Yup, It’s a monday.

Fucking mondays. Fucking don’t even deserve a fucking capital letter. Fuck everything right now. *continues muttering to self*

So. Yep. I’m on the rag. *shocks and appalls at the crude tmi’ness of it all* which fucking started on valentine’s day. -.- that was lovely by the way. *sighs* we still managed to enjoy ourselves but anyway, to the point,

Everything that could go wrong, pretty much has happened today. I have two quizzes due and to write a fucking post for the discussion board on a chapter I didn’t bother to read (I know, I know, sue me.) Smidge had a massive diaper blowout that destroyed all of her bed sheets as well as giving her uber bad diaper rash in the course of one morning. And we’re out of butt cream. So I was all like fuck well I’ll do a bit of homework and when smidge wakes back up we’ll go to the store. Got a list of shit we needed from Josh. Went to the store. The atm machine is broken. This would not be a big deal, if we had gotten around to actually putting me on Josh’s bank account. All I had on me money-wise was *the atm card* and my college money. Which is under 1,000 after I bought gas a couple times, bought contact lenses so I could see, and well, I spent a rather large sum of money on something kind of personal. *sighs* don’t regret it but I could really use the five hundred I spent back. So, the kid has a diaper rash and as I mentioned it’s really bad, since I’m strapped for time because of homework it’s not like I can just run somewhere else.

So I buy the fucking shit from the list and the fucking baby food that we were also out of and I actually managed to come out right on the forty that I had budgeted to take out of the machine.

And I come home.

And go to change smidgey, and put her down for a nap because she looks kindof under the weather still.

And I forgot the fucking diaper rash cream. (smidge is napping pants-less on a towel)

I am about ready to scream at the universe any second now.

*sighs* But what I’m going to do instead is finish the goddamn homework. Get smidge dressed up again. And go to fucking target like I should’ve in the first place. Where I will buy butt cream, and if the atm machine works take the money out so I can go to the bank tomorrow and put the money back in my account. *slams head into keyboard* I just want to cry and eat chocolate.

*also* attempted to do the whisper challenge video last night, had a good start, camera battery died. We got distracted while it was charging and ended up just going to bed. But we should finish it tonight so I can put it up tomorrow.

*also* I will probably finish Josh’s pack of weird tasteless cigarettes in the course of an hour. Which I’m undecided on my feelings about because I haven’t smoked since like, December last year.

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