Well That Was RanDOOM

So today I am accomplishing a great many things. But only if by accomplishing things you mean completely avoiding them and trying to organize my completely fucked up music library. *shivers* for someone as neurotic as I am I don’t understand how it possibly got so completely and utterly fucked up. *hides under a blanket* I’m scared just thinking about it.

So yup. Trying to straighten that out a bit.. And then I need to do silly trivial things like study for my quizzes and cycle laundry and dishes… Ugh. Plus I’m still sick. *sniffles in real life* And Josh being the inconsiderate little muffin he is didn’t think it was important enough to mention the fact that he used the last of the tissues -.- actually he probably used up the whole box. It was kindof impressive really. There was like this GIGANTIC mountain of used tissues on the coffee table before he threw them out. *giggles* but now I’m going to have to find something else to blow my nose on *sighs*

Also I should probably be thinking up what to talk about because I’m gunna do another youtubey tomorrow. *embarraseded*

I’m SO TIRED. I find out if it’s actually mono tomorrow, and I have antibiotics to take just in case it’s all a sinus infection (which I probably have, but don’t think is everything) So yup. I’m sorry I’m so goosh doorned buring but I have a mountain of laundry glaring at me (think less mountain and more all-encompassing ocean) and my head’s so stuffy I can’t think at allllll. But I have been in a slightly better mood lately. Not all super happy but still betterish.

Also this is Josh’ses youtubey video, It’s incredibly random and I may or may not awkwardly walk in….. But I’m not telling you whether I did or not so go watch it. Because dead puppies.



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