I am typing this out again because when I went to hit publish wordpress decided to be a dick and say nopeeee gotta refresh that page, since I had hit the save draft button I thought it would be fine. I come back to an empy page. So the past 20 stress-relieving minutes just disappeared. I am way beyond past ready to throw things. I’m also on the rag. Which started on valentines day. Yea. We still had fun but like fucking seriously?!?!? I wasn’t even supposed to start for like two more weeks. -.-

Anyway. On to why I’m fucking ranting. I went to change smidges diaper this morning and there was a massive blowout everywhere. I now need to wash sheets that were literally changed yesterday. On top of that said blowout gave her a terrible diaper rash. And we’re out of butt-cream. (note the present tense.) So what do I do? I do a small portion of the mountain of homework that’s (still) due today and get smidge ready to go to Walmart. I get a list of other stuff we need from Josh and head to the damn store.

When I get there, the atm machine is broken. This would not be a big deal, if we had bothered to put me on Josh’s account this weekend and I had a freaking debit card. So I have a list of stuff we need, most of it is actually pretty urgent, and the only money I have access to is couple hundred dollars I have left of what was supposed to be my college fund (I’m dropping out for a number of reasons as soon as I finish this semester.) Yea. So since I have a massive mountain of homework due in a couple hours I don’t have time to run to another store, I just have to charge it to my fucking college card, suck it up, and get home so I can turn my homework in on time for my hard ass teacher. (Did I mention I didn’t read the chapter I’m supposed to be writing about?!, my fault I’ll admit, but still ridiculously shitty.)

I get home, I get smidge ready to go down for a nap (she’s sleeping a lot because she’s bit under the weather still.) and shock of all shocks, I forgot the fucking diaper rash cream. Did I mention I’m ready to scream?!?! So now I have to finish the homework wake up the smidge who is napping sans-pants (I didn’t have the heart to put a diaper back on a butt that looks that sore.) and go to fucking target like I should’ve in the first-place. Take out the money so I can make another trip tomorrow to the bank and put the money back in my account, and buy the fucking buttcream.

*has disproportionately epic meltdown* Did I mention I’m doing all of this while I’m ragingly hormonal???

I just want to curl up in a ball and eat chocolate and cry.

Instead I have to be a goddamn grownup and do my fucking homework so I can buy my baby butt-cream. *sighs*

Fuck My Life.

Also, working on the whisper challenge with Josh, would’ve been finished last night but the camera battery was dead.

Also, I need to buy fucking gas because I have less than a quarter of a tank left.

And Also, I got nominated for the Liebster Award so I’m probably going to do that later tonight/tomorrow.

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