually quite lonely with Josh all gone and Smidge all sick and babyish, plus my utter aversion to humanity….. I don’t talk to people very often.


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