*Note* please be nice to this video? It was kindof hard to make and really embarassing.

So I would just like to pause and mention, I married the most amazing man on the planet ♥ I mentioned I was having a shitty day? Well when he comes home, he walks in the door with a bouquet of pretty yellow/green/pink flowers (I utterly detest red roses.) and two boxes of strawberries. He then takes the strawberries and makes caramel from scratch (I didn’t even know you could do that?!?! O.O) dips them in caramel, and then in sugar, and then in magic shell. o/////////o (although i did manage to spill scalding caramel on my fingers when I was snitching and now how a huge totally sexy blister on my pinky.) After munching a few of these he made me curry (I’m obsessed), watched youtubes with me, bought me tetris on the ps4 and we played for like hours. And then went to *bed* *sighs* Yup. I picked the greatest guy ever. I’m also highly suspicious the man has something devious planned for valentines day. Which is unfair because I wanted to keep it low key and like just ditch smidge on one of our rents and get taco bell and watch movies at home. But I can’t exactly complain if my spiffy person actually planned something spiffyish, that would make me an ass.


So yep. Now I’m trying to figure out how to be awesome for today and tomorrow. I did the unthinkable and did my nails the way he likes *shudders* natural o.o with no black or colors. I did take it a step further and did clear coat so they’d be shiny and smooth but still, they’re so….so…normal. And I think tomorrow instead of going over the top with makeup I’ll keep it simple. *sighs* I still wish I had gotten him cooler stuff though. He’s always out everythinging me. It’s not fair how spiffileh he is. -.-

But in an attempt to be housewife-elyey I’m catching back up on the laundry and am going to attempt a bit more cleaning today. I am starting to feel a bit better.

And yes I know the video didn’t go up yesterday, I recorded it, and edited and even uploaded, but Josh walked in before I could publish it and then I was distracted by the flowers and strawberries and tetris, and smidge decided it would be the opportune time to smash the fuck out of my laptop, closing my tabs, fucking up all my settings, and almost permanently destroying my speakers in the process >.< I should start a fund to replace this thing soon, maybe that way by the time it’s dead I’ll have enough to replace it.

Oh and I’m attempting to persuade Josh that we should record us reading fifty shades of grey back and forth at each other for youtubes. I mean he could be all brooding and moody or whatever and read the main dudes bits and I’d be reading the naive idiot ANASTASIA bits *giggles* He said he could only do it with alcohol. Which means no because we are but wee little under-21-ers. Which is like the dumbest thing ever because we have our own place, pay our own bills, have a goddamn child so you know we could use a glass of wine. *sighs* whatever. In any case I should probably go do that laundry thing and when I’m done I’ll link the video up at the topy place.


See that?! That’s smidge. That’s why I wish we could occasionally purchase and consume yummy beverages without it being illegal and stuff -.-

One thought on “IM HAPPEH”

  1. Oh My God, I love his post and the video! The video is so, SO good, there is no way I could make a better one if I tried. I wouldn’t be embarrassed if I had made it, I’d be pretty damn proud 🙂 You are so eloquent and genuine. And you delivered the message very well. The Tim Burton bit was funny, and I like how you fell out of the screen at the end.

    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award, everything you need to know about it is here: I hope you can accept the award, but if you can’t or don’t feel like it, that’s totally fine and I understand. Looking forward to reading your Liebster post if you accept. Have fun writing it!

    Once again, participation is optional so don’t feel bad if you don’t wish to do the Liebster Award.

    Great blog.



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