I dids it!

I uploaded my video on time! It is really long, but it’s an entire liebster award post in one video, I put my questions in the description, and it’s open for anyone who hasn’t been nominated yet or just likes the new questionses. That’s pretty much all to report besides the fact that we have a fucking foot of snow outside. -.- don’t get me wrong, I love snow. Just…you know…. at fucking Christmas time dammit not in the middle of February when I still have a cold -.- and that Josh is gone again *sighs*

8 thoughts on “I dids it!”

  1. YOU DIDS IT!!! Sissy, I love your video. I can’t believe I only saw it now… I didn’t see that you’d already posted it so I thought you hadn’t done it yet 🙂 But then I went on your blog and found your Liebster video!! It was so cool and weird when you said my name in the video, I wasn’t expecting it and my heart kind of jumped when you said it. Because it was so weird hearing it on a video! You know what I mean? In a good way. And then when you answered my questions it was like I was actually having a conversation with you… so cool. And your answers are superb – interesting and entertaining. Usually I find Youtubers boring but you are the opposite. Because you don’t go on for ages mumbling about random dull irrelevant stuff. LOVE it. Thank you for making this video. Such good answers. And facts. I really mean it. I agree with the thick eyebrows thing. THEY LOOK TERRIBLE. And rats sound cute. That was funny when you said you pissed off four people watching the video >.< When you said you wanted to dye your hair red I thought you were going to say you wanted to die… which is kind of funny. But I mean it wouldn't have been funny if you wanted to die. It was just funny that you meant dye. Urgh. You know what I mean! And red hair rules.

    Great video,


    1. Haha thanks! I am actually trying to get a whole little channel started but at the same time I feel bad spamming the people that follow my blog. I feel bad ’cause I probably said your name wrong >.< I can't pronounce anything. But yes, red hair coming soon. I'm gunna start pestering Josh to take me to the salon as soon as he comes home. XD thankyouuu

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  2. Absolutely!! You are not spamming people, especially since you write something underneath your videos as well so it’s still a proper post. And your vids are great. You said my name perfectly as well 🙂
    Keepa upa da blogginga >.< (That means keep up the blogging in random Jamila/Italian weird thing accent)


      1. I forgot to say – I too am fascinated by body modifications. Found a book in the bookshop on them the other day. I wouldn’t split my tongue, but it’s cool that you want to!


      2. Ah yea, I haven’t told many people. Josh is the only one I have mentioned it too who doesn’t think I’m completely insane, and he still thinks it’s strange he’s just a lot more supportive.

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