Today’s A Thing

Um I keep sortof bouncing between really happy and really depressed today. Like I’ve been in a good over-all mood but I keep getting really triggered and upset for absolutely no reason. But I am happy because my little eye-roller thingy came in the mail!

alo-008_1z  <– This thingy Ze “Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller”  Which is supposed to help my perpetual “I just got two black eyes because I’m so pale” problemses. It’s like a two in one concealer/cream which is cool because I’m actually way more interested in things that help over time, so that I don’t need to wear as much makeup. It’s supposed to gradually brighten while coverin up the now circleses. Since I just got it today so I don’t know about any long-term effects *fingers crosseded* but it is a nice concealer that helps with the darkneses.

Also: I’m surprised my video got as many views as it did. Which sounds kindof weird since it only got like 6 views, but is better than the two (Josh and I) that I was expecting. BUT I have no clue what to talk about in a second video, and I wanna put one up tomorrow and get a nice little Tuesday/Thursday thing goin on…. I have one meh Idea so far (I’m obviously not going to tell you what it is so that you’ll be further inspired to support me in my youtubial ventures.) But no big “OH I SHOULD DO THAT” sortof revelations. HRMM

And I’m slightly concerned about the Smidget. She had a rash on her tummy last night, but when I went to make an appointment at the Dr’s this morning it was magically gone so I’m kindof worried and keeping a close eye on her. I know at the very least she has a virus because of um Diaperial-related issues. (I’m not going to bother you with what goes on in my child’s tiny adorable bottom) But since she’s not acting sick and the rash is gone, I don’t see the point of dragging her to the Dr.

I am happy because my ears aren’t actually infected! They’re still a tad sore if I mess with them (Duh) But they’re not oozing or bleeding anymore so I’m just going to keep putting rubbing alcohol on them once or twice a day until they’re all healed up.

I’m also starting a new face-washing thing in which I hop on the “magical everything powers of oil” and washing my face with olive oil…. It didn’t smell as weird as I thought it would and it didn’t leave my face feeling greasy when I washed it either so I’m giving it a week and if it helps then it will be officially replacing my normal face-wash in the daily routine. I don’t usually care about the “super all natural and spiffishially good for you” but I’ve heard a lot of people rave about it and my face does feel soft…. plus lots of old-ladies-that-don’t-look-very-old swear by it. So trial period *BEGINS*

And that’s pretty much all the stuff that popped into my brain. So congratulations you read this whole post! Now buy me a hot cocoa. Or I will find you. And when I do find you I will be very irritated and stab you. *holds plastic spork menacingly.* Be Affeared.



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