I’ve Been Doing Things…..Sneaky Things…..

But only if by sneaky you mean completely and utterly boring. But I’m starting to come out of my funkishness of depursions. I’m not like super happy now but the really bad bits are starting to ease up and aren’t coming quite as frequently *THANK YOU GOD* And I’m back up to my mildly happy contentish normal.

One thing that was weird though: This weekend when I was in walmart with the Josh my hands started shaking really bad. Like I probably looked like I was on drugs or something bad. I couldn’t even hold my chipotle soda and had to put it down which made me sad because I love soda. That was highly irrelevant. My mum came over *gags* but she did say that there is a ย two-week longish virus going around that makes you feel very “mono-ey” So I might just have a virus! <–sounds like sarcasm but is not, because if this issss just a virus I should start to feel better in a few more days. White hair is still freaky though.

*Disgustingness Disclaimer, skip the next paragraph if you are easily grossed out.*

I gave myself a blowout in my ear this weekend! I decided that I should stop being such a pussy and take my second holes up another gauge anddddd I really shouldn’t have done that. I thought that they were just really sore but this morning when Josh woke me up before he left for work I was just like Yup they hurt too bad I quit, I’m going back down. I asked Josh to look at them and see if they were okay, they were bleeding a shit-load and had pus in them *gags* So I had to spend the few morning minutes I get with my bae (sarcastic bae, don’t stab meh.) cleaning up a maybe infected ear. *sighs* I am glad I did though, if they’d been left much longer I probably would’ve needed to see a Dr for antibiotics and then my doctor who’s a family friend would’ve bitched me out for being stupid. Which I was, but hind-sight is 20/20.

I also had to go to the eye dr people yesterday and get my eyeballs checked. Which is good that I went but it sucked because I had to leave and come back two hours later because both Dr’s needed a two hour lunch break at the same time -.-‘ my life…. However, now I can SEEEEE my prescription changed again, now I’m -4.50 in both eyes *sighs* I’m going blind. Unfortunately when she asked what brand I usually wear my brain shut down and I couldn’t think and for some reason I remembered the name of Josh’s brand but not mine. And I have decided that I do NOT like these. ew. I want my air optix back. GAIwt?HAG ER My eyeballs. I don’t know why because when I had them yesterday they were fine but this morning, they itch and my left one won’t sit right so I keep rubbing it and I can’t see. *sighs*

Also, I have decided that as soon as I’m done writing this and fixing my awkward eyeballs I shall record a video and then that video will be my first youtube videos. And I shall link it here, but I can’t actually just stick the damn thing in a post, because I don’t have the premium plan and I’m a cheap-ass broke person so I’m not upgrading. Maybe if I get fabulously wealthy off of youtubes, I’ll upgrade *dies from laughing too much at the likely hood of that ever happening.* Bitch please, If I get rich I’m spending that shit on hair dye and manicures, and maybe you know, college, or a house, or a less shitty car…… No no no: Clothes. Definitely. Band Tee’s and CD’s baby xD oh I’m so funny in my brain.

Also: Read This, It’s Josh’s blogy thing that he just made, and he’s a better writer than me so you should check it out. He’s also quite funny. I’m not entirely sure where he’s going with the whole thing but he wrote one really depressing/embarrasing post about me and one really funny one that made me laugh. Plus half of my face is in his profiley picture, which is funny to my brain. Why do I keep saying in my brain ?!!?!?!? WhY AM I SO WEIRD gosh. flippin idiot. I don’t even like napoleon dynamite….. Pardon me I need to go stab my brain with pencils until I straighten up a bit and learn to behave myself.

I’m back.

Except that I’m about to leave you all alone again because there’s nothing else I can really think of to write about, just if you have plugs, wait till they’re goddamn ready to stretch before you change sizes. Because I am a dumbass.


Baby tiggiler thing. BECAUSE CUTE AMINALS MAKE ME HAPPY OKAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?

5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Doing Things…..Sneaky Things…..”

  1. Yeah, if I earned extra money, I’d also spend it on band shirts and hair dye lol – not a WordPress upgrade! But that’s so annoying for you that you can’t post the video here! Have a good day ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoyed reading your post.



  2. You both have such lovely blogs ๐Ÿ™‚ just followed his – was going to leave a comment but was afraid it’d be weird because literally I was going to go all “YAY OMG YOU GUYS ARE SO COOL. SENDING TEA AND BISCUITS FROM SOME RANDOM LITTLE BLOB IN ENGLAND WHO THINKS YOURE SO COOL!”
    So yeah ๐Ÿ™‚


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